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Trey Jones Profile (2024)

Are you ready to check Trey Jones‘s profile and watch his best BMX videos to enjoy fast, raw and original riding?

Trey’s level of bike riding is different. What’s cool about Trey is that he can ride pretty much anything and everything he wants.

I bet he must be thankful for the racing days (which started when he was 4), as they helped him develop the necessary bike control.

When he was eight years old, he started shredding Mission Skate Park (by Chad Degroot).

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Trey’s father was helping build ramps while Trey was riding the park before it officially opened.

To some extent, Trey keeps it classic but with his own super creative twist. In short, a rider whose videos are almost too enjoyable to watch.

There’s always something that will make your jaw drop, and that’s just how Trey rolls.

If you are ready for the hype, you are ready for Trey.

This post covers:

Trey Jones Profile

1. Trey Bio

Date of birth: July 31, 1992
Place of birth: Longwood, Florida
Height: 5’9″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @treyjonesucks

2. Trey Sponsors

The Shadow Conspiracy, Cult, Vans and Source BMX.

3. Trey Bike Check

Don’t miss my recent Trey Jones bike check.

Featured photo by: Trey’s Instagram.

4. Best Trey Jones BMX Videos

1. Trey Jones In NYC

It’s a good day when a new Trey video comes out! We’ve been waiting for the release of Trey’s signature Cult frame for some time now.

And to announce the official release, Jones headed to New York City, where he teamed up with Veesh to film a SOLID promotional video.

This is seven minutes of epic riding material that consists of everything, from streets to bowls to parks and even trails.

Trey’s creative riding keeps amazing and surprising us with tons of originality that’s always a MUST SEE.

Relax, if you can, and enjoy this one!

2. Vans Part

Fourteen and a half minutes of pure Trey goodness. First, I want to mention that even though the video is that long, I still wish it would be longer. It almost feels like a documentary, but it’s not.

From riding streets to bowls, unique spots and everything else in between – you’ll get a ton of everything.

Besides, the amazing tunes make this one an even better watch. But the Trey Jones’ riding makes it all SO DAMN special.

Although we all know Trey can pull any trick he wants, he still keeps it somewhat basic in this one – but basic on an entirely different level.

Guest clips by Corey Walsh, Jabe Jones and Marcel Andersen.

3. Trey’s Unique Barcelona Experience

If you think you’ve seen it all – from Barcelona – watch Trey’s video and think again. With Simone Barraco as a spot guide and Trey as the creative mind, you can expect a lot of cool stuff to happen.

This video deserves multiple rewatches because it’s just that good.

Also, you get quite a few Simone clips that, as you know, are equally creative.

Barcelona BMX riding as you haven’t experienced before. So sit tight, relax and get a dose of uniqueness into your mind.


4. No Fun (full video)

Ryan Chadwick and Trey dropped the No Fun video project in November 2021 (paid option), but it’s now available to everyone.

I already added the behind-the-scenes and b-sides below, but here’s the final product.

Which – everyone knows – is DOPE!

The title may say no fun, but the video is over eleven minutes of nothing but fun.

From riding pools and streets to abandoned locations, whatever, Trey and Ryan did an epic job putting this one together over several years.

I didn’t even notice eleven minutes passed when watching it again. Yes, it’s that good.

Trey Jones is BMX, and this video is proof.

Have. Fun. Riding. Bikes.

5. Cult – Again & Again

No one knew this one was coming (!). After being on Subrosa for many years, Trey switched back to Cult. This isn’t necessarily a welcome-to-the-team video, but just another dope look at Trey’s insane riding skills.

What’s also cool is all the old footage you can see at the beginning. And then the new clips full of DIY, bowl, park, trail and street stunts are – AS ALWAYS – a must-watch.

Let’s see what’s coming next for the Cult and Trey duo. (I assume some signature parts – maybe a Cult frame?!)

6. Subrosa – Still Wild (frame promo)

With the release of his signature Subrosa Wild Child V2 frame, Trey hit streets, parks and bowls with Chris Gregson to shoot this one-of-a-kind promo video.

The uniqueness of Trey’s riding always amazes me. He seems to be doing stuff that kinda no one does, riding original spots that no one would touch and finding lines that no one would think about.

That’s TREY!

And this one is full of great shredding with an occasional flair here and there. (By the way, the wrestling clips in between are golden.)

Are you ready?

7. NO FUN behind the scenes

This is something worth your attention. Trey’s riding control is next level. But what happens when he rides weird, even bizarre skateparks?

Well, his bike control is still there.

During filming for his NO FUN project with Ryan Chadwick, they visited a ton of different skateparks just a few hours’ drive from Portland, Oregon.

Here’s thirteen minutes long little behind-the-scenes documentary that I had an absolute blast watching.

Yup, some of the parks they visit are kinda weird. But hey, it’s better to have a skatepark than not to have a skatepark, right?

8. NO FUN B-Sides

Not sure if it’s because of the song I’m adding this one here or Trey’s riding. Who am I kidding?!


Here’s nearly four minutes’ worth of b-sides from Trey Jones’ wicked NO FUN video. You just don’t want to miss whatever “new” drops from Trey, and this one is no different.

Even if you’ve seen most of this stuff and they’re “just” second angles, it’s still a must-watch. Treat yourself to some more Trey action today because you deserve it.

9. Trey at The Lot

The Lot is Sparky’s own ramp facility where everyone can shred and have some fun. For this installment, they have their very own Trey, doing his thing on the ramps.

Trey is a dude who can do just about whatever he wants on a bike. In addition to that, he does it all with amazing style and precision.

Even though riding transitions is the main emphasis of this web video, I truly enjoyed the final 360 to smith grind – without pegs!

Also, the up nose manual to 180 is real eye candy.

10. Shadow X Subrosa “Analog” video

Even though he could not take trips and travel the world in 2020, Trey decided to do his own creative thing for two of his sponsors, Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa.

He went to multiple old spots and used his DIY mentality to come out with over eight minutes worth of jaw-dropping material for your enjoyment.

The outstanding bike control and the out-of-the-box thinking and approaching to spots make Trey who he really is.

This is pure gold from start to finish, so make sure you do not miss it.

Of course, the pool “intro” is the best thing that happened to BMX. Enjoy.

11. Subrosa Wild Child frame promo

Trey is a well-known rider who has been in the BMX game for a very long time now. This video represents the best way of what Trey Jones is.

He is a sick shredder with a lot of style and unique riding. You can put everything in front of him and he will destroy it.

In 2019 he was all over the place and he still managed to film a video part for his new Subrosa frame called Wild Child and Trey is a wild child on BMX and off.

12. The Ramp II with Jones and Fake

BMX is not a sport like a football or any other team-kinda sport. BMX is freestyle and this clip is all about that.

You put together two rad shredders and a small ramp and you get some sick clips that are just ridiculous.

The video features Trey and Colt Fake.

You get a big front flip from a building and straight into the river or lake for starters. It is definitely not something you see every day.

But this is just the beginning of all the madness you can expect from riders like Trey and Colt. You do not need to know much more, just hit the play button and enjoy.

13. Backyard Brawl

As you all know, Trey is a big fan of dogs and this video is dedicated to his dog Jesco Jones. Trey has his own backyard, where he rides daily.

Guys from Subrosa/Shadow Conspiracy thought it would be nice to film something there.

In this clip, you can also see Trey’s brother Jabe Jones, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray and others.

To get everything even more in Trey Jones-style, he put some new additions to his backyard, which are super gnarly.

You know what to do if you are down for a dose of uniqueness.

14. Northeast Summer Vacation with Trey

Trey is the type of rider who rides everything. I bet he can even ride flatland.

Anyways Trey took some time off in summer and he went on a trip to ride some trails and bowls and even hit Bam Margera’s property.

No T-shirt, slip-ons, and a lot of fun.

While watching this clip, you will notice how effortless Trey’s riding is, even though some spots are quite challenging.

With so many years in the BMX game, a dude like Trey can murder just about any spot he wants. Everything looks almost too easy to be true.

15. Shadows What Could Go Wrong

Trey’s part is an opening part of Shadow Conspiracy’s full-length DVD “What Could Go Wrong.”

When you have a part like this at the beginning of a DVD, you know you made the right purchase. A distinct rider with unique spots and tricks that sums up this whole part.

If you think that Trey is more into technical stuff, you are wrong (still, no stranger). He has some huge drops, gaps, and other trick combos which only he understands.

Don’t forget, Trey rides brakeless and some of his stuff needs a brake, but that’s not something that bothers Trey.

The ending of this part is a typical Trey move.

16. Cult’s Southern Discomfort edit

Over the years, Trey switches between a few bike sponsors, of which Cult was one of them.

He filmed most of this clip at his home in Florida and made some trips to California and North Carolina. Crazy music and crazy riding, that’s what’s up.

As you already figured it out, Trey loves weird spots and weird tricks. He makes a spot that is not even considered a spot ridable.

In the middle of everything, he does a nose bonk to a big gap on a pier somewhere in Florida. Very innovative video if you will.

17. Desert Days with Trey

Trey lives in Florida and he is used to riding out in the sun.

He went on a one-week trip to Arizona to ride some of the best-curved walls, ditches, pools, and other stuff.

Arizona desert is known for high temperatures, but that didn’t stop Trey from doing his magic on his bike.

Nose manual on a vertical wall is just one of his crazy tricks in this video. Who does that? There are also some clips featuring his brother Jabe.

Trey also rides 95% of this video in a T-shirt, which is becoming less common for him these days.

18. Source BMX Lock In

This is Trey’s behind the scenes clip of making the Lock-In the video for Source BMX. You can see that Trey is a massive fan of MID School BMX.

He knows his history. He is also a huge collector of mid-school BMX parts, frames, and everything around it.

Put Trey in the Source BMX park with his favorite food – pizza – and his favorite drink – Dr.Pepper – and this is what comes out.

A ridiculous BMX video full of one-of-a-kind moves. By the way, Trey is wearing shorts in snowy Hastings, which is oh so Trey

Winters do not exist for Trey, obviously.

Watch the full Lock In part below.

19. Trey shredding Source park

This starts with a song from Props. Some of you young guys probably don’t know what Props is.

Before watching this, go and type Props BMX in Google and learn some BMX history. Now back to Trey.

He is no stranger to transitions. He even does a couple of clips with a brake, probably on a borrowed bike and after that, he destroys the park with his own style.

Trey does many pedal grinds in and out of tricks, which suits a pegless rider more than perfectly. The last trick is total bonkers.

20. Welcome to the Shadow Conspiracy pro team

2011 is the year when Trey became a pro rider for The Shadow Conspiracy, and today, he is still on the pro team.

The dude is one of the most talented riders out there without a shadow of a doubt. Back then he even rode with some tight jeans but his tricks were already big.

You can even see some magic on his front wheel. He never stops riding.

This part has so much energy that you will have a huge motivation to go out and ride, heck, maybe even try one or two tricks from Trey after you finish watching it.

Good luck.

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I’ll add newer ones on top.

Bonus: Trey Jones FAQ

What happened to Trey Jones’s dog?

Unfortunately, the legendary BMX dog, Trey’s dog, Jesco Jones, has passed away in 2019. We’ll remember you forever, Jesco!

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