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8 Best 4 Piece BMX Bars (Strongest In 2024)

4 piece bmx bars

I’m stoked to bring you the best 4 piece BMX bars collection, so you find yours quicker and easier.

According to many discussions, people say that a 2-pc bar is actually stronger than a 4-pc bar.

Check Ryan Fudger’s video below. Thanks, legend!

However, many professional BMX riders pull big gaps and do all sorts of crazy stuff – with a 4-pc handlebar!

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For me, it’s more about aesthetics.

This post covers:

A 4 piece BMX bar is your thing, or it’s not – there’s no middle situation. There’s no such thing as one being better than the other either.

If you dig it, that’s great, and if you don’t dig it, that’s great, too.

Scroll down, see the specs and pick your ideal 4 piece BMX handlebar! (If you need help, check my article on how to choose a BMX bar.)

Note: I’m currently running a 4-pc bar, and I love it.

Update: I switched back to a 2-pc because I like the look better.

Best 4 Piece BMX Handlebars

1. Fiend Raekes

fiend raekes 4-pc bar
The very special Fiend signature 4-pc bar from the tech machine, Johnny Raekes. It comes in two color options: black and chrome. And two sizes, 9″ and 9.5″ rise.

It has 1° upsweep and 12° backsweep with slightly wider crossbars, which I really like. (Some 4-pc handlebars are just too narrow in my opinion.)

The crossbars are also butted, reducing the weight of the overall bar, which comes at 2lbs.

This one is VERY X-UP friendly!

Fiend Raekes specs:

  • Rise: 9″, 9.5″
  • Width: 29.5″
  • Backsweep: 12°
  • Upsweep: 1°
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Price: $94.99 (may vary)

2. Cult Heaven’s Gate

cult heavens gate begin bar
Brandon Begin’s signature handlebars from Cult are the Heaven’s Gate Begin Bars.

These 4 piece BMX bars are made of butted chromoly tubing that is heat-treated for strength.

There are three different color options available in black, white, and chrome as well as three different rise options.

The Heaven’s Gate bars come in 9″, 9.420″, and 9.65″ of rise and have a backsweep of 11.5° with an upsweep of 3°.

Heaven’s Gate specs:

  • Rise: 9″, 9.420″, 9.65″
  • Width: 28″
  • Backsweep: 11.5°
  • Upsweep: 3°
  • Weight: 2.1lbs
  • Price: $74.99 (may vary)

3. Shadow Conspiracy Crowbar

shadow conspiracy crowbar 4pc bars
The Crowbar 4 piece BMX bars from Shadow comes in two different versions.

The SG version of the bars stands for straight gauge, which refers to the chromoly tubing used.

A featherweight version utilizes multi-butted chromoly tubing that shadow calls their 13B tubing profile.

Both versions of the bars come with Shadow’s unique teardrop-shaped crossbar and come in black or chrome.

Crowbar specs:

  • Rise: 8.7″, 9.1″
  • Width: 29″
  • Backsweep: 12°
  • Upsweep: 3°
  • Weight: SG (32.9oz), Featherweight 8.7″ (28.2oz)
  • Price: $69.99 (may vary)

4. Rant NSixty

rant nsixty 4pc bars
Rant’s NSixty Four Piece Bars are an affordable full chromoly four piece handlebar that is made of “plain gauge” tubing.

The bars are available in gloss black or chrome and come in three different rise options of 8.75″, 9″, 9.5″.

NSixty specs:

  • Rise: 8.75″, 9″, 9.5″
  • Width: 29″
  • Backsweep: 12°
  • Upsweep: 1°
  • Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Price: $45.99 (may vary)

5. S&M FU-Bar

sandmbikes fu bar
The FU-Bar from S&M is Charlie Crumlish’s signature four piece bars that come in an 8″, 9″, and 10″ rise. The 8″ and 9″ version come in at 29″ wide with the 10″ rise version at 30″.

But are bigger bars better for BMX? You’ll find my two cents by clicking the link.

The Fu-bars come in several different color options depending upon the rise option between pink, clear, trans purple, trans sky blue, and chrome.

FU-Bar specs:

  • Rise: 8″, 9″, 10″
  • Width: (8″ & 9″) 29″, (10″) 30″
  • Backsweep: 10°
  • Upsweep: 1.5°
  • Weight: (8″ & 9″) 2.68lbs – (10″) – 2.73lbs
  • Price: $99.95 (may vary)

6. Odyssey 49ER Bars

odyssey 49er bars
Odyssey’s 49ER bars keep things simple with one rise option (9″) and one color (black).

This 4-piece features multi-butted tubing with the classic 7/8″ crossbar that gives it extra strength. The bend radius is also slightly larger, which keeps the bar stronger, preventing bends.

Also, the welded end caps minimize flex and make the bar more durable (read longer-lasting).

49ER Bars specs:

  • Rise: 9″
  • Width: 29″
  • Backsweep: 12°
  • Upsweep: 1.5°
  • Weight: 2.79lbs
  • Price: $109.99 (may vary)

7. Eclat Strangler Bars

eclat strangler bar
The Eclat Strangler is a robust bar that comes in three sizes, 9.1″, 9.5″ and 10″ rise. It features multi-butted tapered tubing, which ensures it’s lightweight but, at the same time, guarantees the necessary strength.

What’s awesome about this bar is that all rises have different widths (see below). Also, cross bars are (obviously) at different heights and feature different widths, too, so a 9.1″ isn’t too wide and 10″ too narrow.

Remember, I also have a guide on the ideal BMX bar width.

The Strangler has something for everyone.

Strangler specs:

  • Rise: 9.1″, 9.5″, 10″
  • Width: 29″ (9.1″), 29.5″ (9.5″), 30″ (10″)
  • Backsweep: 11.5°
  • Upsweep: 2.5°
  • Weight: 35.2oz
  • Price: $89.99 (may vary)

8. Mission Crosshair Bars

mission crosshair bars
One of the features you’ll notice when it comes to the Mission Crosshair bar is the different 4-pc design (like Rant’s NSixty bar) it has – more old-school if you will.

The Crosshair is an affordable handlebar built with 4130 chromoly straight gauge tubing that holds going big and going tech.

They also created a slightly deeper knurling clamping area to prevent slippage.

I particularly like that the cross bars are slightly wider, so the bar doesn’t appear so narrow.

If you don’t want your four-piece bar to look like everyone else’s, then the Crosshair might be a perfect solution to stand out.

Crosshair specs:

  • Rise: 9″”
  • Width: 29.5″
  • Backsweep: 12°
  • Upsweep: 1°
  • Weight: 39.1oz
  • Price: $54.99 (may vary)

FAQs About 4 Piece BMX Bars

Are 4 piece bars better than 2 piece bars?

To all our luck, Our BMX put together this in-depth explanation of what a BMX handlebar is.

What is a 4 piece BMX handlebar?

Unlike the 2 piece bar made only of two pieces, this one is made of four separate pieces/bars.

All those pieces are then welded together in a strong enough handlebar to handle all-terrain, street, park and dirt.

What is the main difference between 4-piece & 2-piece BMX bars?

The main difference lies in their construction. 4-piece bars consist of four separate pieces of tubing welded together, while 2-piece bars are made from two.

This results in a distinct look and slightly different feel, with 4-piece bars often perceived as stiffer and more durable.

Do 4-piece bars affect the handling of the bike?

The design of 4-piece bars can slightly affect bike handling. They tend to be stiffer, which some riders feel gives them more control, especially in street riding scenarios. However, the difference in handling is subtle and mostly comes down to individual preference.

How do I know if 4-piece bars will fit my BMX bike?

BMX bars, including 4-piece bars, typically have a standard stem clamp size, so they should fit most BMX bikes. However, it’s essential to check the width (you can cut them) and rise of the bars to ensure they match your riding style and body type for comfort and performance.

Are 4-piece BMX bars heavier than 2-piece bars?

4-piece bars can be slightly heavier than 2-piece bars due to their construction. However, the weight difference is usually minimal and may not be noticeable to most riders.

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