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How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost?

how much does a bmx cost

Have you ever wondered how much does a BMX bike cost for a beginner, intermediate and pro?

Sure, you might just go on Dan’s Comp or some other online store and check prices.

But DO YOU know which bike to choose for yourself?

That’s when this guide comes into play.

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I had two complete BMX bikes when I started riding, but then I switched to building all my bikes myself.

However, when I started riding (20+ years ago), the quality of completes was very poor.

Times have changed, and you can now get a VERY solid BMX bike with Chromoly parts that will last you a long time.

This post covers:

How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost

Quick answer: Complete BMX bikes cost anywhere from around $300 and up to $1,500+. But custom builds can be much more expensive.

BMX Bike Cost For A Beginner

Price: $300 – $500

As a beginner, a BMX bike doesn’t cost much. However, different brands have their beginner bikes priced, well, differently.

Usually, if you buy from a reputable brand, the entry-level bikes are solid even if the price difference is $50 (or more).


Don’t get a Walmart BMX bike that costs $150 or even $200.

Those bikes are usually super low quality; plus, the geometry is way off compared to a complete bike from Sunday, Kink or WeThePeople.

And what this means is that you WON’T enjoy the same good feeling, which might make you not like BMX right from the get-go.

You should avoid the super cheap BMX bikes because you won’t have the same satisfactory experience.

And I don’t want you to decide not to ride BMX based on a bad complete bike experience.

If you (or your kid) plan to do tricks and not just cruise around town, then get a decent beginner BMX bike that costs between $300 and $500.

Friendly tip: Online BMX shops have plenty of great deals going on (almost always), so you can even get an intermediate BMX bike priced as a beginner one.


Avoid Getting An Expensive BMX As A Beginner

If you’re a total beginner, getting an expensive, pro-level bike is a waste of money – unless you are 100% sure that BMX is something you want to do for a long time.

But for all the rest, who are unsure about whether BMX is the right thing for them, or they “want to test the waters,” then skip the idea of getting an expensive bike.

You can still upgrade the cheaper one later if you want.

Note: You can find some amazing BMX bike offers on Dan’s Comp.

BMX Bike Cost For An Intermediate

Price: $500 – $1,000

Your first question might be, “What’s the difference between a beginner and an intermediate bike?”

It’s in the quality of products.

Beginner bikes usually use mostly (if not only) high tensile steel, which is way cheaper but not as strong and long-lasting as Chromoly is.

Still, an intermediate bike won’t necessarily use only Chromoly parts; you can still find some high tensile steel parts on it, too.

Plus, the lower-priced intermediate bike will have unsealed bearings compared to sealed bearings on a higher-priced intermediate BMX.

But what I really like is that you can already find some aftermarket parts on an intermediate bike. Yes, the parts pro BMX riders ride.

Note: If you are ready to spend $1,000, you might even wait some time and get a discounted pro-level bike for that same budget.

Remember, I only really recommend these pricier bikes to someone who’s been in the BMX for a while and knows he or she wants to continue improving and enjoying the sport.

If you’ll use it mainly for cruising around town, a beginner bike will do the trick.

BMX Bike Cost For A Pro

Price: $1,000+

An expert or a pro BMX bike uses only Chromoly parts, sealed bearings and plenty of aftermarket parts.

And while some pro-level bikes are general, Sunday, for instance, offers a complete Broc Raiford replica bike.

A bike like this features the exact parts Broc rides, and if it holds Broc, it can hold anyone.

If you’re getting a pro-level BMX, all you need to do is take it out of the box, assemble it and enjoy shredding it – for MANY, MANY sessions.

The only thing you might need to do extra is tweak it, like cutting the bar to the right width, adjusting the chainstay length and anything else that’s unique to you.

Note: Dan’s Comp has some really amazing pro-level BMX bikes (and some nice discounts on some).

How Much Does It Cost To Build A BMX Bike

Price: $1,500+

Building a BMX bike is the priciest approach, but it gives you the FREEDOM to build the exact bike you want.

While the total cost depends on brands, I decided to create a calculation, building a brakeless BSD bike from scratch.

Let’s see how much it costs:

  • Frame: BSD Freedom – $399.99
  • Bar: BSD Freedom – $79.99
  • Fork: BSD Dust – $149.99
  • Grips: BSD Passenger – $10.99 (bar ends included)
  • Headset: BSD Highriser – $27.99
  • Stem: BSD Stacked – $64.99
  • Seat: BSD Logo – $39.99
  • Seat post: BSD Blitzed – $29.99
  • Cranks: BSD Substance XL – $199.99 (bottom bracket included)
  • Sprocket: BSD Barrier – $54.99
  • Chain: BSD 1991 – $26.99
  • Pedals: BSD Jonesin’ – $19.99
  • Complete rear wheel: BSD XLT Revolution – $329.99
  • Complete front wheel: BSD XLT Street – $164.99
  • Tires: BSD Donnastreet – 2 x $32.99
  • Pegs: BSD Rude Tube – 4 x $19.99

Total: $1,746.8

And that’s how much a custom-built BMX bike would cost you.

If compared with a pro-level complete bike, that’s not that big of a difference, and you can have the bike that uses parts you want to ride.

Building A BMX Bike Vs Modifying A Complete

If you’re thinking of buying a pro-level complete bike and then modifying it vs building your own, I recommend you go straight to building your own.

It’ll likely end up cheaper, + you’ll have the exact bike you want.

However, if you plan on getting a beginner or intermediate BMX bike, then it’d be better to upgrade it when necessary because you just learned that building a bike from scratch is expensive.

For instance, I know many dudes who purchased a solid intermediate bike and then upgraded it when the parts needed replacement.

Is BMX Bike Maintenance Expensive?

No, BMX bike maintenance isn’t expensive. What’s best is that you can easily maintain your bike at home – yes, even truing your wheels!

For this, I highly recommend using a BMX multi-tool instead of purchasing tools individually. I have my multi-tool with me all the time – I use it almost every session.

All you need left is a lubricant, an inner tube and a pump, and you’re good to go.

Conclusion: A Good BMX Bike Isn’t Cheap

While BMX isn’t a cheap sport, the satisfaction and good feeling it brings us are PRICELESS.

And I’ll say it again: Please don’t get the cheapest BMX bike – especially not an unbranded one from a chain store.

Support the industry and purchase a complete bike from reputable brands like Kink, Subrosa, Sunday, WeThePeople, etc.

Recap of prices:

  • Beginner BMX bike: $300 – $500
  • Intermediate BMX bike: $500 – $1,000
  • Pro BMX bike: $1,000+
  • Custom BMX bike: $1,500+

Further reading:

FAQs About BMX Bikes

Why is BMX so Expensive?

The main reason why BMX bikes are expensive is because they are built with strength and longevity in mind. Additionally, the niche nature of BMX culture and the demand for high-quality components drive up the cost.

Why is it Expensive to Build a BMX Bike Yourself?

Building a BMX bike from scratch is expensive because the parts are extremely high-quality and well-built to guarantee durability and performance during extreme circumstances.

Are BMX bikes worth it?

Yes, BMX bikes are worth it for those passionate about the sport or riding style. They offer a unique blend of durability, agility and design tailored for tricks. For enthusiasts or those seeking an exciting way to stay active, the investment in a BMX bike can provide countless hours of fun and a strong sense of community.

How long does a BMX bike last?

The lifespan of a BMX bike varies based on its build quality (high tensile steel vs Chromoly), usage intensity and maintenance. With proper care and regular upkeep, a quality BMX can last several years, even with rigorous use. However, frequent stunts and extreme maneuvers can and will quicken wear, necessitating periodic part replacements or upgrades.

Is BMX easy to learn?

At its basic level, BMX riding can be relatively easy to pick up, much like riding any other bike. However, mastering tricks and stunts demands practice, patience and a certain level of physical fitness. As with most sports, consistent training and proper guidance can expedite the learning process.

Is BMX easier than skateboarding?

I personally think that BMX is harder than skateboarding primarily because the bike is heavier and requires more strength. But ultimately, whether BMX or skateboarding is easier depends on individual preference, physical coordination, and prior experience.

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