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Austin Augie Profile (2024)

austin augie

Are you ready to watch some of the best Austin Augie BMX videos stacked with dope stuff he’s known for.

However, Austin Auginbaugh is not your everyday rider. He is both a full-time BMX pro and a full-time model.

He’s been doing things for a long time in both worlds, perfecting his craft. He is also doing really well on YouTube with a channel that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Augie is a creative animal with a unique approach to everything he does, which I also look up to.

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Moreover, Austin was born on June 15, 1992, in Amboy, Indiana but is now living in New York. Over the years, he did many odd jobs until he won a Street Series, propelling him to new heights.

BMX was Austin Augie’s first love, but his passion for modeling is just as strong. Even though he’s not the only BMX rider/model, Augie still stands out from the masses.

If you’d like to learn more about Augie, you should not miss the above video interview he did with Our BMX. I like this dude a lot and the way he approaches things.

This post covers:

Austin Augie Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: June 15, 1992
Place of birth: Amboy, Indiana
Height: 6’1′”
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @austinaugie

Featured photo by: Janette Beckman.

2. Best Austin Augie BMX Videos

Local Joints

Although this one has no riding in it, I thought it’s an interesting short documentary of Augie, where you can learn “all” about him very quickly.

While getting tattooed by his friend, Augie talks about growing up, getting into BMX, modeling and photography.

Augie also mentions that his BMX career slowed down as soon as he discovered a strong passion for photography.

By the way, did you know that Austin joined the army to become a military police officer, which, as Augie says, “Is hilarious?”

Austin’s WiFi frame colorway BTS

Here we have a behind-the-scenes video with Austin from filming for his Fit Wifi frame colorway promo edit in 2017.

The video starts with some insight into the reality of filming in the form of a heated battle to land a rail feeble to hard 180.

In the end, he does end up landing it super clean and the video moves on to really show how hard Austin worked to make his edit.

The last two tricks in here are some pretty heavy moves, but he handled them perfectly.

Signature WiFi frame colorway promo

Back in 2017, Austin Augie had a signature colorway in the Fit WiFi frame. With that came this promo video for it.

Austin went in for this video and it comes through in the riding.

The versatility is here with technical tricks like a long round rail feeble to hard 180 and a toothpick hanger grind on a curved ledge that was quite long and a few really gnarly rail rides.

Augie is a shredder and this video is an excellent representation of that!

Billy Perry and Austin Augie game of BIKE

Here we have a game of bike between Billy Perry and Austin out in the streets of New York.

This one has a really cool concept of setting tricks at different street spots for each set while riding around the city and there are some gnarly tricks set in here.

The first trick alone and watching Austin’s struggle to keep his balance for the ninja drop succeeding is worth watching the video in itself.

These guys definitely didn’t go easy on each other and it made for a great video.

Welcome to Fit pro

In 2018, Austin Augie held the second annual Don Of The Streets ride in New York City. With that, Fit Bike Co wanted to do something special to let him know he was bumped up to the pro team.

They flew Tom Dugan out to the event to break the news.

But before this came a wild high jump contest, an upset security guard, and what appeared to be at least 50-75 people riding from spot to spot, having a great day.

Toward the end of the video, Tom breaks the news, and Austin’s reaction is just awesome.

The Gully Factory web video

This video with Austin Augie from 2015, in collaboration with Dig and The Gully Factory, is packed with burly and tech.

Austin is no stranger to sending it, but he does so precisely with technical gaps and grinds with little to no run-up.

Even though the entire video is full of bangers, there are a few stand-out moves here.

The 360 nose bonk on the rock formation down the stair set and the last 180 are mind-boggling. This one is definitely worth the watch!

Austin’s pro video interview

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