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Luc Legrand Profile (2024)

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I’ve been a fan of the French scene for a long time, so bringing you the best Luc Legrand BMX videos makes sense.

But Luc is DIFFERENT than most of the riders!

He has this awesome – wild, if you will – approach to street riding with tons of uniqueness to it.

One thing is for certain – you never know what to EXPECT from this guy.

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FULL of surprises!

Luc was born in 1985 and started riding at 13.

First, it was small jumps and second came street, bunnyhops, and all the other fun.

In an interview with BSD, Luc Legrand also mentions that he was a HUGE FAN of The Gonz, Van Homan, Butcher and Garrett Byrnes. And still is.

When they ask Luc what he likes more, Instagram or Snapchat, his response is: life.

No wonder why he has no IG account. I salute you, Luc!

This post covers:

Luc Legrand Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: 1985
Place of birth: Concarneau, France
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: No IG

Featured photo by: BSD.

If you’d like to watch more French dudes kill it, treat yourself to: Joris Coulomb, Kevin Kalkoff and Anthony Perrin.

2. Best Luc Legrand BMX Videos

DIG & BSD video feature

Here is one with Luc Legrand from Dig and BSD that came out in early 2019. This one is just under 7 minutes long. A longer one that you don’t want to miss.

The crazy thing about this video is that a quote in the description tells us it “should have never existed because almost all the original clips disappeared in my burglary.”

Luckily raw clips were sent elsewhere and could be returned so that we could enjoy this video!

Regarding the video itself, the spots and riding are incredible!

Luc makes awesome use of a literal spine rhythm section on a ROOFTOP and many more amazing spots!

This one is worth your watch.

BSD Transmission DVD part

Luc Legrand’s section from the 2015 BSD Transmission DVD hit the web in late 2016.

It brings Luc’s incredible spot choice to the table, starting with a massive 360.

Everything in this video is wild and there is not a single filler clip making it a great watch all the way through.

It’s always awesome when you CAN’T EVEN begin to guess what a rider might do next. And Luc Legrand is the epitome of that!

You never know whether he will do a gap to second stage rail (on a broken rail), or find a wallride that is literally 45 degrees over vert.

Or a gap to x-up ride down a massive hubba.

Actually, just watch it and see it yourself.

BSD – Luc Legrand (2013)

Luc Has been an absolute shredder for years and has had SO MANY incredible videos. This one is from mid-2013 for BSD and is definitely no exception.

Luc’s eye for spots and how he rides them makes any video of him a must-watch.

This one has an artistic intro just before Luc does a gigantic rail hop to kick things off.

From there, it is an onslaught of creative genius and burly awesome riding.

A few standouts were the drop-in on the steep slide and the drop-in on the steeply curved slide later in followed by riding up it to gap out.

This one is worth every second!

Etnies BMX video

Luc Legrand had several awesome videos that came out way back in 2013. This one is full of unique spot usage.

For example, a gap to no foot can plant on a wall to start a line in the streets.

Legrand certainly gets the most out of the spots he rides and does things that probably aren’t the first thought for most.

He can handle things with the “conventional” side, as illustrated in this one by MASSIVE grinds on MASSIVE handrails.

The uprail to wallride followed by grind back down another rail was super rad.

And the last clip is something you NEED to see!

Grand Belgrade Hotel by Lumia

This video featuring Erik Elstran and Luc Legrand came out in early 2015.

It follows the two on a street adventure that was #shotwithlumia – who still uses Nokia?

With their creative outlooks on riding, these two are a perfect pair for a split video and the resulting video is one for the books.

Both of these guys seem to see the world in THEIR OWN WAY with their riding. Each brings a completely different approach to shredding setups.

You may have to watch this one turned down, though, with the circus-type music overpowering the audio.

That doesn’t change the riding level, though, so hit play!

Welcome to Etnies

It’s CRAZY to think that Luc Legrand was officially welcomed to the Etnies European team in April of 2011.

This came with a welcome video that is really cool to see, if not only for the progression we can see throughout the years of Luc’s riding.

The creativity is ever-present here with a unique approach to riding “normal” spots.

The last clip is something that I can’t even describe through text.

But the setup somewhat foreshadows the types of things Luc would go on to ride even more in his future videos.


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