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8 Best Augie Simoncini BMX Videos (2022)

augie simoncini

Street shredder from a long time ago, Augie Simoncini, is one hell of a rider with a unique style.

Right off the bat, I need to mention that bringing superman to the streets is RIDICULOUS.

Not just that, but pulling it down a set of stairs is even crazier.

But that’s what Augie is all about.

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Note: Augie was not always so passionate about the streets, he was doing a lot of skatepark riding, too.

He was even pretty close with Scotty Cranmer back in the days when spending time over to the Incline.

However, his dad, a firefighter, wanted him to play baseball. And when he was punished, his father simply took his bike away.

The. Worst.

But when not, Augie was usually dressed in baseball gear, riding his BMX bike around, to the course (and to the parks).

Later, Augie Simoncini became a very close friend of Garrett Reynolds (from the Incline days).

Not just that, but Augie hung with Garrett’s dad even more than with Garrett actually.

Unfortunately, Garrett’s dad passed away quite early in their lives.

augie simoncini superman

P: Brandon Bermudez Media

Fun fact: they pretty much started Deadline together, then met Ty Morrow and things grew from there.

Augie was born and raised in Staten Island, NY, and I believe he was born in 1987 (please correct me if I’m wrong), so we are of the same age.

He got into riding back when he was 12 years old. He started shredding local ramps. Moreover, one of his first bike sponsors was Felt Bicycles.

They even flew him out to Germany to attend a contest (but he ended up being kicked out of Germany – more in the video interview below).

Currently, Augie rides for Fiend, Animal Bikes, Deadline, Peep Game, The Trip, All Day BMX Shop, 5050 Skatepark and Plants Basically (JJ Palmere‘s supplement company).

Also, he has his own project going, You Fucking See It.

Augie sums it up beautifully, “BMX is my way of not growing up.”

Make sure you show Augie some love and follow him on Instagram for all the stuff that’s going on in his life.

Featured photo by: Hannah Kayy.

Best Augie Simoncini BMX Videos

1. Augie in Deadline DVD

If you are down to see some really raw street riding, Augie’s Deadline DVD part is an absolute must-see.

If, by any chance, you have not seen this dude shred, start the journey to getting to know Augie with this exact section.

There is a ton of good stuff in here. I particularly like all the over toothpicks down pretty serious sets of stairs.

Also, the over icepick is mind-bending (the crash is even crazier). Of course, you will also see many of Augie’s signature superman moves in here.

They told me you do this trick over dirt or a box jump, not on the street – oh well.

2. Augie’ video bike check (2019)

In here, you get a quick look at Augie’s Fiend BMX and Animal Bikes bike build.

Unfortunately, he does not go into details about what some parts are, but if you are in the BMX scene for a little while, you can guess some of the products easily.

You get to see his signature Fiend frame, Animal forks, Jevelin hubs, Foursome 4-pc bars, Inverse stem, Akimbo cranks, GLH tires, and the list goes on.

I do not know if his signature BMX street frame from Fiend is ever coming back, but if it does, make sure you grab it, as it may not last long.

3. Stranger “No Hype” section

This and the previous part are by far the best from Augie Simoncini himself. At least in my opinion. I do not care how old this stuff is; it is golden.

Some really heavy clips that will pump everyone up; it is impossible to be otherwise.

With that in mind, I would highly advise you to watch and rewatch it a couple of times, just to truly understand how powerful Augie’s riding is.

There is little to no technical stuff in here, just pure street rail bangers that would make many think twice whether even to give it thought.

No one even thinks about doing that stuff! But not for Augie, he goes all-in, producing a killer Stranger part for “No Hype.”

4. Augie Simoncini video bike check

Even though this is several years old, it can still give you a little better idea of how Augie’s ride looks.

Sure, he is not riding this same setup anymore, but if you ever want to be like Augie, this is a start.

A Stranger and Animal Bikes setup, for the most part, heck, even Augie does not remember all the products that he rocks in here.

For instance, who even gives a damn about what headset is that, for as long as the bar spins, we are all good.

5. Short but sweet for Tip Plus

Even one minute of shredding from Augie Simoncini is enough to get you excited to go grind rails.

The hop over toothpick, crooked grind on a flat rail and superman to fakie is a fire line.

Augie Simoncini video interviews

6. Augie on Unclicked podcast

If you would like to get even more familiar with Augie, you better not miss his nearly one a half-hour long Unclicked podcast.

There is a lot of facts that you may never knew about Simoncini that you will get out of this.

They chat about the loss of hearing in his right ear, growing up with Garrett Reynolds and Scotty Cranmer, Ride BMX photo, Gabe Brooks, his dad, and his approach to riding bikes.

In between, all these other goodies will make you feel like you know Augie for a very long time.

7. Augie’s TCU interview

Okay, let me be 100% honest with you here. I did not watch the entire almost one hour and twenty minutes long video interview, but the majority of it.

Enough to get familiar with Augie, who he is, his connection with Stranger and all these other insights.

That said, if you would really like to know how real Augie is, you better watch this one from start to finish. He even talks about his relationship with superman.

The only reason he learned it and brought it to the streets is that he cannot do a bunnyhop tailwhip. That’s it! I guess if you cannot do a hop whip, you do a superman instead.

8. What’s Augie’s story

If I did not watch the last one in great detail, I sure did this one.

I think the one above and this particular 5050 Skatepark interview with Augie are more than enough to learn a whole bunch more about Augie than “just” the insane street riding that he does.

He talks about the Incline skatepark days, how he met Garrett Reynolds, how he got into BMX, his wild Germany experience and a ton more.

I always enjoy watching Augie just talk and share wicked stories.

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