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Ty Morrow Profile (2024)

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Check out the ultimate Ty Morrow profile and watch his epic BMX videos.

Ty is a street rider who knows how to go EXCEPTIONALLY big.

At one point, I was watching his videos repeatedly – yup, I was obsessed.

Even though some of the stuff he does are basic tricks, the setups that he does them on are super scary.

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And that’s what Ty specializes in – to make everyone’s eyes go as big as saucers.

And he can hop exceptionally high (like Broc Raiford), too!

Do you remember Vans’s “Ty will bunnyhop your neck” video with Scotty Cranmer? You can see it again below.

I still remember watching Morrow’s welcome to Federal BMX team video 100+ times easily. Even if that thing is from back in 2009, even to this day, it is still outstanding.

Moreover, Ty is no stranger to winning awards, having won a NORA Cup and gone silver at the X Games.

From high hops and amazing street lines to 180s over insane gaps and fences and wallrides, that’s something that Ty does best.

Smooth as butter.

This post covers:

Ty Morrow Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: May 7, 1990
Place of birth: West Palm Beach, Florida
Height: 6′
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @tymoe

2. Sponsors

Fiend BMX, Eclat and The Trip.

3. Bike Check

Don’t forget to take a peek at the latest Ty Morrow bike check.

4. Parts Ty Rides

Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

5. Best Ty Morrow BMX Videos

Éclat – TY

Do you know what this title and Ty have in common? They are straightforward. BUT.

We all know that Ty’s tricks may be more on the basic side – but the setups are not!

Everything Morrow does is extreme. However, he makes it all look so effortless. This Éclat web video proves why Ty deserves the top spot in the BMX community.

He does things his way that is nearly impossible to match. I will not even go into detail about what I like most – because – I like it all. Period.

Éclat – TY (B-Sides)

I didn’t want to include this originally, but it’s TOO GOOD to skip it. Yes, these are all the b-roll shots from his insanely dope video for Éclat.

Ty delivers every single time. And some of the stuff he does here – I would never touch. Not even think about it!

The last 180 to crooked grind to 180 – WTF?! But there are many more insane moves like that in here, too.

I always enjoy watching B-roll videos. They give a completely different perspective on the rider and all the effort and time that go into it.


Ty for Éclat (2018)

Ty started riding for Éclat in July 2017, and ever since, he began collecting clips for the killer of a video that this is.

Ty always comes out with a banger clip, and this one is no different. From unique tricks to tons of creative moves to just plain insanity, that’s what you get here.

First, the 180 to smith to full cab down that ledge was smooth. And second, indeed, the hop over the rail to wallride down 17 stairs is just nuts – the ender clip.

Fiend BMX “Dark Days”

I know this may not be an exclusive Ty video, but he has some really insane riding clips in Fiend’s “Dark Days” web video.

In true Fiend fashion, this is a street-only clip full of bangers.

Some of the tricks you will see from Ty are fakie wallride/walltap, a big feeble grid to hard 360 and a double peg grid to wallride on a massive setup.

In the video, you will also see tons of clips from Garrett Reynolds, Colin Varanyak and others.

Let some of the best in the game amaze you with their outstanding bike riding.

The video that won Ty NORA Cup award

Whether you have watched it once or twice or lost count of how many times, it deserves another go. This is Ty Morrow’s Fiend “No Bicycles” part full of greatness.

Awesome filmography, night shots, day shots, regular, opposite, cops, you name it; you will see it all in here. The song choice is great, too!

I am still amazed by everyone doing double pegs to hard 360s on ledges. I get it on the rails, but ledges, well, it is an entirely different story.

Worth mentioning: Ty’s feeble 540s are clean as hell. Enjoy yourself in this treat of a street BMX video one more time.

Ty’s welcome to Federal Bikes (2009) feat. Dan Lacey

Oldie but goldie. Okay, this is probably one of the edits of Morrow that I probably watched too many times.

Even if I might haven’t seen it in years, I know every move he makes. Yes, I was (and still am) a big fan of Ty Morrow’s riding and overall style.

Plenty of superb guest clips from Dan Lacey himself in here, too.

Federal flew Ty to visit spots around Hastings, London, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Sheffield with the squad.

You will also see Ty shredding an indoor park, which may not be very common for his web video.

Ty Morrow for his signature Éclat tire & bar

If you consider buying Ty’s signature Éclat tires (these stick to walls!) and 10 inch BMX bar, you better hear about them from the man himself.

In this clip from Our BMX, Ty talks about the design process and all the other whatnots that went into creating his signature products.

And when you know that that rubber and bar go through some serious abuse, you know that are safe for everyone.

The video also includes many great street riding clips you will enjoy watching.

Ty talks about the rider he looked up to

Living in South Florida, Ty Morrow always looked up to Stephen Lilly. It is a rider many of the younger shredders may not have heard of, so you definitely need to watch some of his stuff.

His somewhat simplistic, timeless and innovative riding was what Ty was the most inspired by.

Also, the way he smoothly transitioned from street to park and back to street riding is something Ty has always enjoyed.

Not many probably know, but Ty also enjoys riding skateparks a whole bunch.

How Ty approaches big 360s

Here is a quick glimpse at the massive 360 that Ty pulled somewhere in San Antonio at this ridiculous ditch setup.

There’s no secret that Morrow likes to go big, and here is a cool behind-the-scenes look at how he approaches big gaps and 360s.

When things are rough and sketchy, he will put markers on the ground to know exactly where to take off.

Bear in mind, it was also pretty windy that day, so there were all sorts of factors trying to stop Ty – but, as we all know, Ty is unstoppable.

Note: Don’t miss my how to 360 on a BMX guide.

Ty Morrow Deadline DVD part

Definitely another video that was regularly on my watch list before I went out riding. And this one is 8 minutes long! It allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the madness.

But you will not be able to relax, as it will keep you hyped from the first to the last second.

Sure, some fun intro moments only spice things up, warming you up for the action.

I will not even go into detail, as this Deadline DVD part has too much good stuff. If you haven’t seen it, you are doing a crime. Enjoy.

Ty Morrow’s “Shimmer” behind the scenes

Here is a fourteen minutes long video of Ty collecting clips. If you ever wondered how long it takes to shoot some stuff, you will get a glimpse here.

Tons of amazing behind-the-scenes clips from his Vans “Shimmer” section – both are a must-watch.

Not everything goes as planned, something a flat tire after a flat tire, but nothing can stop Ty, not even a serious injury.

By the way, I always enjoy watching BMX videos without sound, especially a BTS clip.

Vans “Illustrated” part

The recognizable style, the long hair, the crazy tech moves and the big stuff are all neatly packed in Ty’s Vans “Illustrated” part.

Even though I always like to see just about every clip from Ty, I am always excited to see the ender clip.

And he sure went all in for Vans. That massive 360 over the rail to flat is nuts.

However, many other clips come very close in his full “Illustrated” part, too. You will immediately understand what I am talking about.

Dropping the pin with Ty and Calvin Kosovich

A short clip from Ride BMX for their “Drop the Pin” feature they were doing with riders.

This time, they invited Ty Morrow and Calvin Kosovich to warm up in the South Bay area of LA before dropping the pin.

Well, the place they ended up was a police station. Not very convenient. Still, the two of them managed to get a few nice shots in for this sweet final product.

Calvin even does a double peg down a rail near the police station.

Neck high double peg

You remember me telling you about the insane bunny hop that Ty Morrow has a little earlier. Here is a pretty old proof of Ty hopping on a ledge that is about chin high.

Everyone is impressed. And Ty does not do it once; he even pulls a 180 out of it.

It looks so effortless. How is this even possible? I know many dudes out there have massive hops, but this is still impressive and will be forever.

Note: If you’re a beginner, you might first enjoy this how to bunny hop on a BMX.

Ty Morrow’s opening The Trip DVD part

Doing 360s one way and the other, but all over massive gaps, that’s just a small segment of this crazy part. Not to mention how beautiful all Ty’s rotations are.

I thank YouTube and all the amazing BMX brands for putting clips online.

Back then, it was hard to find any videos, especially where I grew up.

Now, you just go to the YouTube app and have it all at your fingertips. Old and new parts, it does not matter, I enjoy watching all of them.

Ty Morrow in “Fiending” (2014)

First and foremost, I must mention that I really like it that they removed the song from the video. Unfortunately, there were some licensing issues.

But it’s not that the song is good or bad; I don’t even bother about that, as I tell you, the sound of the streets and bike riding is the music for my ears. To each their own.

This is 2014, baby, and the riding is so good like it would all be shot this year. That’s the timeless shredding of Ty – it never gets old.

Dan Lacey and Ty in Barcelona

Ah, I still remember our week-long trip to Barcelona. That was just around the time that this split part was released.

Dan and Ty headed over to BCN for four days to shred and enjoy the city’s good vibes.

They ended up with a three-minute-long clip for Federal Bikes that everyone should see.

When in Barcelona, we watched this one multiple times to try and figure out where the spots are. Yes, it helped us, still, we were not that lucky to find all of them.

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