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Logan Penberg Profile (2024)

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Do you need to watch the best Logan Penberg BMX videos (& profile) to get hyped for some rails stuff?

Logan’s been on the scene for a good minute, murdering everything that he touches.

While he likes to balance on rails, Penberg is also no stranger to doing gnarly stuff.

This dude’s full of confidence, making everything he does look effortless.

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In an Our BMX interview, Logan said that he got into BMX because of his brother.

After seeing some tricks from two of his best friends, Logan knew this was the sport for him.

(And his first bike was a WeThePeople! Check my collection of the best WTP frames.)

Logan also says that he’s a fan of Lewis Mills, Felix Prangenberg, Simone Barraco and Jordan Godwin, to name a few.

This post covers:

Logan Penberg Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Austin, Texas
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @loganpenberg

2. Sponsors

WeThePeople and Burn Slow.

3. Bike Check

4. Parts Logan Penberg Rides

Featured photo by: Justin Koebele.

5. Best Logan Penberg Videos

WeThePeople – Crispy

Logan has been working hard for this one and the hard work definitely paid off. The video is packed with insane street riding that fuses extremely technical and burly moves with style.

I must say that the over double peg grind on that short and tight rail to hard 180 barspin was my favorite clip.

Still, the mix of all the other stuff made me watch “Crispy” three times already. But I still think I haven’t fully comprehended it.

So yes, join me on another watch because the video OH SO deserves it!

Crispy – Behind The Scenes

I’m sure you’ve watched the “Crispy” video by Logan by now.

And because of all the hype, I’m even more sure that you’re interested in watching the nearly half an hours long behind the scenes video that shows all the hard work that goes into making a Logan Penberg video.


WeThePeople (2022)

Logan is no stranger to doing insane stuff on the streets. This dude’s got everything from mad rail moves to high-tech stunts.

His 2022 web video for WTP proves all that and more.

I’m not even sure where to start but the intro line will definitely grab your attention. (And the cheering ladies are the best!)

Three things that really stand out for me: pegs to hard 3, over pegs to hard 1 and the kinked rail ride to 180. WOW, bro!

Welcome to Wethepeople AM

It was in 2020 when WTP officially welcome Logan Penberg to their AM team. Even though this is somewhat the beginning for Logan, he’s already shredding it hard.

Logan hits Texas streets and pulls a good dose of insane moves that will make your jaw drop.

Note: As a tall rider, Logan has a rad style, and is no stranger to going burly and tech.

Hint: If you’d like to watch some other tall riders shred, don’t miss my collections of the best Charlie Crumlish, David Grant and Reed Stark videos!

(The high feeble grind to hard 180 barspin was nuts. And so was the last rail ride to 3 off!)

Logan Penberg At House Park

The USL BMX invited Logan to join the competition where he had 24h to film the best stuff he can at the House Park in Austin, Texas.

This is the result.

A full web video! That’s what’s to expect when you have a rider that’s as good as Logan and Darryl Tocco behind the camera.

Many creative lines in this one need a second or a third watching to understand. Enjoy!

A day in the life of Logan Penberg

If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of Logan looks like, well, wonder no more.

Here’s a glimpse at what goes down on a busy day at the House Park and on the streets of Austin.

The real focus of the entire day is the insane kinked rail ride to 180 out that (unfortunately) made Logan go to the hospital.

But you can watch it pulled clean in the WTP 2022 video above. NUTS!

Logan’s Instagram Slam

Even though this should happen on the streets, Logan still did an epic job at the House Park (again!).

Many requests came and Logan mastered them like a champ. This one is full of tech stuff and Logan even does a bunnyhop crankflip!

Plus, Hobie Doan, Brett Wickersham, and Reid Sullivan join Penberg to do some additional damage at the park.

Note: The skateboarding ninja is G!

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