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Erik Elstran Profile (2024)

erik elstran

My jaw keeps hitting the floor when watching any of Erik Elstran‘s BMX videos.

This dude is on a DIFFERENT LEVEL.

And that’s what is so awesome and special about him.

The EXTREMELY creative approach!

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Erik Elstran Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: November 29, 1993
Place of birth: Wisconsin
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @erikelstran

2. Sponsors

Sunday Bikes and Madera.

3. Bike Check

erik elstran 2024 sunday bike

His setup: Erik runs a top load stem, a 10″ bar, a 21″ street frame, his signature Sunday seat, and tons of other goodies.

I’ve always been impressed by riders like Erik. Everything is just so unique.

So. Good.

It almost does not feel like it’s BMX, but it is; it’s just from a different angle.

Very. Refreshing.

I’m always on the lookout for a new Erik video, and you know where to find it when it drops. Here.

Enjoy the enjoyable!


Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

4. Best Erik Elstran Videos

Selfstran: 4 Real

Are you ready for a new installment of Erik’s sell-filmed web projects called Selfstran? I know, I shouldn’t even be asking you such stuff – of course, you are!

What’s special about this one is that the entire video is a collection of endless rail moves – in Erik’s unique way.

Erik says that he filmed it in all four seasons (yes, even when it’s snowy outside!) on small and large rails.

While there is a lot of stuff in here you’ve probably never seen before, Elstran also pulls some more traditional grinds that are equally impressive.

Don’t have a filmer to film you? Film yourself!

Sunday Bikes – Esoterik

When a new video from Erik drops, you know what you are getting yourself into. Well, you don’t really – all you know is that he will deliver some magical BMX riding for all of us to be WOWed.

And the Esoterik project for Sunday Bike is no different.

I really like how this is a “two-part” edit.

It starts with more “traditional” riding on the first song, but then the Popcorn song hits, and Erik releases his true wizardry bike riding, which most I don’t understand how’s even possible.

But Elstran makes it all look SO effortless.

If asked which is my favorite clip, I don’t really have one because there is tons of epic stuff in “Esoterik.”

Sunday Bikes – Jammed Sandwich

Already time for a new Erik video? I’m DOWN! Erik’s bike control and creativity are too good to miss.

Instead, you need to watch everything he does at least twice (but more) to take in what happened.

What I really like about Erik is him pushing the somewhat basic tricks to the next level.

So fire!

Plus, he’s no stranger to inventing tricks. (But there are a few serious bangers in here, too!)

Every time you need some inspiration, watch Elstran do his thing.

I am always excited to see what’s coming next from Erik. But for now, I’ll just rewatch this one before I start the day. GO!

Awesome biking, dude!

Erik Elstran is no stranger to boggling the minds of anyone who watches one of his videos.

In early 2021, he took this to a NEW LEVEL with his Awesome Biking Dude video.

At almost seven and a half minutes long, this video is full of nothing but absolutely fantastic and creative riding.

There is a lot of artistry in the different combos Erik does in addition to his outside-the-box way of riding.

You get a lot of mind-blowing combos on somewhat conventional street setups.

Also, the last clip is something you just have to see to believe!

Selfstran – Making up a video

Erik Elstran spent his 2020 riding by himself and SELF-FILMING this video, which presumably comes from the kid in the intro who asks Erik if he is making up a video.

He then asks Erik if he wants to race before the intro begins.

Honestly, pretty much every single clip in this video would take an entire paragraph in itself to explain and you know how incredible Erik’s riding is.

Trust me, this one is worth the watch!

However, one particularly jaw-dropping clip and somewhat explainable is the fakie up a wedge to double footplant tailwhip that Erik executed perfectly.

Another master at self-filming is Dan Foley. Go on, enjoy some of his videos before it’s too late.

Our BMX – Pro part

Here is Erik Elstran’s Pro Part for Our BMX that came out in early 2020. The video starts out with a perfect example of Erik’s creativity that words can’t begin to explain.

Erik has an eye for spot usage like no other. He turns anything into a spot or finds something to do on the most non-spot of spots.

A 360 footjam off of a flat wooden rail followed by an x-up lucky grind down a concrete ledge.

That is Erik Elstran and he is always SO MUCH FUN to watch!

Sunday Bike – Grow up part

If there’s one thing that’s for sure about an Erik Elstran video. It will be TIMELESS and INCREDIBLE no matter when it’s viewed.

Erik’s Grow Up section from the full-length DVD hit the internet in early 2017 and amazed the world.

The video starts with a young Erik explaining gravity and wastes no time getting to the shredding, which starts with a massive curved wallride to 360.

The vibe is awesome with this one throughout and fun is definitely a constant.

If you’ve somehow never seen this, hit play now!

X Games – Real BMX 2020

Upon the announcement of the rider lineup for X Games Real BMX 2020, Erik Elstran fans surely rejoiced as he was on the list.

To see a rider like Erik in a video contest like X Games Real BMX was super awesome. And he definitely came through with an amazing video part!

The action hero theme of the video is awesome and Erik brought the heat when it came to the riding.

Feeble up a rail to backwards hang five down?!

So wild and that is just one clip. Erik ended up bringing home a WELL-DESERVED bronze medal with this one!

Most creatively edited BMX edit ever?

The title may be a big claim but a small feat for the creative mind that is Erik Elstran.

This one came out in early 2017 and it is easy to see where the title comes from right off the bat.

When you combine editing as creative as the riding of a video, you end up with this masterpiece, which Erik himself edited together.

As if all of this wasn’t cool enough, there are also several clips in here that Erik filmed in the snow!

This is a must-watch for anyone who’s a fan of creativity and freestyle in BMX.

Hometown Quarantimes

Erik Elstran’s Selfstran video concept of a self-filmed BMX edit continued in 2020 after the “Making Up A Video” with another called Hometown Quarantimes.

This one was filmed at spots Erik grew up with and there’s a great write-up from him about it in the description of the YouTube upload.

This one has a laid-back vibe song-wise, but the riding is creative on another level.

The way Erik focused on filming is great, TOO. Multiple angles on different tricks but with the second angles being detail shots that accentuate the trick.

Madera – Erik Elstran 2014

When it comes to creative, outside-the-box-riders like Erik Elstran, progression through time is often intriguing to see.

Erik has been a well-recognized name in BMX for quite some time and seems to have only improved with time.

This video is a great peek into that PROGRESSION.

This one was filmed in the time period in which Erik and Rob Diquattro were riding together regularly which was an awesome time for them both.

An Erik video is always a treat, no matter if it’s new or old.

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