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Courage Adams Profile (2024)

courage adams

I created the ultimate Courage Adams profile with a list of his best BMX videos for everyone who’s into insanely technical street riding.

Whenever something new pops out from Courage, I drop everything and watch it immediately. Why?

Because I know it will be INSANELY good from start to finish, thanks to his outstanding bike control. (Especially on the front wheel.)

For Courage Adams, it all began when he was around eight years old in Pamplona, Spain.

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He went to a local skatepark with his friends, where he saw guys riding “little bikes” and doing all sorts of tricks.

In a short interview, he says it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for Courage.

When it comes to BMX, Courage really likes the freedom of freestyle. Let’s face it, you are your own boss and you can do whatever you want.

Keep it simple, keep it tech, go big, go small, whatever the case, it’s all possible through BMX. But one essential thing is to have fun.

This post covers:

Courage Adams Profile

1. Courage Adams Bio

Date of birth: March 17, 1996
Place of birth: Nigeria
Height: 5’11”
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @courageadams

2. Courage Adams Sponsors

Fly Bkes, Red Bull, Vans and Animal Bikes.

3. Courage Adams Bike Check

Take a peek at the most recent Courage Adams bike check.

Featured photo by: Richard Forne.

4. Best Courage Adams BMX videos

One Line Balance V2

I’m sure you’ve seen Courage’s first “One Line Balance” installment (feel free to watch it again below), which blew us all away.

Well, here’s the second version. But I cannot really decide which is more insane. They both are!

It goes like this: long icepick grind to manual to nose manual to manual to up double peg grind to hop over barspin to manual to nose manual to double peg grind to manual to backward manual to barspin drop-in. But it gets pretty complicated in between.

By the way, I so enjoy the raw vibe and the sound of the cassette.

400m long nose manual – World Record

You usually won’t see me posting single-trick videos in riders’ videographies – BUT a 400 meters long nose manual?!

Now that’s something you will see me posting.

Courage went on a mission with his crew to film the longest nose manual on a BMX bike ever pulled.


I’m speechless.

Courage said this was his toughest challenge ever, both on the body and the mind. He also added that this project allowed him to develop a new level of dedication and consistency in “the face of purpose.”

Once again: CONGRATS, dude – this is insane.

Vans – Balanced

Another epic one from Courage because what else would you expect? And because it’s Rich Forne who filmed and put it together, you know it will be EVEN better.

The lengthy feeble to even longer nose manual to feeble to hard 180 bar was insane. But I don’t want to reveal too much.

And the last one was definitely unexpected. Wow.

(All was shot at great street spots in Africa, France and Spain.)

Watch the creative madness unravel before your eyes. Worth every second of my fifth rewatch.

One Line Balance

We all know that Courage is all about balance, and here’s a project he has been working on recently called “One Line Balance.”

He could not call it any better because this short video clip is one LONG (almost one minute!) line at his local park in Madrid, Spain.

I knew this would be insane, but not as insane as it actually is.

One line consists of nose manuals, manuals, barspins, grinds, backward manuals, and more.


Attention: Unfortunately, Courage’s Youtube channel got hacked, so he created a new one. Go show him some love.

Courage in Johannesburg

Red Bull sent Courage to Johannesburg, South Africa, to enjoy the streets and the local scene. I’m always impressed by everything that Adams releases with his sponsors. (You just know it’ll be good.)

This dude is so smooth at such a high level of riding that it’s almost absurd. And it’s not only about the nose manuals (which I like the most, btw!), everything he does and touches comes out golden.

Enjoy his South African experience with the locals, hitting some really amazing spots. And his perspective on the scene and (life) projects like this, too. Go!

Courage at Fise 2022

Even though I usually don’t post videos from contests in my video collections, I think this one deserves it.

After some unlucky attempts at past contests, Courage finally scored the podium – actually – 1st place at Fise Montpellier 2022!

Congrats, dude!

The run is pretty much perfect.

And I’m incredibly impressed by the last (extremely) long nose manual after landing the big truck over the rail, pushing the bar slightly forward because of the impact.

Only Courage!

Welcome to Vans Global

Okay, this may be extremely short, but it’s worth every second of it. Inside is one of the biggest street barspins in the history of BMX – the legendary Lyon 25 stair set.

Absolute. Madness.

Also, this is the official introduction of Courage to the Vans‘ Global team. Not just that, also the official announcement of his signature slip-on.

If a slip-on can take 25 stairs, it can handle anything.


Update: Lyon 25 BTS

I absolutely need to add this behind-the-scene video of Courage’s Lyon 25 stairs barspin.

Courage must be built of steel, because the impact is so brutal, I don’t know how he managed to stay on his bike.

Only Courage!

2021 X Games Real BMX

In true Courage style, this is absolutely MENTAL. I needed to rewatch it multiple times so that everything sunk in and my speechlessness went away.

I won’t explain tricks and everything too into detail since I don’t want to ruin your watching.

But I’m quite sure you’ve already seen it because how can you even miss something like this in your life?!

One thing: long wavy nose manual to tailwhip. And the drop isn’t even big, but Courage pulls it so extremely smooth as if you’d pull it over a jump box.


Fise BMX Street final

Duo to Covid – 19 FISE decide to make their biggest event FISE Montpellier from real event to digital event.

This event contains a couple of contests like park, street, and flat. Courage is always taking part at FISE Montepellier Street contest so this was one opportunity that he could not miss.

He is nose manual king and the opening shot proves that. How is this even possible?

The dude knows how to nose wheelie in; then he finishes with a banger trick at the end of the line.

This is just a 60-second clip, but man Courage never disappoints.

Vans present Courage Adams

Rich Forne filmed this masterpiece. When you combine a master behind the lens and a master on a BMX like Courage, you will get one unforgettable video part.

Like the title says Courage, you need to have a lot of courage to do these kinds of tricks on the streets.

The opening clip starts really strong with an insane and creative line and after this, Courage explodes with a variety of bangers.

With all the b-rolls in the clip, it makes you stay glued to the screen till the end because you know something big is coming.

Believe me, Courage delivers a big ender.

Canarias A Short 5

I usually don’t publish videos documenting the battle with a single trick/clip, but there are exceptions. And this one is THE exception!

I’m sure you still remember Courage’s Vans video from 2018 (see it above) and the insane truck driver on the same spot that Dan Lacey first 360ed it.

This. Is. Mental.

What’s even more mental is that it looks like it took Courage only four tries to pull it. One straight jump, two crashes and the fourth perfectly pulled one!


Backyard Jam Winner in 2019

2019 was the year when Backyard Jam made a comeback. This event was hosted at a skatepark called Adrenaline Alley in UK.

Courage qualified first in qualifications and he came back with a very strong run. He made a line like manual to bar to manual to bar ice on a down rail like nothing.

He destroyed the street course that day. When he gets that momentum and all the tricks in his mind come together, nobody can stop him from winning.

This clip is a mix of qualifications and finals, so click the play button above and enjoy.

Flybikes Journeys

FlyBikes took two best street riders in the world to the best place on earth for street riding: Barcelona, Spain. With the help of some locals like Simone Barraco and Anthony Perrin, Courage and Devon Smillie took full advantage of the spots of Barcelona.

What do you get when you put on one spot Devon with insane combos and on the other site Courage with a crazy bike balance?

You get an unforgettable video part that you can use as motivation before you go out riding. The manual and the nose manual kings, if you will.

Wallride on a curved bench to nose many to bar out is just one of the craziness you will see in this video.

Courage Adams returns to Nigeria

Courage left his home country Nigeria when he was seven years old. He moved with his family to Spain.

Courage started to ride BMX when he was eight years old and he turned PRO when he was sixteen years old.

He came on the BMX scene like a hurricane and everybody wanted more and more from him.

The kid is an amazing BMX rider with a lot of skills on his front end. This is a small documentary of Courage’s life in Spain and his return to his homeland Nigeria.

He explores the streets of Lagos with a local Lagos BMX crew.

Welcome to Animal Bikes

This video part was made in 2016 when Courage became a team member of the famous Animal Bikes.

Man, I was thrilled when I saw this announcement because we all know that Courage is one of the best street riders in the world.

Best rider plus legendary brand, which has on the team best street riders in the world is a very good combo.

Courage starts his part with a strong trick and continues at the same pace until the last stunt. The last trick is just bonkers.

There is a good flow in this video regarding riding and music, too.

7 Days is all It Takes

As the title says, “7 Days It All It Takes,” that’s how much it took Courage to film the FlyBikes part.

As we all know, back in the days, most riders took a lot of time to make video parts for the brands.

Some of the riders still do this kind of approach with their projects.

We are at this point where young riders can’t wait for what they have learned and immediately want to show their progression.

With all the media around us, this is now normal for young guys. Courage used this to his advantage and produced an amazing video part in just seven days.

He is a cat on his front wheel and he is probably one of the last riders who don’t use freecoaster for all back wheel tricks.

Concrete Sessions

We all know that Courage is good on the front wheel, but the start of this clip shows what looks like a long nose wheelie to a sick combo in the end.

The video was filmed at his local concrete skate park in Madrid. Don’t be fooled that Courage can ride only the street; he is also a very good transition rider.

You can put him in any situation and he will show you what he is capable of. Let’s be honest, who does nose up on a ledge and 360 out of it?

Some of us struggle with a regular nose manual. Don’t sit on it and hit play.

Courage Adams Savanna Promo

Everybody knows how good is Courage on his little bike. He has incredible lines, combos, and a very good style on his bike.

This video is no exception. He puts his signature line called Savanna to a proper test.

Just go to a one-minute marker where you will see how this dude rides on his front wheel.

Heck, start from the beginning and pause at one minute, take a pen and hit play and take some notes.

When you are done watching this video go to the FlyBikes website and check the whole Savanna line from Courage Adams.

Note: Videos above are listed in no particular order (but the newer ones will be put on top).

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