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What Is The Ideal BMX Bar Width?

bmx bar width

Are you trying to figure out what the ideal BMX bar width is?

You’re not the only one.

I’ve been struggling with the perfect bar width for a long time.

And the worst thing is – when you cut it too short, you can’t do anything about it.

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Hey, I was one of them who actually gave a dude to weld the extra piece I cut off back on. Well, that didn’t work for too long.

So, what’s the best bar width?

The more exact answer: 28″ to 29″ wide.

The more general answer
: How wide your handlebars should be depends on your riding style.

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How Wide Should My BMX Bars Be?

Why Use Narrower BMX Bars?

Anything at around 28″ is ideal if you’re doing a lot of barspins because the bars spin faster, and there’s a lot less chance of hitting your knees.

For your information, I’m 5’11”, and my 10″ bar is at around 28.5″ – and yes, I do quite a lot of barspins.

For instance, Garrett Reynolds rides his bars at 27.25″ width. His signature Fiend bars even come pre-cut to that length.

Sure, this may be too narrow for some riders, but you need to know that Garrett is also pretty short.

Note: Never cut to a specific width because someone told you so. Start small, a quarter inch first on each side and then do another quarter, and so on.

If you cut it too short, your bike will feel completely different, so avoid the inconvenience.

I’m telling you this because I’ve been there and don’t want you to make the same mistake.

Why Use Wider BMX Bars?

However, we see many riders out there riding wide BMX handlebars – why is that?


If you’re more into riding transitions, ramps and trails and don’t do barspins, a wider bar would fit you better.

In this case, you may pick the bar out of the box without cutting it. Very convenient indeed.

Example: Mike Hoder (who’s a beast, by the way!) rides his signature S&M bars at 31″ wide.

I tested the Skyhigh version (which has a 9.5″ rise), and it’s massive. I needed to cut it three times!

But for Mike’s style of riding and his height, the 31″ seems to fit him perfectly.

Also, the bar has straight gauge tubing, which makes it indestructible, but it’s on the heavier side.

Final Thought On BMX Bar Width

With a wide variety of handlebars available on the market, going anywhere from 27″ up to 32″, there really is something for everyone.

Go with a narrower one if you like to do barspins, and go with a wider one if you need more stability.

It really is as simple as that.

The only thing you need to pay close attention to is how much you’ll cut if you decide to cut it.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting it too much because you might end up needing to get a new bar.


Fun fact: Some of the handlebars also have cut lines to make finding the right width much easier.

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FAQs About BMX Bar Width

How does bar width affect BMX riding?

Bar width can significantly impact handling and control. Wider bars offer more leverage and stability, which is beneficial for riding transitions, but make barspins harder. The width of the bar depends on your riding style.

What is the ideal bar width for BMX?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as it depends on the rider’s body size, riding style, and personal preference. Typically, bars range from 27 to 30 inches, with most riders choosing within this spectrum. (Hint: if you do plenty of barspins, a narrower BMX bar will do the trick.)

Can I cut my BMX bars to adjust their width?

Yes, many riders cut their bars to customize the width. The two most common methods for cutting a BMX bar are a pipe cutter and a hacksaw.

Do different BMX disciplines require different bar widths?

Yes, different styles may benefit from different widths. For example, street riders might prefer narrower bars for agility, while transition riders may opt for wider bars for better control.

Does bar width affect BMX bike stability?

Absolutely. Wider bars can increase stability, especially during air tricks or when landing jumps. However, too wide bars might be cumbersome for technical tricks or tight turns.

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