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Ed Zunda Profile (2024)

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I bet everyone enjoys treating himself to a dose of the best Ed Zunda BMX videos now and again.


This dude shreds, and it’s no secret why he is one of Latvia’s finest riders.

Originally, Ed was from Saldus, but he moved to Riga at 18.

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When he started riding BMX, it was all about trails.

There weren’t any skateparks in his local area, and the riders he looked up to were all into dirt jumps.

It makes sense.

However, Ed got heavily influenced by street riding over the years, which you will see him riding the most.

He also does not miss a good skatepark session, but trails, that’s kind of history now.

During his pro career, Ed has ridden for some of the biggest brands in the industry. From WeThePeople and Monster Energy to Carhartt, Vans Shoes and others.

Moreover, Ed is one of those guys who can go super technical and insanely big at the same time. The new-era of BMX street riding fits him exceptionally well.

This post covers:

Ed Zunda Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Saldus, Latvia
Height: 6′
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @edzunda

Featured photo by: Ed’s Instagram.

2. Best Ed Zunda BMX Videos

Ed’s WeThPeople “Endstate” part

Here we have Zunda’s Wethepeople Endstate video part.

The video starts with some opera music in the intro, then opens with Ed busting out a few different ice pick grind and barspin combos.

It’s very clear that Ed is extremely comfortable on one wheel of his bike whether it’s the front or the back, and hits a ton of familiar Cali spots in this one.

The song is pretty chill with this one and contrasted with the riding makes for an all-around enjoyable video.

3-Part Wethepeople “Foundation” video

In this video, we have Ed Zunda, Pete Sawyer, and Dillon Lloyd in their Wethepeople “Foundation” full-length split DVD part.

Ed opens this one, and it goes straight into his technical savagery.

The way he makes pegs to hard way spins look so easy on any setup he touches is incredible.

After that, we have Pete Sawyer, who takes his pegless style to plenty of great setups, including a few big wallrides down stairs.

Dillon Lloyd comes next and closes this one out in true Dillon fashion.

Dillon’s ability to move his bike in any way he wants makes for certainly difficult tricks to look simple.

The manual into a curved wallride 180 to half cab whip down a stairset was particularly awesome to see.

And then the last clip, which was a whip down a giant 4-block was just amazing.

Ed Zunda Monster Energy “Above Below”

Ed’s “Above Below” section from the full-length Monster Energy video hit their YouTube channel in June of 2015.

Right away in this video, we get into Ed’s style of riding with no shortage of hard 180s and 360s out of grinds on all different setups, both opposite and regular.

Sprinkle in some burly gaps and 360 drops, and you’ve got a solid video.

The uprail to hard 360 turndown at the end is also claimed to have been the first-ever and is definitely good enough to make any trail rider happy.

Ed and Fernando “Busted in Belfast”

“Busted in Belfast” from Monster Energy and Ride UK is a video featuring Ed Zunda and Fernando Laczko.

Ireland definitely does not appear to have disappointed either of these guys, where both were right at home in their riding styles.

Ed brought his usual grinds to hardway spins, and Fernando brought his technical abilities to this video, which is set to an instrumental song with a somewhat chill vibe.

The last clip of a wallride to 180 on a police vehicle was a wild one!

And the end of the video does make one wonder if the scene that came just after both of these guys were put into the back of the police vehicle was real.

WeThePeople 2015 web edit

LIT is a mixtape from Wethepeople that came out in 2015 and was 24 minutes of shredding from the Wethepeople team, with Ed’s part in the video being just under 2 minutes long.

The actual riding in this one is around a minute twenty seconds of Ed doing exactly what he does best with many clips featuring some sort of nose manual combo.

It is always welcome as well as impressive to watch Ed make these tricks look effortless.

The big turndown drop toward the end was also particularly enjoyable in this mix.

Ed’ street and park shredding in Germany

This video from Woozy BMX Videos is a webisode with Ed Zunda riding street and park in Germany. This is more of a raw video that isn’t as edited or produced with a song.

It also gives a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at how difficult some of the extremely technical things Ed does are.

It was also cool to see him shredding at a skatepark in a bunch of clips with one huge 270 tuck no-hander on a hip.

The behind-the-scenes nature of a raw video like this also gives some insight into Ed’s personality. Plus, the process he went through to build up to some of the technical and crazy tricks that he does.

The battle for the double peg on the rail to hard 180 at the end is a great example of pushing through and making it happen.

Ed Zunda’s WTP Awake frame promo

In December of 2015, Zunda’s Awake BMX street frame from Wethepeople was brand new and this is the promotional video they released.

If you’re looking for a video with hardway spins out of grinds, nose manuals, and regular manuals linking together outrageously technical grind combos, that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Ed makes it look extremely easy to balance on the front end and spin out of grinds. By the way, the graphics on his frame were equally as awesome.

Ed and Dillon Lloyd split part

Ed and Dillon Lloyd teamed up for Dig and Wethepeople in a series called “Territories.” This is episode 2 in the series, and right from the beginning, the video feels like a movie.

This edit takes place in China with Dillon and Ed shredding as we are used to.

Ed and Dillon’s styles have some overlap, but in a way that complements each other and makes this video with both of them enjoyable to watch.

Although Dillon’s rage sequence might have been a little excessive, it does give us an insight into how difficult and frustrating it can be to do these extremely technical lines.

Ed and Dillon both killed and that is a fact.

Ed’s winter days at an indoor park

Even tough it may be really cold in Latvia over the winter days, that does not stop Ed from having a good session at an indoor skatepark.

This is a short one but consists of tons of good riding clips in Ed’s signature style.

Even though this is from 2012 – “really old,” I know – it’s still so good.

With his excellent flow and a massive bag of tricks, Zunda always delivers a dope product that is a must-see, each and every single time.

This one is no exception, so hit the play button and never again say it’s too cold to ride.

Game of BIKE – Ed vs Ben Lewis

If you ever wanted to see Ed Zunda playing a game of bike against Ben Lewis in Capetown, South Africa, here you go.

Catfish was the ref in this one, which did help make it even more entertaining.

The guys had a bit of a rough go at first landing tricks, with Ed taking an early lead.

They got into a bit of a groove going back and forth and it eventually ended up BIK to BIK.

We won’t spoil who wins for you, but the last trick in here is definitely insane.

Carthartt web video (2011)

A super solid video for Carhartt with Ed or Eddie Zunda as titled in the video, shot by Dominik Wrobel.

Even back in 2011, Ed’s nose manual game was on point. He pulls quite a few different 360 tricks and even a couple of different flairs.

This one is definitely very well-rounded, making it pleasant to watch all the way through.

There’s even a tabletop air clip on a dirt quarterpipe, even though the whole video focuses on street and park riding.

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