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8 Best BSD BMX Frames (Tested 2024)

bsd bmx frames

Are you searching for the ultimate BSD BMX frames?

I reviewed the best, so you make the right choice and build an excellent bike that will last you a long time.

We all want that, right? (I know I do!)

A RELIABLE frame that you can put through some serious shredding without worries.

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That’s when BSD comes into play.

You can use their frames for street, skatepark and trail riding easily.

In fact, you may even use the ALVX frame for flatland. (Hey, why not!)

This post covers:

BSD is a bike company that is around for a very long time. It all began in 1998 in Scotland, founded by Grant Smith.

Fun fact: They came on the market with a 44t, 10mm sprocket.

But right now, you can build a 100% all-BSD bike.

I currently ride David’s Raider frame, picked a longer TT and love it!

Best BSD BMX Frames

Note: Frames are listed in no particular order. (The 1st one is not necessarily better than the 8th one – all are SOLID!)


bsd alvx frame
Alex Donnachie’s ALVX frame has been a staple of the BSD frame lineup for years.

The latest iteration features an updated chainstay that integrates an investment cast yoke.

It allows for larger tire clearance even at the short as possible 12.5” slammed length and stiffens up the rear end of the bike.

This frame also has investment cast dropouts with built-in chain tensioners and external gussets on top and down tubes.

The ALVX frame is a BRAKELESS frame and is available in 4 different top tube lengths.

ALVX specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.3” – 20.6” – 20.8” – 21”
  • Head Tube – 75.5° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.5”-13”
  • Standover – 8.7”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $399.99 (may vary)

2. Freedom

bsd freedom frame
The Freedom Frame from BSD is Kriss Kyles’s signature frame. This frame is made to be well-rounded. Perfect for all types of riding just like Kriss does.

This one has a very low bottom bracket height at just 11.5” as well as a steeper head tube angle at 75 degrees and a shorter rear end.

All of these combine to give this frame a VERSATILE geometry.

The Freedom frame utilizes an investment cast wishbone which helps allow for better tire clearance as well as stiffness in the rear triangle of the frame.

In addition to its versatility in geometry, this one comes in 5 different top tube lengths ranging from 20.2” to 21.5”.

Freedom specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.2” – 20.5” – 20.8” – 21.1” – 21.5”
  • Head Tube – 75° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 69.5°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.2”-13.625”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $399 (may vary)

3. Grime

bsd grime frame
The Grime Frame from BSD is Denim Cox’s signature frame which has some awesome decals that fit the name well.

Denim is a brakeless rider whose frame reflects WITH NO brake mounts or place for them in sight.

This frame also features external gussets on both the top tube/down tube and investment cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners.

Speaking of investment cast, there is an investment cast seat post clamp and yoke on the chainstay which allows for clearance of B tires while also stiffening the rear end of the frame.

Grime specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.6” – 20.8” – 21” – 21.2”
  • Head Tube – 75.5° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.8”-13.2”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $399 (may vary)

4. Safari

bsd safari frame
Reed Stark’s signature Safari frame from BSD saw a few upgrades over the previous version. The frame utilizes BSD’s new Superscoop chainstay tubing.

This tubing allows for additional tire clearance even when the wheel is slammed all the way forward. Reed is a tall guy so he needs a frame that fits him.

The Safari frame comes in 20.6”, 21”, 21.4”, and 21.8” to accommodate that for him as well as other taller riders around the world.

There aren’t a ton of other options in BMX for frames as large as 21.8.” If you need a longer frame that also has normal, modern geometry, BSD’s Safari frame could be the one for you!

Safari specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.6” – 21” – 21.4” – 21.8”
  • Head Tube – 75° / 123mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13”-13.5”
  • Standover – 9.5”
  • BB Height – 11.75”
  • Weight – 5.3 lbs
  • Price: $379.99 (may vary)

5. Raider

bsd raider frame
With a top tube length option at 21.9”, BSD’s Raider frame is not only their longest top tube frame option but is also the signature frame of team rider David Grant.

This frame has a longer rear end at 13.5”-14” with a higher bottom bracket height at 11.75”.

It is built more for the streets than other long frames that have lower bottom brackets which are made for STABILITY in the trails or transitions.

With all of these geometric features, the Raider frame keeps the taller street rider in mind which is something that is few and far between within BMX.

Raider specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.7” – 21” – 21.3” – 21.6” – 21.9”
  • Head Tube – 75.2° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.5”-14”
  • Standover – 9.5”
  • BB Height – 11.75”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $379.99 (may vary)

6. Soulja

bsd soulja frame
Here is Dan Paley’s signature Soulja Frame from BSD.

This frame features BSD’s new Superscoop chainstay which gives some extra clearance for tires with a slammed rear wheel.

The frame has an integrated seat post clamp, built-in chain tensioners, and is a brakeless frame with no mounts or cable guides.

It is made entirely from heat-treated 4130 chromoly and has AGGRESSIVE modern street geometry for Dan Paley’s technical but burly riding.

If you’re looking for a frame that is a little off from the normal rounded off numbers we are used to seeing, this one could be for you with top tube lengths at 20.6”, 20.9”, 21.2”.

Soulja specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.6” – 20.9” – 21.2”
  • Head Tube – 75.2° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.8”-13.2”
  • Standover – 8.8”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $379.99 (may vary)

7. Sureshot

bsd sureshot frame
The Sureshot frame from BSD is their offering for ramp, park, and trails.

The frame has a mellower head tube angle and a medium length chainstay which both add to the stability of the frame for things like trails and transition riding.

Another element of stability associated with these types of riding is the bottom bracket height.

The Sureshot has a lower bottom bracket height which LOWERS the rider’s center of gravity; making a more stable feeling frame.

Bringing all of these together in one makes for a frame that is well rounded for just about anything you might want to do with it short of the extremely technical modern street riding.

Sureshot specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.7” – 21” – 21.3” – 21.7”
  • Head Tube – 74.75° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.4”-13.9”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $379.99 (may vary)

8. Jonesin’

bsd jonesin frame
Yes, BSD’s Jonesin’ is the very signature frame of tech wizard, Sam Jones. If you’re looking for a smaller frames that’s super responsive, well, this is the one.

It has a very steep front-end at 76-degrees for all the crazy nose stuff that Sam does. And you can, too!

And I guarantee your spins will be a lot simpler with the short chainstay. Plus, it’ll be a lot easier getting into a manual, too!

Jonesin specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.4” – 20.6” – 20.8” – 21”
  • Head Tube – 76° / 117mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.7”-13.2”
  • Standover – 8.9”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5lbs
  • Price: $399 (may vary)

How To Choose A BMX Frame

The most crucial thing you need to look at is the top tube length (TT) measurement. Check out my in-depth guide on picking the right BMX frame size, where you can find a convenient chart.

Next up is BMX frame geometry.

You basically need yourself to ask the following: Do I need a stable or a responsive frame?

And it all goes from there.

A stable frame will have a mellower head tube angle, lower bottom bracket height and longer chainstay length.

On the other hand, a more response frame will have a steeper head tube angle, usually higher bottom bracket height (for grind clearance) and shorter chainstay length.

Also, riders who prefer a stable frame also generally pick a longer TT compared to technical wizards.

FAQs About BSD Frames

Are BSD bikes good?

With many years in existence and a lot of high-quality and innovative products, I can guarantee you that BSD is a great and solid brand.

Who owns BSD BMX?

Grant Smith owns BSD, founded in 1998. He’s a trained mechanical design engineer, fitting the BMX industry perfectly.

Where is BSD BMX located?

BSD is located in Glasgow, Scotland. But you can get their products worldwide through respected dealers or their online store.


Note: This article was originally published on August 22, 2021. But I regularly review it and update it with necessary improvements for accuracy.

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