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7 Best Jordan Aleppo BMX Videos (2024)

jordan aleppo

Are you also a fan of Jordan Aleppo and want to binge on his best BMX videos?

I feel you.

I’ve been watching this dude shred and progress for many, MANY years. All I can say is that he “ages” better than a fine wine.

Whether Jordan rides a skatepark or a sick street spot somewhere in Spain, you just know that all he’ll do will be eye candy.

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Yes, I really enjoy his style of riding

While Jordan was on Federal for a long time, he then switched sponsors and is now doing it for Cult and Primo.

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Featured photo by: Jordan’s IG.

Best Jordan Aleppo BMX Videos

Jordan For Cult

It seems Jordan is all over the place lately, traveling south, like Spain and Brazil, enjoying the spots and warm weather.

But to our luck, of course he brings his bike with him on all these trips.

And here’s the result that I’ve been waiting for for some time.

Yes, there’s not enough of Jordan material out there, so I get extra hyped when something fresh drops.

On the other hand, Jordan is pretty active on IG, so it’s worth following him if you want to see new stuff from this dude.

By the way, that last combo at the plaza was insane!

The Bastard Of The Abyss

Before we continue, I need to state something: Tailwhips in shorts scare me.

In fact, riding in shorts, in general, scares me. And that’s why you’ll never see me ride in shorts unless I’m just cruising around (but even that doesn’t feel right).

Anyway, did I already tell you that Jodan Aleppo’s section in the Sterling Estate’s “The Bastard Of The Abyss” is my absolute favorite to date?

Yes, that’s right.

So much insane technical street riding with amazing style that I could watch on repeat.

Whether it’s a big 360 or a wild flat ledge combo, Jordan knows how to make it all look beautiful.

Don’t miss this one!


This one follows the journey of Jordan (did you know he’s an electrician?) for a whole month, enjoying the amazingness of Barcelona, Spain.

He met up with old friends, Archie Kenward, Theo Dorman, and others, to get the riding and filming done for this “Selfmade” web project.

Jordan’s amateur yet heartfelt video footage, captured on his phone, adds a raw and authentic touch to the edit, which makes it even more exciting to watch.

And hey, we’re speaking about Barcelona. Watching content that drops from BCN is always enjoyable.

Sit back, relax and get hyped watching Jordan murder the streets of Barcelona in his original style.

Welcome To Primo + Video Bike Check

Are you ready for something different? Do you want to see the Federal/Primo/Stay Strong whip he built in 2015?

Sure, this might be an “old” one, but it’s still a good one.

And once Jordan built his bike, unfortunately, English rain didn’t allow him to ride the local street spots.

Instead, he hit up the Seventies indoor skatepark for a session to test the new bike – and he killed it.

Sunny Saturday with Jordan Aleppo

In this “Fast Forward” episode, Jordan enjoys a laid-back day at his hometown spots in Bexhill-On-Sea.

Despite his rare home visits, spending just two weekends in 2013, Jordan fully embraces his return, showcasing his life off the circuit.

The episode offers a glimpse into the relaxed side of the globetrotting, social-savvy rider, supported (at the time) by brands like Federal Bikes and Stay Strong.

Besides the plenty of epic skatepark clips, Jordan also treats us with his fantastic street skills that seal the deal nicely.

Welcome To Demolition

I still remember watching this one for the first time like it was yesterday. And it’s all because of those first thirty seconds.

This is Jordan’s welcome to Demolition Parts video, and it hits hard.

Lots of clips from the UK and around the world, which is exactly how Jordan like to do it best.

And even though this one is from 2014 but was filmed in 2013, the epic technical wizardry and top-notch nose manual skills are already there.

Welcome To Federal

Another one I remember as if it was yesterday. Jordan’s welcome to Federal video from 2011 – yes, you read that right.

Street turndowns, 180 tailwhips over stairs, nose stuff, pegs stuff, steel pegs, three pegs – well, you get the gist of it.

Jordan’s style definitely changed a lot today compared to back then, but all his stuff is evergreen.

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