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8 Best Casey Starling BMX Videos (2023)

casey starling

Are you ready to enjoy the best Casey Starling BMX videos?

I’ve been a fan of this dude for a good minute.

What I particularly like about Casey is that he’s so good on the bike you never know what to expect.

And yes, he is full of surprises! (I still don’t get the flair to backlash!)

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Casey was born in Rahway, New Jersey, but currently resides in Austin, Texas.

He told in an interview that he first rode scooters but then transitioned to BMX because of flair.

Casey currently rides for Kink, Premium, Vans Shoes and Burn Slow (Chase Hawk‘s clothing brand).

Note: Casey rides the Kink Tactic frame. He also rides the Kink Track stem and Kink Vogue forks.

Do not forget to follow Casey on Instagram, where magical stuff happens.

Featured photo by: Will Chappell.

Best Casey Starling BMX Videos

1. DIG Setups

While I usually won’t add bike checks to riders’ videographies, there are exceptions – just like this one.

Why? Because there’s a bunch of really solid street riding from Casey in here before the bike check begins.

That curved wallride to 180 was MAD. And I’m also really impressed with how easily Casey pulls a nose bar on super-high objects. Crazy!

The bike check begins at 1:15 when Casey runs you through his entire Kink setup that looks really dope. Black and chrome, baby!

2. Burn Slow – Cruel World

You want to watch everything new Casey puts out because you already know it’s going to be bananas. And this one is no different.

Casey’s style and original approach to street riding keep making you go WOW, from the first to the last clip. And if you’re particularly into whips, this one has a few really insane ones you don’t want to miss in your life.

But the last double peg to toothpick hangover is definitely my favorite!

3. Welcome to Kink pro

Casey is on an absolute tear lately and he oh so deserves the bump to Kink pro.

This dude is on a different riding level, pulling tricks I’d never even think of.

What’s also cool is that Casey is no stranger to doing tricks both ways.

But the 360 tailwhip drop and the last flair to backlash are two of the most insane clips (plus the ice on the kinked ledge!).

However, there’s still so much more other stuff you absolutely don’t want to miss in your life.

4. Casey Starling does Rochester

Yup, Casey also knows how to destroy skateparks. Still, there’s a lot more street riding in here, which I like!

And even though this one is from 2016, it’ll be an epic watch forever.

5. Welcome to Premium

Apparently, street flairs to fakie are easy for Casey. Yup, he must be from another planet!

The year 2022’s a big one for Casey. Even though he dropped from Merritt pro, he quickly got the opportunity with Premium.

Here’s the official video to get the word out and it’s fire.

What I really like about Casey Starling is that he can go extremely tech on flat ledges but is not afraid of doing big and fast stuff.

I’m always excited for new Casey content and you should be too!

6. Welcome to Merritt pro

2018 was when Merritt officially announced Casey joining the pro team. The welcome to the team video they dropped is just mental.

Such a variety of riding clips, even though all are on the streets, will keep you questioning where Casey came from.

Madness on madness on madness, that’s what’s up!

The pegs on the rail to gap to pegs is my FAV. Also, the icepick grind to hop onto the rail to drop ice to 180 is one to check thrice.

7. Casey shreds his new bike

Casey puts on some fresh clothes and builds a new Kink Williams setup before heading for a sesh.

And that’s no joke of a sesh!

By the way, this dude can do flair fakies even in the middle of the night.

All this was filmed in just one day around the streets of Austin, Texas. Yup, that’s how good Casey is!

8. Behind the flair to backlash (!)

Serious works for an even more SERIOUS trick! So many attempts and so many crashes but Casey eventually pulled it!

You’ll see that he even went through three bike setups.

But it was the Kink Royale (still a prototype) frame that helped Casey get around and perfectly pulled the trick.

This one goes into history books and will be remembered forever.

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