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13 Best Gary Young BMX Videos (2022)

gary young

You will enjoy all Gary Young‘s BMX videos no matter what style of riding you dig the most.

Gary’s been killing it on a bike for what seems forever.

According to my calculations, Gary has been enjoying himself on a BMX bike since eight.

Still, he is on his bike a lot, even though he needs to take care of his family and other obligations.

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Keep in mind that everything is possible when you have your things in order. Quick fact: Gary has never in his life tried a beer.

Can you imagine?

As active as he is, Gary Young is proudly supported by Vans, Sunday Bikes and Odyssey. He absolutely enjoys traveling the world, visiting new places and meeting new people.

However, Gary has already traveled all over the globe with his bike; still, he has not seen everything yet.


Some of Gary’s team riders that we already covered are:

All in all, Gary is an all-around BMX shredder who kills it on the streets and at skateparks.

But if you place him in front of dirt jumps, he will murder those, too.

You can still watch Gary’s Unclicked interview with Ryan and Dennis, where they talk about all sorts of stuff, including not drinking.

Do not forget to follow Gary on Instagram for all sorts of the father, husband, BMX and travel stuff that goes on in his life.

Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

Plus: If you’d like to check Gary Young’s bike, I have you covered.

Best Gary Young BMX Videos

1. Sunday Wavelength frame promo

When Gary releases a new video, you watch it – period. And this short but sweet promo for his signature Sunday Wavelength frame is no different.

What’s cool, Gary shows us that you can ride this thing on every terrain with clips demonstrating it. Whether it’s bowls, parks, trails or streets, you can shred Gary’s Wavelength however fast and wild you want.

It’s a more stable frame for going fast, at a longer chainstay length and top tube options. If that’s you, then Sunday’s new Wavelength frame might be the perfect option. Go!

2. Gary’s USL Blow Up The Park submission

Gary is doing things creatively, and his USL “Blow Up The Park” video contest submission is good proof.

He will do stuff you will not see others do at a park, which makes him super unique.

Gary is a street/park hybrid BMX rider who can ride whatever he wants. Gary is capable of it all, from big to tech stuff.

Barspins, tailwhips, 540s, grinds, one-footed tabletops, bowl blasts, you name it, Gary pulls it with ease.

And then there’s the last bowl line that is extra good.

3. Our BMX – Least Favorite/Most Favorite

Gary has been at the top of BMX for quite some time, making him a perfect candidate for the Least Favorite/Most Favorite series from Our BMX.

The concept is for a rider to pick the least and most favorite of their video parts, then watch through them and talk about them.

Gary picks his Dirt Bros Rule and Vans Illustrated sections, of which we will let you watch to see which were his least and most favorites.

Hearing someone like Gary talk about his video parts after watching him shred at the top of BMX for so long is really awesome.

There is no doubt that he will be able to be in another of these in 10 years.

4. Sunday Bikes signature Soundwave promo

The idea behind Gary Young’s 2019 Sunday Bikes Signature Soundwave Special promo video is a fun one.

It features Gary rolling up to the skatepark riding a bike straight out of the ’90s and dressing the part only to be called out by Ratty Maty, making him want a new bike.

Luckily, Sunday has him covered with his signature Soundwave special bike that he builds up and shreds for the rest of the video.

The riding in here is top-notch as well. The double peg he does on the over vert is amazing.

5. Gary Young’s Vans Illustrated part

Gary is the kind of rider that when he has a new video part drop, you drop everything and watch it because you know there will be some fantastic riding.

The Vans Illustrated chapter in his book of video parts is no exception and brings the heat from start to finish.

The song in this one lends to the riding so well and it goes without saying how well-rounded Gary is.

Having no idea if you’re going to see a huge gap to grind, a massive tabletop, or anything in between makes for an extremely enjoyable video.

Gary delivered here!

6. Sunday Bikes Grow Up video

It’s crazy that when Sunday’s Grow Up video came out in 2017, Gary Young had been a professional BMX rider for 15 years already.

Upon watching the video, or any of Gary’s other videos, it’s very easy to notice why he’s had such longevity in his BMX career.

Video parts like his Grow Up section are always a must-see and his versatility cannot be understated.

Whether it’s a gnarly street setup, skatepark setup, trails setup, or anything else you can think of, the chances are good that Gary could find something wild to do.

7. 2013 X Games gold medal runs

In 2013, Gary Young won his first-ever X Games gold medal at the Barcelona X Games.

It took him 13 X Games to do it, but he got it done in BMX Park, beating out people like Scotty Cranmer, Daniel Dhers, Ryan Nyquist, and more.

This video only features Gary’s two runs in finals and nothing else, but we did get to see that his first run scored the single highest first-run score.

Obviously, he was on fire that day with two full pulls on the park course.

The way he uses all of the course and throws tricks in places that you might not expect definitely shows that he was deserving of gold here.

8. Gary Young “Shred Til Dad”

In addition to being at the top of BMX, Gary Young is also a father.

This video on the late Ride BMX’s YouTube channel called Gary Young – Shred Til Dad starts out with a bit of insight into the father side of life for Gary and then transitions into the riding we all know and love.

Throughout the video, Gary shreds a skatepark, pool, and concrete drainage ditch with his signature flowing and effortless style.

There are also a couple of guest clips in here from Ratty Maty.

It’s always awesome to see Gary pedal as fast as possible at a gap, just like the huge gap to wallride in the last riding clip before he heads home for dad duty.

9. Odyssey Vision web edit

Get ready to have your jaw dropped, then hit rewind and rewatch the first clip in this video from Odyssey’s ODSY Vision.

The trick appears to be a 360 seat grab nac-nac barspin.

Yes, you read that right. This video may be from 2011, but the only way anyone might be able to tell is from the brake lever and lack of a freecoaster on Gary’s bike.

He absolutely kills it in the trails, skateparks, and the streets in this one.

The carve around what looked like it was more meant to be an art sculpture than a ramp at one skatepark was particularly amazing.

10. Gary’s Odyssey “30•15” part

This video is Gary’s section from Odyssey’s “30•15” full video, including sections from the entire Odyssey team. The video marked Odyssey’s 30th anniversary.

Of course, it gets right to it with Gary charging straight at everything he does whether it’s a huge first try street curved wallride, a high-speed skatepark bowl line, or ripping through a set of trails.

Gary’s seemingly endless bag of tricks and versatility as a rider makes it so hard to tell what is coming next, making his videos always pleasant to watch.

11. Drop The Pin with Gary

This Drop The Pin video from the late Ride BMX featuring Gary Young starts out at a skatepark where Gary shows how much of a stand-up guy he is by letting a curious kid at the park pick their destination.

They travel to the pin and find whatever street spots they can close by.

Gary is freestyle in its purest form and we see it by the fact that he has several clips on a setup involving a bump and a tree stump.

Anything that comes out and features Gary is gold. This video is no exception.

12. Vans BMX Pro Cup rider profile

With the 2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup, Vans made several rider profiles and Gary Young was one of them.

This quick video that is just over a minute long follows him from his morning coffee to a skatepark session where Gary kills it as per usual.

This one might be short, but Gary is always full throttle, and his riding is eye-pleasing.

It seems like he always finds the big wallride transfer gaps and the one in this video definitely looks wild.

13. All-street video for Odyssey BMX

Back in 2014 (filmed in 2013), Gary came out with an all-street video for Odyssey and it’s an absolute banger.

You know that Gary can go fast and big, but he’s also no stranger to tech stuff.

You’ll spot some famous and not-so-famous spots from Spain to San Diego. There is a lot of scary stuff in here, too, but Young handles it all with ease.

I highly recommend you watch or rewatch this one because it’s just so damn good!

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