9 Best Ryan “BIZ” Jordan Videos (2024)

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We all enjoy a little bit of Ryan “BIZ” Jordan BMX videos in our lives due to his versatility and style. This dude can do it all.

Ryan’s been around for a VERY long time.

He was born on January 16, 1981, and started riding at around twelve (but was on the bike a lot sooner!).

BIZ shot amazing video parts and web videos during his prosperous BMX career, won contests, visited places worldwide, and did all the other fun stuff.

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And do you know what’s best?

Even though he’s a living legend, there’s no sign of stopping for Ryan.


He continues to KILL it for brands like Demolition, S&M, Etnies and Pusher Mailorder.

Check some more of my best-of round-ups from the “older” dudes:

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Featured photo by: Matt Cordova. (Don’t miss Matt’s best videos.)

Best Ryan BIZ Jordan BMX Videos

1. Welcome to S&M

Ryan Jordan’s been a pro and had so many video parts throughout the years that seeing him welcomed to S&M in 2020 is like a cherry on top of his still-progressing BMX career!

S&M welcomed BIZ toward the end of 2020 with this video that starts with the man himself, Chris Moeller, opening up a literal sponsor me tape from Ryan “Buz” Jordan that transitions into the video, starting with a roof drop clip.

BIZ kills it in this one and there’s even some old footage from the years pieced in as b-roll throughout.

This is undoubtedly an awesome welcome video from the Chris Moeller Skits to the riding!

2. Ride BMX “Headlights” part

How many professional BMX riders have a career longer than two decades and still counting?!

Not very many, but BIZ is one of them, and here is his Ride BMX Headlights part from 2018.

Ryan’s put in work for this one and shows how much of a street machine he still is!

You can find everything from technical lines to big drops and creative spot usage in a thoroughly enjoyable section from one of BMX’s finest.

BIZ also does an S curve handrail so perfectly that it is a must-watch for anyone!

3. RideBMX Pro Part

Here is Ryan BIZ Jordan’s RideBMX Pro Part from 2015. After a comical intro, the video lets loose, and BIZ absolutely MURDERS it.

There’s a nice variety of riding, between bigger burly riding, technical stunts, and just cool setups like the full pipe clip.

The huge uprail to long manual to down rail was particularly pleasing to watch.

In combination with the other creative spot usage, this one is definitely a noteworthy chapter in the Ryan BIZ Jordan video part saga!

4. Demolition – Sea Level video

This quick Ryan “BIZ” Jordan video for Demolition came out in later 2017.

It has a beach rock song that moves the pace along nicely and almost makes it feel like a continuous adventure by the beach moving from spot to spot.

The makeshift dirt lip lookback clip and the sub rail abubaca to barspin were two standouts in a video that any BIZ fan can enjoy watching whether you’ve seen it once or five times.

Hit play and enjoy!

5. Demolition – RotatoR wheel promo

In 2016 Ryan BIZ Jordan had a signature wheel from Demolition called the RotatoR wheel.

This is the promo and according to the description, there is a “slew of new tricks we haven’t seen from BIZ” in here.

Is it?

BIZ is still progressing and learning even after the career he’s had!

As for the video itself, it’s hard to tell exactly which tricks were the new ones, but every clip is solid throughout the entire video and BIZ killed it as always.

6. Verde 2013 video

Before Ryan “BIZ” Jordan was added to the S&M team in 2020, he rode for Verde for many years.

With that came many videos, including this short and sweet one from 2013.

It starts with a few unique technical setups that show how skilled BIZ is followed by an awesome superman out of a drainage ditch type spot.

It’s cool to see how he uses a lot of the spots in this one in his own way.

The bridge a-frame to ice pick grind was particularly cool and the last clip is definitely a banger!

7. Demolition – RotatoR freecoaster promo

For a couple of years, Ryan Jordan would put out an annual Demolition RotatoR promo for his signature wheel.

This one is from 2015 and features a few awesome freecoaster clips.

The 180 bar down the gap to half cab over the rail was wild.

And there is a multi kinked handrail in here that is so satisfying to see perfectly executed the way BIZ did.

Ryan is always full of surprises.

8. Verde 2014 video

Here is Ryan BIZ Jordan’s 2014 Verde video that lives on the OSS YouTube channel.

It starts with a super awesome ledge roller manual line that is one of those tricks that just looks like it felt awesome to land.

One thing that is great about BIZ riding is that he is so versatile but still has his own style at the same time.

That means that you kind of have an idea of the types of things he might do, but never actually know what’s coming next.

For example, a curved uprail to no-footed can, or a gap over a block to up ledge ride to truck driver off. Hell yeah, BIZ!

9. In The Volvo with Ryan “BIZ” Jordan

The “In The Volvo” series with Jeff Z is an awesome podcast-type series where Jeff drives riders around in his Volvo and asks questions to facilitate a conversation on the way to a riding destination.

In this episode, Jeff interviews Ryan on their way to meet up with Mike Mastroni to film clips for the RideBMX Headlights full-length video.

They talk about a ton of different topics like finding spots and specific spots BIZ had ridden at recently.

BIZ is an interesting dude who always has something entertaining to say, so this one is worth the 26 minutes of play time for sure!

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