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Anthony “BOY” Flores Profile (2024)

anthony boy flores

Are you ready to watch the best Anthony “BOY” Flores BMX videos because you are into real street shredding (the “old-school” style)?

Boy is a stylish street rider who knows how to pull some solid grids for everyone to indulge in.

Growing up in East Los Angeles, he was surrounded by all sorts of crazy ghetto stuff.

However, thanks to BMX, Anthony spent his time thinking about riding curbs instead of getting into trouble.

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When it comes to riding BMX, it was more or less an accident for Boy. His cousin had a bike, which appealed to him, but not until later.

His mother and four sisters heavily influenced Anthony, but all in a good sense.

Fun fact: One of his sisters once stole a BMX bike, which he borrowed and never returned.

Moreover, Anthony “BOY” Flores started getting more serious about BMX when he was fourteen. Initially, his biggest influence was Edwin Delarosa (mine, too!).

Since Boy is just a few years older than me, he looked up to the same riders as me.

Growing up, Anthony spent a lot of time shredding streets with the man himself, Manuel “E-man” Cantero. Go watch some BMX videos of this dude if you haven’t yet.

This post covers:

Anthony “BOY” Flores Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: East Los Angeles, California
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @anthonyboyflores

2. Sponsors

Cult, Odyssey and Familiar.

3. Bike Check

anthony boy flores bmx bike check

Featured photo by: @tommyjblanco.

4. Best Anthony BOY Flores BMX Videos

Primo edit from 2008

Primo originally published this, but it’s so old that Anthony decided to upload it to YouTube once again in 2014.

Small bars, steel pegs, grinding rails and ledges, that’s what you can expect from this edit.

These were the ghetto street shredding days we are not used to seeing today anymore.

BMX street riding changed a lot, however, there are still riders like Boy who keep it real.

You do not need much from me, so sit back, relax and see what it was like riding streets in 2008 – a lot of fun, that’s for sure.

Anthony “BOY” Flores for Primo (2013)

If you are tired of seeing all the heavily tailwhips- and barspins-influenced street videos, you need this in your life.

The one above and this one are five years apart, meaning, you can expect a lot of amazing improvements, not just from the riding, but filming, too.

Needless to say, feeble grind to hard 180s must be one of Boy’s favorite tricks out there.

That’s right, you will see a ton of them in here, and they are real eye-pleasers.

But that is just a small segment of all the craziness that goes down for your viewing pleasure.

How-to X-up Feeble

If you want to learn a unique trick, like an x-up feeble grind, let the master at it, Boy, teach you how to do it properly.

What I especially like about this one is the fact that even the best of the best do not always pull it perfectly.

Everyone is still learning; even when you are on top of your game, you are still learning.

In here, Anthony demonstrates an x-up feeble grind of a flat ledge and on a down ledge.

Also, in the end, he showcases you an x-up double peg, too, because he is not turning x-ups the same way with both grinds.

After all, this may also be the case for you, so you do not think you are the only one.

Note: Watch my how to feeble grind tutorial.

How-to switch/opposite smith grind

When it comes to learning grinds, you better hear it from Anthony “Boy” Flores himself.

After all, he is the grind master, so you know he has plenty of hidden tips and tricks that will help you master, in this instance, an opposite smith grind.

To be entirely candid with you, if you know how to do a regular grind, you will learn how to pull it switch immediately.

When it comes to flat ledges, it’s not as complicated as you would think. Still, it can get tricky when pulling it on rails or in combos.

Speaking of which, watch Boy link an opposite smith with other tricks in this how-to video from Ride BMX.

Note: Watch my how to smith grind tutorial.

Anthony for Familiar Brand

A short but sweet street clip that features some old, lost footage,and some new shredding from the LA king. The last feeble to smith is really dope.

I dunno man, I really do enjoy watching Anthony Flores doing his thing on the streets, whether old or new.

He just has this outstanding style and flow, making everything look very attractive to the eye. Enjoy.

Eric Gil and Aaron Brenner shot the web edit, and Boy put it all together later.

Bike check from 2018

Even though this may not be his freshest of whips, still Boy’s ride from back in 2018 is fire.

In this video bike check for Familiar Brand, he runs your down through his entire setup, from bars and frame to wheelsets, tires, Sean Ricany‘s signature grips and Ty Morrow‘s signature seat; all you need to know, Anthony tells you about it.

Boy also moved from the traditional street riding bike setup to the more modern look. Meaning, he went a lot taller with his front setup, plastic pegs and a freecoaster hub, to name a few.

A thank you note from Boy

Well, that’s not the official title of the video, but it was filmed with this exact intention.

Back in 2017, Anthony felt like he needs to film something just for the sake of sharing his gratitude for all the sponsors who are supporting him.

He ended up filming this dope web edit that is butter smooth. Cult, Odyssey and The Trip are the brands that Anthony wants to say big thanks to.

The situation at 0:49 is definitely not the prettiest. However, Boy went back and pulled it flawlessly. Filmed in its entirety and edited by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz.

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