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Nathan Williams Profile (2024)

nathan williams

Are you ready to enjoy the ultimate Nathan Williams profile and watch his best BMX videos?

Nathan, well, there is almost no need to chat about this dude, as everyone knows how he is. On the other hand, we all need to chat about Nathan because he DESERVES it.

Even though some riders may be slowing down in their thirties, that’s not the case for Nathan.

With each passing year, he is going even bigger and better.

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You can always expect absolute madness from any video projects he releases.

When it comes to Nathan, he will go big, crash hard, get up and pull it smoothly.

If you are ready to move forward with killer shredding, enjoy Nathan’s BMX profile and videos now.

This post covers:

Nathan Williams Profile

1. Nathan Bio

Date of birth: October 2, 1988
Place of birth: Nashville, Tennessee
Height: 5’10”
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @williams__nathan

2. Nathan Sponsors

Kink BMX, Etnies, Cinema, Source BMX, Help and Sol-ti.

3. Nathan Bike Check

Don’t forget to view the latest Nathan Williams bike check.

4. Parts Nathan Rides

Featured photo by: Kevin Conners.

5. Top Nathan Williams BMX Videos

1. Cinema – Terminal

Every new Nathan video that drops, you need to watch at least three times. Why? Because it’s that ridiculously good.

And this one is extra special.

Nathan took it to the streets of Barcelona, NYC, SoCal, and NorCal with Pete Adam behind the lens, and this is what happened.

While all the riding is crazy good, I’m really wowed by all Nathan’s rail rides – the last one is absolutely mental.

Plus, Nathan’s style is timeless, so you know this one will get you hyped even five years from now.

Okay, I’m watching it again right now.

Guest clips by Chad Kerley and Corey Martinez.

2. Nathan Williams – WHY NOT?

No words can describe Nathan and Christian Rigal’s project, “WHY NOT?”

I just rewatched it three times, and if you haven’t seen it yet, dude, you’re doing something wrong.

Almost nine minutes of insane street footage will easily have you glued to the screen.

The two wanted to try something different without a deadline.

And what they did is PHENOMENAL.

I’m still speechless, although I have already watched it so many times. Just hit play, bro!

Note: There’s even an insane Christian clip in this one!

3. Raw Last In Lyon trip clips

I bet you all saw the epic Kink “Last In Lyon” web video from a while back. DIG dropped this incredible collection of raw clips by Nathan, which is – as always – a must-see.

It may be only one and a half minutes long, but watching it thrice makes it four and a half. But I’ll probably watch it some more because it’s epic.

I still don’t get that 180 into the steep bank in front of a window wall – SO SCARY.

4. Etnies “Chapters” RAW

Even though some of the stuff in this one is considered “old,” it will be forever appreciated. Nearly twenty minutes of raw material from Nathan, captured during filming for his insane Etnies “Chapters” part.

From second angles, crashes and other random shots, this is SUCH an epic watch you don’t want to miss in your life.

And it shows what a SAVAGE Williams is.

I know I’ll return to this one and probably watch it ten more times (or more). Epic.

5. Unseen “Chapters” Footage

I can watch Nathan’s new and old clips on repeat and never get bored. Not really sure what’s about his riding that appeals to me so much, but it simply is.

Here’s an eleven minutes long collection of clips from the time Williams was filming for his insane Etnies “Chapters” part.

And all the clips being in raw – WELL, that’s a big plus for me.

You better not miss this one because you already know it’s going to be dope. And you couldn’t be more right.

6. E-Fise Glasgow X Dig 2022

Nathan Williams and Peter Adam came out with a solid entry for the E-Fise Glasgow video content.

And even though it was raining and the seven days were cut to four, this one is still no joke. A lot of solid street clips with one downpouring one.

But the last gap into the bank was the scariest (because of the rail in front of it!). Also, the feeble to smith to tooth hanger 180 is something you’ll want to watch a few times.


6.5. E-Fise Glasgow X Dig RAW

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the original version above, but here’s another epic treat for you – the raw version of Nathan’s E-Fise Glasgow online competition submission.

If you know anything about me, you know that raw material is my favorite to watch. I like the natural bike riding (and the streets or even parks and trails) sound the most.

Enjoy all these great behind-the-scenes, crashes and heaps more from Williams and Peter Adam behind the lens.

I’ll watch it one more time, just because it’s so good.

I still think hippie-hop wins this whole thing!

7. Enies X Kink w/ Nathan & Hobie

How can Etnies and Kink properly promote the new (so dope!) collab? With a Nathan and Hobie Doan split video, of course!

These two go full-tilt in the new Jameson Vulc shoes and apparel, murdering street spots in downtown San Diego. (Nathan even does a wild one in a concrete park.)

Fresh material from these two is always welcome. And even if it’s a relatively short one, I watched it multiple times.

Nathan: Footplant 180 over a rail. Hobie: Long curved double peg to hard 180. But this is just a tiny bit of goodies that you get. GO!

And the song choice? Perfect!

8. Video part of the year 2020

When the teaser for this video part came out, everyone was asking if BMX is going in the direction of paying for video parts. If all the parts will be as good as this one, count me in.

If this is the way that BMX and video parts will survive, WHY NOT! Let’s support each other.

In this clip, you can hear all the details that Nathan put in for his video part, which took him three years to make.

With the filmer, Christian Rigal, they made an absolute masterpiece. If you still have not seen it, you better watch it now.

9. Etnies signature Jameson colorway

Nathan has been on Etnies for a very long time, so it’s quite obvious that he gets to work on, if not his signature, sure, at least a colorway of the shoe that he likes riding in the most.

For this year, Nathan went with Jameson Vulc in a suede/canvas combo. Even though this may not be my color of choice, the shoe looks really sick.

I’ve ridden in Jamesons before, and this shoe is really built to last.

Anyhow, to announce the colorway, Etnies and Nathan teamed up to create this dope promotional video.

Seeing Nathan on his bike with two dogs is so rad.

10. Street rider of the year 2020

So here we go again. The year 2020 was one of the best years for Nathan Williams. He won video part of the year and now he owns one more NORA cup for a street rider of the year.

In 2020, despite all the global madness, Nathan somehow managed to finish three heavy video parts.

His style of riding is on another level. You have to remind yourself in clips whether he is regular or switch or both.

Needless to say, Nathan picks the heaviest spots he could find on the streets to murder.

Congrats, Nathan, for this award – well deserved and well respected.

11. “WHY NOT” promo Leftovers

This is a promo for Nathan’s “WHY NOT” video, consisting of nothing but leftovers. I think a lot of riders would like to have these tricks in their full video edit and not as leftovers.

This is independent work from Nathan Williams and Christian Rigal. It took them three years to produce this epic video, which shows what Williams is capable of on a BMX bike.

He is so smooth; you can’t see what is regular or what is switch. You have to rewind everything to understand Nathan’s riding fully.

The whole dit was filmed on a RED camera and the whole project is filmed in 4K or 5K. So our eyes can enjoy in the best resolution possible.

12. X Games 2020 Real BMX Street

X Games Reel Street 2020 part from Nathan in on another level once again. He filmed this part with his old friend Peter Adamants from the UK. The opening clip is WTF.

After this crash from Nathan, you know how hard he rides and why he is one of the best in the world.

This part is one of the three parts he made in 2020 and all of them are super sick. As usual for Nathan, he goes in all directions.

Rewind and play and again rewind and play so you can truly see what is going on.

The last clip for me is impossible for a lot of us but not for Nathan.

13. Kink Help! collection promo

Nathan switched from a long-time sponsor United to Kink some time ago and absolutely deserves it.

We are here to put our attention on this promo for which was made for Kink by the lens master, Darryl Tocco.

As you can see Nathan was lost a little from his sponsor switch but the guys at Kink showed him some love with a nice yell over the phone.

BMX is not always serious you need to have fun – it is freestyle – and this clip is just that.

This is a promo for Nathan Williams’s signature street frame and bars.

14. Cinema web video part

This Cinema video featuring Nathan Williams is a selection of clips from longtime filming. As I recall the oldest clips are like seven years old and that is a long time.

Nonetheless, these clips are still bangers. Every part of Nathan is pure progression and this one is not an exception.

It does not matter if clips are from 2010 they are still good as they were filmed today.

This is Williams and he never disappoints. He has traveled the whole world to ride some unique spots for this project.

15. Monster Energy “Above Below”

This part is from the days when Nathan was still riding for Monster Energy. The whole video was done in two parts. This one is from the Above part.

The whole masterpiece was done by Rich Forne. So many technical tricks inside of one part that will make your brain explode.

Switch tricks, regular tricks, combos, you name it. I bet Nathan does not even know which is his regular side anymore.

The last trick, bunnyhop over the road fence straight into an oppo ice grind, is insane.

Take a couple of minutes and check this part from Nathan – you will enjoy it from start to finish.

16. Still United part

For a very long time, Nathan was riding for United. This was his last part for them before he switched to Kink BMX.

It starts with a sick line and after this, you can expect bangers after bangers. The part was the final section from the “Still United” video from 2016.

Nathan is a savage. After all of his gnarly crashes, he gets up and he does it again. Always a perfectionist.

The music and his riding are hard to beat like they were made for each other.

Now, watch seven minutes of pure BMX goodness and after this, go out and have a session yourself.

17. Drop the pin with Nathan Williams

I like the idea of taking one rider out on the streets with a phone and they pick a random place on Google maps to ride.

This one is with Nathan in San Diego. The spot he picked was like nine minutes away and when he arrived, there was nothing.

So he searched around and he found some spots and he killed them. I don’t think that there is a spot that Nathan cannot murder.

He is a machine and an excellent rider and he doesn’t complain that there is nothing to ride. Needless to say, Nathan always knows how to have some fun on his BMX bike.

18. Lock-In with Nathan Williams

What happens when you lock inside the park one of the best street riders in the world? You get two-plus minutes of happiness to your eyes.

We all know that Nathan is not just a street rider, as he can absolutely destroy a skatepark, too.

You can put everything in front of him and he will ride it. In this clip, you will see the insane line where he grinds two rails and in the end, he does a rail ride to turndown.

Things like this brought him to the top of the game.

19. Cinema Take Five

Take 5 is a Cinema series with all the Cinema riders. This one is with Nathan Williams. This is a chance for regular folks to ask Cinema pro riders five questions.

He talks about his inspiration when he started riding. These guys were Mike Aitken, Van Homan, Corey Martinez and his family.

Nathan also explains his tire pressure and why he rides this way. He also talks about how he finds spots for filming. Nathan doesn’t plan all the time.

He also speaks about his brand Help. This is a cool chance of getting to know Nathan even better.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t like to ride alone, but he likes the purest form of riding.

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