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Tom Dugan Profile (2024)

tom dugan

Are you searching for Tom Dugan profile and collection of his best BMX videos?

Tommy is NO JOKE on a bike, so enjoy the craziness.

I went out there and picked some of his most popular web edits and parts, so you don’t have to.

Tom always delivers goodies on GOODIES.

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For the Rockstar himself, Tom, it all began when he was ten, through a family meeting.

Even though he may slightly settle these days (NOT REALLY), I still remember all his wild and wicked acts that he did back in the days.

Even riding fully naked and simply being who he really is – not really carrying about anything else.

Always be yourself and follow your dream, goals and vision.

Needless to say, Tommy Dugan had a prosperous BMX career, and there’s no sign of stopping for him.

He is still releasing amazing video parts and signature products with the companies that support him.

This post covers:

Tom Dugan Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: November 5, 1988
Place of birth: Wichita, Kansas
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @tommydugan

2. Sponsors

Fit, Odyssey and Empire BMX.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the Tom Dugan bike check collection I published for you.

4. Parts Tom Rides

Featured photo by: Devon Hutchins.

5. Best Tom Dugan BMX Videos

Fi-It All part

Welcome to Tom Dugan’s F-It All part – in case you haven’t seen it yet (which I highly doubt it).

What an epic video part. This one will be hot forever!

Tom approaches street riding like no one else. A TON of gaps and drops that I keep questioning myself about how his body handles the impact.

Well, it does, and that’s important! Tom shreds everything smoothly, and the last 360 out of a street quarter is just mad.

But there are so many other mad things in this one that I highly recommend you press play immediately (and watch it 3x).


Dugan is a Madman!

This is so good you’ll want to watch it at least twice, even though it’s nearly twenty minutes long.

It’s a collection of unseen angles, crashes and everything else in between from Tom’s hard work he put into filming for his Etnies “Chapters” part.

So much insanity went into making this one happen.

It was ridiculous then and it’s ridiculous now.

I’m still impressed by all the MAD street clips that Dugan pulled – especially the gaps. How can his body even handle that impact?

Tom. Dugan. That’s all you need to know!

Odyssey – The Hell Are You DUGAN?!

An unexpected treat comes straight from Odyssey’s Dugan. He enjoyed a week in California, cruising around and shooting clips.

This is the outcome.

Tom is one of those dudes who can ride anything. Not just that, but he also likes to go big and do some terrifying stuff.

This all-street web video has some wild drops and a very park-ish or trail-ish 360 lookback out of a loading dock. BOMB.

Guest clips from Justin Spriet and Broc Raiford.

Tom Dugan At House Park

Tom killed it again by blasting high airs and pulling some wild transitions and spins at the House Park in Austin, Texas.

Even though his entry to the USL Super Cup competition is not the longest, it’s always dope watching Tom shred whatever you put in front of him.

Someone in the comments said it best: “Tom needs a minute to show why he’s a fucking legend.”

The ender is a terrifying one, but Dugan pulled it so clean. And that’s how you leave a skatepark – WITH STYLE.

Behind The Scenes – Etnies Chapters

If you are a BMX rider, you probably saw the latest video project from Etnies called Chapters. Tom is a long-time member of Etnies PRO team, and his part in the video is sick.

This video shows behind the scenes for just one clip in El Paso, Texas.

So, the story behind this clip is insane. In true Tom Dugan style, he did some crazy stuff on the way down, and he got a blackout, and he lost all of his teeth.

This dude is a legend.

I think he is the kind of person who proves everything is possible. If you haven’t seen Etnies Chapters, go out and get it.

Watch Tommy Dugan’s part; you will not be disappointed.

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Human Cannonball by Fit Bike Co

We all know that Tom is the dude who loves to ride everything. Street, dirt, park, you name it.

The most interesting thing for me is that he goes so big and high, and I don’t understand how he does it.

He gets hurt sometimes, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his thing. People used to call him Dang Dang, but I will not go into this story.

This dude is a real human cannonball. He does a lot of big 360 drops to flat and they look like nothing happened to his body.

What I like about Tom is that he stays true to his riding style.

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Still in The Streets by Fit

Tom is such a character. The dude knows how to have fun. No matter what kind of video he puts out, everyone will watch it because you will see something mad.

I mean, you will definitely hear or see some crazy stories from his life or his riding or both.

You know he rides a simple setup, no brakes, no pegs, and – for some of you – he still rides metal pedals. For his style of riding, this is a must.

This whole video is filmed on the streets, and you will see some big roof drops and gaps. The last one is really insane.

Reel BMX 2018 by X Games

Like many other riders, Tom was also invited to film his Reel BMX Street video edit for X Games 2018.

He and Darryl Tocco, behind the camera, are one of the best rider-filmer teams out there.

They have found some unique spots that suited Tom’s riding style and man, this is one wild minute-long video edit.

Tom does a crazy drop from some big entrance into the middle of this clip – onto a roof and off the roof. Dude, the last couple of clips are mind-blowing.

Tom puts his wrists to the test and the last roof drop is enormous and scary.

Dugan X F-IT

Fit took Tom under their wing in 2012, putting him on PRO Team. This was a smart move from Fit.

We all know how many good riders are on Fit and Tom is an excellent addition to the team.

The dude destroys everything in front of him. No matter if this is a street spot or some crazy skatepark.

There is also a guest clip from the BMX legend, Brian Foster, and Tom calls him a hotshot.

Tom has earned his spot on the team.

Tom Dugan Holy Fit part

The begging of this video part is hilarious. This is the Tom way. The video starts at a fast paste. Crazy music is linked to crazy riding.

Some of the stuff he does in this video could go wrong for Tom, but he does them like nothing.

The whole project was filmed around the world and you can see how well Tom used some of the spots to his advantage.

How can you drop from such a height and ride away like nothing? We need to ask Tom about his secret.

Day in The Life of Tom Dugan

Etnies is one of Tom’s long-time sponsors. So we are going to watch a day in Tommy’s life. You know this is going to be a pleasure to watch.

The whole thing starts so funny, and you can see that Tom is enjoying his life as much as he can.

We need more of Tom Dugans. Tom is known for a less is more kind of riding and everything he does on his BMX bike looks nice.

One of the highlights of this clip is also the T-1 Ramp in Austin, Texas. Make some coffee or tea and check this video.

Drop The Pin with Dugan

This is the Drop The Pin episode featuring Tom Dugan and his Fit team riders. It’s an exciting concept because you can’t see where you will put the pin.

The place may have some spots or nothing. But for Tom, roofs are also a spot.

He picked some nice street spots, which he has used as a nice playground, but it soon ended when security was called.

They have searched the area and they found a fine ditch. In the clip are also Matt Nordstrom, Shawn Mac, and Jordan Hango.

10 Spot by Odyssey BMX

This time, Odyssey took out Tom Dugan to answer 10 questions from you guys. He talks about who is the best street rider and he kinda goes between Dennis Enarson and Garret Reynolds but in the end, he went with Garret.

No matter how you look at it, Tom is a very nice guy. Yes, he has done some crazy stuff, but he has a lot of respect for other riders.

He is just the dude who is living his life to the fullest. The dude has skills on his bike.

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