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Kilian Roth Profile (2024)

kilian roth

Get ready for the best Kilian Roth profile and BMX videos and enjoy nothing but madness.

Once a friend of mine told me about Kilian (10+ years ago!), I became his fan immediately.

And this collection of his best BMX videos will do the trick if you’re still unfamiliar with Kili.

In 2012, Kilian was welcomed to Cult and in 2013 to Vans. He’s also doing it for Eclat, People’s Store, Traffic BMX, and Our House.

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Unfortunately, at 18, he tore ACL and meniscus and went under the knife.

As everyone expected, Kilian came back stronger and started killing it even more.

Enjoy the unstoppable, steeze king Kilian!

This post covers:

Kilian Roth Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: June 4th, 1997
Place of birth: Kisslegg, Germany
Height: 5’9″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @kilianroth

2. Sponsors

Cult, Eclat, Vans, People’s Store, Traffic BMX, and Our House.

3. Bike Check

Go and check the latest Kilian Roth bike check and see his Cult and Eclat street machine.

4. Parts Kilian Rides

Featured photo by: Kilian’s IG.

5. Best Kilian Roth BMX Videos

Welcome To Source BMX

Manual to 360 out on a rail – are you kidding me, bro?! And then there is the manual to 180 on a kinked rail both down and up. Plus, the rail ride to 360 drop.

Kilian is taking technical rail riding, particularly rubber-on-rail stuff to the absolute next level. No one is doing stuff like this!

As you may have heard, Kilian is the first German who is now part of the Source BMX pro team. Congrats!

And to make it official, here’s his welcome to the team/lock-in riding edit that might be short, but it’s packed with insane tricks.

Cult Shorty Keswick Green Frame Colorway Promo

It’s no secret that Kilian’s been a fan of Sean Ricany’s signature Shorty frame for a while. Robbie and the rest of the crew saw this and greeted him with his signature colorway, the Keswick Green. (Which isn’t a first-time thing.)

I’m not sure where the inspiration came here, but maybe from the Land Rover?

But what matters is the insane riding clips that this promo features.

Damn, Kilian, you REALLY do know how to surprise us with more mental riding clips, even though you already dropped so much good stuff.

One word: WOW!

BTW, the editing is really dope.

Vans “Check”

Kilian, my dude, this was one of the best things I’ve seen this year or in a couple of years.

You need to sit really tight before you press the play button because this one will blow you away.

Insane on insane on even MORE insane street stuff that will keep questioning you, “How?”

The master of rail rides, the master of technical combos and the MASTER of finding the wildest setups that I’m sure no other pegs or tires ever touched.

I won’t even go into detail, explaining some of my favorites. But all I can say is that it’s crazy from start to finish. (And it starts with a lot of crashes.)

Kilian X Dig X Cult

Yup, you immediately know a new Kilian video is a must-see, and this one is no different.

Cult and Traffic Distro’s Kilian Roth is one mad street dude famous for his insane rail rides. (The last one is out of this world.)

But there is so much other scary stuff here that will keep you wowing. The ledge ride to gap 180 barspin is also something you just don’t think of attempting, but Kilian does!

Three minutes and fifty seconds of complete craziness that I’ll rewatch once more (or 5x!). GO.

Signature Cult Shorty colorway promo

In 2017, Kilian got the bump up from AM to Pro on the Cult Crew team.

With that also dropped his signature colorway Shorty frame, and here we have a promo video.

The first clip in this one is a huge near-miss in a pegs drop where Kilian narrowly avoids the disaster of landing on someone riding a bicycle.

Kilian kills it in the streets with burly tricks and some wild technical combos. This is a real solid watch all the way through!

Welcome to Eclat X Cult pro

Kilian Roth made quite the comeback following a terrible ACL injury in 2015.

He recovered and returned with a bang by being bumped up to pro on BOTH the Eclat and Cult teams at the same time.

Here is his Welcome To Eclat X Cult Pro video, which came out at the beginning of the year.

Kilian goes hard in this video from start to finish and opens with an incredible grind to manual to grind line.

The description on this one says, “All hail the tire ride king,” and once you see the last clip, you’ll understand why!

Welcome to Eclat

It’s crazy to think that Kilian Roth was welcomed to the Eclat team back in 2014.

He has absolutely killed it for so long, so to take a look back and see his Welcome To Eclat video that came out way back then is awesome.

This is a quick one just under 2 minutes long of a younger Kilian working in the streets.

It’s pretty awesome to think about how well a lot of the riding here still holds up today!

The video work is great and the song is upbeat, which, combined with the riding, makes for an awesome vibe and a great video!

Kilian in So-Cal

Anyone who can put together a four-minute edit filled with bangers from just one week of riding is an absolute shredder.

Kilian did that back in 2015 on a trip to So-Cal from his home in Germany.

One common theme outside of the riding in this video is the ever-present smile on Kilian’s face throughout.

Kilian brings the heat in his signature technical combos like a lucky grind gap to lucky grind on two adjacent ledges to 180 out.

We are also treated with burly riding, making this video a great watch!

Cult (2014/2015)

Kilian was on an absolute tear in 2014/2015! He came out with several banger videos, including this one for Cult, which came out right at the beginning of 2015.

The video starts with some heat with a tight quarter big 360 drop right before some wild technical combos.

Kilian has such an unpredictable style, making for videos like this one that are entertaining from start to finish!

If you’re a Kilian Roth fan, this video is definitely A MUST-SEE, so hit play!

Clubhouse session video

Kilian Roth’s 2014/2015 tear continued in May 2015 with this quick Clubhouse session video from Cult.

This one might only be a minute long, but the riding here is on point from start to finish.

From technical grind combos like an ice pick grind to oppo ice pick grind to 180 to a big feeble hard 180 gap – you get it all.

You definitely want to hit play on this one.

Vans (2013)

It is always fun to take a peek into the history of riders and watch videos of them as they were coming up in BMX.

A very young Kilian goes to work in the streets with riding that was super solid. It is incredible to watch something like this in comparison to his riding today.

Kilian’s technical skills were on point, and it’s easy to see where some of the mind-bending technical combos we see from him today came from.

Enjoy Kilian killing it for Vans in 2013!

Cult (2015)

Here’s a quick one from Kilian Roth and Cult that came out way back at the beginning of 2015.

It might only be two minutes long, but Kilian goes heavy and opens with a massive double peg down a rail.

The technical combos we know and love him for are also present throughout this one.

But we still get the burliness we also know and love as well!

There’s a pretty gnarly 180 gap here, and the ender is a huge ice grind down a rail.

Vans UNFILTERED – Kilian & Anthony

Vans UNFILTERED series, episode one came out in 2017 and featured Anthony Perrin and Kilian Roth.

Rich Forne put this video together to highlight the raw side of a BMX trip.

We see everything from the struggle to land tricks, the excitement of landing tricks, the city’s noise, the peace of the city, and so much more.

This one definitely has an aetherial feel to it with riding that is next level and is worth every second of the 6 minute play time!

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