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Sebastian Keep Profile (2024)

sebastian keep

Treat yourself right with my pick of the best Sebastian Keep BMX videos and enjoy the style and a lot of air time.

Bas has been in the game for a long time as a pro BMX rider and a company owner.

Sebastian was born in Hastings, UK, on February 8, 1983. He began riding bikes at the age of eleven and was already pulling backflips just a few months later.


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He rode for many companies during his rich career but eventually started his own bike company, Tall Order.

But he’s still actively doing it for Red Bull, too.

And the best part? There’s no sign of stopping for Bas Keep.

This post covers:

Sebastian Keep Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: February 8, 1983
Place of birth: Hastings, UK
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @sebastiankeep

2. Sponsors

Tall Order and Red Bull.

3. Bike Check

sebastian keep bmx bike check

Featured photo by: Bas’s IG.

4. Best Sebastian Keep Videos

Red Bull – More Walls

Like the first version, this one is equally insane, wild and creative. Yup, Sebastian Keep just knows a thing or two about walls.

You don’t always need tricks to make things look good. Just hunger for wallrides, a giant ramp and buildings – that’s it.

Bas murders it in this one with a ton of insanely surprising moves. But the last gap to wallride is definitely on another level.

I don’t know how you get to the point of thinking of doing something like that.


Sebastian says it best: “I want to put my wheels places no one has ever been.”

Conquering The Scariest Wall Rides (BTS)

And for me, this one is even better than the final product. If you know anything about me, I really like raw footage and behind-the-scenes.

And if it’s from an original project like this one, I like this kind of content ten times more.

Even though I have already watched it (probably) too many times, I still don’t get most of the gap-to-walls.

And hearing the mind behind the project, Bas, talk about it is so cool.

Red Bull – Walls

This is the original.

Yup, Sebastian Keep’s Walls project for Red Bull broke the internet with millions of views.

He. So. Deserves. It.

Bas definitely put tire marks on places where people will continue questioning how they got there.


Red Bull Profile

You’ll learn a lot about Sebastian in just ten minutes. This short Red Bull documentary is a must to get to know Bas even more.

I didn’t really know that he was already doing backflips at eleven. Which was – actually – only a few months after he started riding.


Sebastian developed himself into an all-around rider, murdering trails, bowls, parks, vert and streets.

And riding everything with a smooth style that stands out to this day.

Props Issue 41 – Sebastian Keep Bio

Props did their famous bio with Sebastian when he was eighteen years old.

You get a ton of old-school riding clips in between the short interview that takes me back to my beginning years of riding bikes.

And when he got asked what his five-year plans are his answer is plain and simple: “To continue to have fun riding bikes.”


Man-Made BMX Super Ramp

Here’s another unreal project from Sebastian Keep, building this absolutely massive dirt ramp that was the size of two double-decker buses.

AKA, the biggest dirt quarter pipe ever built.

Ben Hennon and Ruben Alcantara join him to have some fun after the successful build, and everything looks phenomenal.

Fun fact: It took them approximately four months to build this thing!

5. FAQs About Sebastian Keep

What is Sebastian Keep known for in the BMX world?

Sebastian “Bas” Keep is renowned for his creative and daring approach to BMX street riding. He’s recognized for executing high-risk maneuvers in urban environments, such as wallrides on extremely high walls and innovative use of urban architecture in his stunts.

Has Sebastian Keep competed in any major BMX competitions?

Yes, Sebastian Keep has competed in numerous BMX competitions, including the Red Bull-sponsored events and other international contests. He’s known for both his competitive achievements and his contributions to BMX through his video projects and unique approach to riding.

What kind of influence has Sebastian Keep had on the BMX community?

Sebastian Keep has had a significant influence on the BMX community, particularly in the realm of street riding. His innovative and fearless approach to using urban landscapes for BMX stunts has inspired a generation of riders to explore new possibilities in street riding. But he’s also touching other styles through his BMX company, Tall Order.

Does Sebastian Keep have any signature BMX moves or styles?

Sebastian Keep is particularly famous for his high-altitude wallrides and his ability to integrate challenging urban structures into his tricks. His style is characterized by a blend of technical skill, creativity, and a willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible in street BMX riding.

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