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DeMarcus Paul Profile (2024)

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Do you want to watch the best DeMarcus Paul BMX videos (& profile) because you enjoy yourself in buttery smooth riding.

Every single time I see something new drop from DeMarcus, I need to watch it immediately.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

For Deemo (Paul’s nickname), it all began when he first saw his cousin do BMX stuff when twelve years old. But he only truly got hooked when he first saw X Games on television.

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Right there and then, DeMarcus knew that this was what he wanted to do.

Several years later, he is at the top of the BMX game, riding for companies like Animal Bikes, Adidas, All Day BMX shop, ODI, etc.

DeMarcus’s teammates that you should not miss in your life are Albert Mercado (who he rides with daily), Brad Simms, Mike Hoder and Colin Varanyak.

This post covers:

DeMarcus Paul Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: San Diego, California
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @demarcuspaul

2. Sponsors

Animal Bikes, Adidas, All Day BMX shop and ODI.

3. Bike Check

Featured photo by: Everyday Renegades.

4. Best DeMarcus Paul BMX Videos


Stoked that we have some fresh material from DeMarcus. Although the video is more artistic, it still has some solid shredding.

Demo rides some iconic spots and some I haven’t seen before with the commute in between.

Keeping it chill, but it’s still so worth the watch (a few times!) because of DeMarcus’ amazing style and technical combos that I cannot get enough of.

DeMarcus: “Here is my perspective of New York, NY.”

Outside With DeMarcus Paul

Our BMX dropped another “Outside” episode, sponsored by ODI, this time with DeMarcus.

Instead of riding downtown San Diego, like he usually does, Demo decided to switch things up and hit some rad street spots in downtown La Mesa with his dudes.

It’s such nice documentation of following the guys around and watching them shred. Besides all the pulled tricks, you also get plenty of attempts and some crashes, which spice up the experience nicely.

That double peg grind to opposite toothpick to hop over by DeMarcus was dope.

Guest rider appearances by Nathan Williams, Albert Mercado, Mike Yup, Jarren Barboza, Ryan Fudger and Jordan.

Five Ten – Stay True

Even though it doesn’t say so, this is a kind of welcome to the Five Ten team from one of my favorites, DeMarcus Paul.

Honestly, I didn’t see this one coming, and neither did Demo. Great fit!

Hear it from DeMarcus, but what I dig even more are all the amazing riding clips that he stacked for this short videography.

Note: Did you notice that Demo is riding Lewis Mills‘ signature Fiend BMX frame? Does this mean something?!

How BMX Brought A Community Together

While this isn’t necessarily a riding video (but you still get some riding clips), it’s a GREAT watch. Adidas Terrex brings you a great look into the history of the one and only DeMarcus Paul.

The video mainly focuses on Demo’s beginnings, growing up in an area where everyone else was different – even later when it came to BMX.

However, he knew very early on that a professional bike rider was what he wanted to be and went all in. But it was around 2011 when DeMarcus had a car accident after a long shift when he decided to take BMX seriously.

Enjoy watching DeMarcus cruise, talk and bring nothing but epic style.

Tricks for grips with DeMarcus and ODI

In this video from Our BMX, the concept is pretty simple. Demarcus visits a local skatepark with a box full of grips to give away some “Tricks For Grips.”

There are a ton of shredders in this video doing everything from jumping tricks, to grind tricks, to brake tricks and more.

Demarcus himself even gets a few clips in with a quarterpipe footjam whip and a flat rail manual to barspin.

This one has a really fun vibe and you can’t go wrong with the positivity of spreading some love and some free grips to the locals.

Welcome to GT

In July of 2020, Demarcus Paul was officially welcomed to the GT pro team with a quick welcome video.

This one starts with the teaser from his Unclicked podcast after he had recently parted ways with Volume.

His welcome video brings a ton of high-speed tricks as well as very technical ones.

The rail gap to manual to long nose manual is so impressive and there are also rail smith grinds going both up and down a rail.

Demarcus is one of BMX’s hardest-working dudes and deserved this!

E-Fise HONOR 2020 street finals

The wild year that was 2020 brought an abrupt halt to live physical BMX contests, which was a massive bummer for the entire BMX community.

At the same time, however, this birthed several digital contests, including the E-Fise contest, which this video is from.

Paul’s entry in the contest opens with a wild rail ride followed by a super technical ledge combo. Being only a minute long, this video has a lot to offer.

Demarcus Paul shows how well-rounded he is in the streets with a variety of different types of tricks.

How to half cab

With the popularity of freecoaster hubs, fakies and all sorts of other fakie trick variations became very popular. And half cab is probably the first thing you will want to learn.

The master of balance, DeMarcus himself, sat down with Our BMX to chat about pulling your first half cab.

Along the way, you get a ton of great shots of him half cabbing on flat, over things, down things, you name it.

There’s also the ABSOLUTELY SCARY half cab down a roof and into a bank from his Volume part. That’s so insane!

E-Fise HONOR 2020 6th place qualifier

In the 2020 E-Fise digital BMX Street contest, Demarcus Paul earned himself a 6th place qualifying spot with his first video entry.

This video starts with a really fun concept cutting between different matching shots of Demarcus riding down the street and then immediately getting into the riding with a fast-paced song that went well with his tricks.

Off the bat, there is a great variety in what he does going from a big sub ice pick 270 and then a rail ice grind to barspin.

This one is definitely worth your time at just a minute long!

X Games Real BMX 2017

The X Games Real BMX contest is a video contest that brings hand-selected riders and filmers together for a set amount of time to film a minute thirty-second long video.

At the end of the contest, the videos are judged while the public votes on the fan-favorite. After all of this, there is a broadcast on live TV to reveal the winner.

In 2017, Demarcus Paul took place in this contest and came through with an amazing video part put together by his filmer Mike Mastroni.

Demarcus even came through with the Bronze medal with his part!

Volume “Headlights” part

Here we have Demarcus Paul’s part from Volume’s video, “Headlights.” The riding, the music, the filming, everything in this part is eye-candy.

You know DeMarcus has a ton of style, but when he links it with some insane riding combos, things go over and beyond.

Griding rails, manual lines, gaps, it does not matter; Paul does it all with buttery smoothness.

He is also no stranger to doing rail rides and feeble grinds on long handrails, which is wizardry stuff to me.

The double peg grind to feeble grind on the curvy ledge to hard 180 was especially solid. Of course, then there’s the ender that’s just insane.

Volume “The Finger Things” part

Individual parts from Volume’s “The Finger Things” full-length DVD started hitting the internet in 2015. Of course, they did not miss uploading Demarcus Paul’s section.

Right off the rip the video starts with a massive 360 gap followed directly by a massive barspin.

Demarcus absolutely kills it on everything he touches and this video is full of so many technical grind moves as well as big rail stunts.

One of the big stand out tricks in here is a tooth hanger to over bar spin on a rail. Wild!

Dig + All Day BMX Shop web video

Here we have a video with Demarcus Paul from Dig and All Day BMX Shop. The video was released in May of 2015, but Demarcus’ riding style holds up no matter when it is seen.

The video starts with some tech manual lines including one awesome line where he manuals beside a wedge to 90 fakie nose manual down.

There are also some high burly moves in here as well, plus a huge manual 180!

This one was filmed on three weekend trips to major cities in “the Mexican State of Baja California” and is worth the watch.

Drop The Pin with Demarcus Paul

The Drop The Pin series started on the late Ride BMX YouTube channel before Our BMX was started where it has since continued.

If you haven’t heard, Drop the pin is where a rider drops a random pin on their smartphone map. Then they go to that pin and ride things around it.

In this series installation, which was also the very first, Demarcus drops a pin in the San Diego area and goes to work on spots he had never ridden before.

For being the first attempt ever at this concept, the video is great and has a nice mix of behind-the-scenes type footage mixed with the riding.

Unclicked Podcast

If you would like to go into more depth with who DeMarcus is and all the other fun facts, you absolutely must watch his Unclicked podcast with Dennis Enarson and Ryan Fudger.

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