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Corey Walsh Profile (2024)

Are you looking for Corey Walsh profile and his collection of the best BMX videos?

This dude is an absolute beast on his bike when it comes to transitions. However, Corey will never shy away from a street session either.

But where does all this fearless riding come from?

For your information, Corey did racing for sixteen years, from 4 to 20. He was even a candidate to go to the Olympics.

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However, eventually, he had enough of all the pressure and training and decided to quit.

As soon as his racing career ended, Corey was all about DOING HIS THING, riding bowls and concrete skateparks.

Moreover, Corey Walsh is a Canadian whose BIGGEST influences growing up were Drew Bezanson, Ruben Alcantara and Mike Aitken.

This post covers:

Corey Walsh Profile

1. Corey Bio

Date of birth: September 17, 1994
Place of birth: Ayr, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5’9″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @walshcorey

2. Corey Sponsors

Cult Crew, Vans shoes, S1 Helmets and Ryder Distribution.

3. Corey Bike Check

Don’t forget to check my Corey Walsh bike check.

4. Parts Corey Rides

Featured photo by: Pat Burke.

5. Best Corey Walsh BMX videos

1. Cult – Dysphoria

When they announce there will be a new Corey video, what do we all do? We wait for it – DESPERATELY.

Here you go: Dysphoria.

Nine minutes of crazy good shredding from all around the world, hitting insane spots that I’d never even think about riding.

Corey’s amazing bike talent and unique approach to every spot speak through this video nicely.

I’m really enjoying these longer video projects that are lately dropping.

That drop-in that didn’t work out is absolutely BANANAS! And then the Stephan Lantschner step up curve wallride move to seal the deal – WOW.

2. Odyssey BMX – Repentance

Corey, DUDE, this is mad!

Seven minutes of nothing but goodness from Corey for his first-ever Odyssey BMX part.

All this was shot over last year around North America. You get a dose of everything from bowls and pools to insane and scary street spots.

Walsh knows how to get the blood pumping watching him ride, whether in a video or in person.

One of the more unexpected things is the barspin to manual to wallride to drop in. SO. GOOD.

But this is just the tiny beginning.

I recommend dedicating fourteen minutes to Corey Walsh. Yes, because you’ll want to watch “Repentance” twice.

3. Odyssey Walsh stem promo

Corey’s unique, fast and wild riding needs treatment by exclusive parts, and a top load BMX stem is one of them.

Odyssey just dropped the official promotional video for the WALSH stem, which features a 53mm reach and a 22mm rise.

You get a bunch of really good clips from Corey, along with the specs and some nice close-up shots of the stem.

Quick but – as always – a great watch that you shouldn’t miss in your life. Enjoy.

4. Cult “End of the World” web video

I advise you to sit tight with this one; otherwise, it will blow you away. This is a ten-minute long video from Corey for Cult – full of ABSOLUTE BANGER riding.

It’s not just that Corey goes extremely fast, music is extreme, too. Everything lines together perfectly, which calls for one hell of a video that will get you pumped to go ride.

You will hardly believe many stunts here are possible, but they are if you are Corey. You see, there is no need for all those trick combos and tech lines, you can just go FAST WITH STYLE and big balls and that’s it.

Well, it’s not.

You need a ton of talent and bike control to make it all work out.

5. Cult Fast and Loose Tire promo

Crazy music to a crazy fast pool riding. Corey is an ex-BMX racer who knows how to ride anywhere fast in front of him.

This clip is fast-paced and it is a promo for the new Cult BMX tire called Fast and Loose, which is also a brand that Corey rides for.

Man, this guy is so fast on his bike so you need to hit the pause or slo-mo to see some of the craziness happening in the pool.

The dude does a front tire slide and a back tire slide in one go. And as a cheery on top, Corey does it at the deepest part of the bowl.

6. Corey Walsh Unclicked podcast

If you’re a fan of Corey (which I’m SURE you are!), here is a nearly 2h long podcast with him by Dennis Enarson and Ryan Fudger.

And if you’d like to know Corey even better, you know what you need to do next.

They talk about heaps of stuff (including spending $1,000 on coffee). At one point, he decided to quick coffee and booze, but it seems like he’s back at caffeine again.

Some other goodies you’ll learn are his style, punched by a girl and the first freestyle content that Walsh attended. I also find the MENTAL HEALTH section very interesting, too.

7. 10 Spot interview with Corey

We all know about Odyssey’s 10 Spot series, where they sit down with their (pro) rider and ask them ten questions. Here is the Walsh edition. If you would like to get to know Corey better, here you go.

In here, you will hear Corey speak about the van life, his best skatepark, the scariest thing he has ever filmed and how he finds all those insane spots and setups.

This is just a fraction of what you get, so watch along, as Corey shares many (practical) INSIGHTS that may benefit you.

8. Cult – Corey Walsh (2019)

Here is another example of how good is Corey on his bike. The first clip makes your jaw drop and you know that this video will be nuts.

I want to warn you that I may say WTF a lot in this article since Corey’s riding is so crazy it’s almost absurd.

Corey is known more to be a transition rider, but he also KILLS it on the streets with spots made for his riding style.

Doing alley-oop euro to a tire slide, pulling insane pocket airs and just ridiculous gaps, all this and heaps more is part of this web edit.

Not to mention, that tire slide on a trash can out of an abandoned pool is also pretty wicked.

Still, once you come to the last trick, well, let me just say that you will want to watch it multiple times to understand it.

9. Raw 100 for Red Bull

You probably saw RAW 100 from MTB Legend Brandon Samenuk and you probably saw Raw 100 with BMX wizard Kriss Kyle. Now you are going to check Corey Walsh’s version.

The whole thing is FILLED WITH BOWLS and they have found a perfect filmer to make this thing happened.

He shows Corey’s riding the way he rides with no special effects or special places build just for this project. He used places where Corey shines the best.

Corey does some big gaps, big pocket airs with tricks and more.

Needless to say, everything looks so easy, but in reality, some of this is scary as hell.

10. Cult “ILTYT” part

At the start of this project, it didn’t go so well for Corey. He had a major crash in the bowl. He was in the hospital, where he found out that he broke his jaw in several places.

After all of this craziness, he returned and DESTROYED everything he touched with his bike.

Corey rides with such fines and will do gaps that many riders do not even bother dreaming about trying. If you have a gap in your local park that is impossible to ride, just call Corey and he will show you how it’s done.

After the stunt, he will hang with you like you are friends forever.

11. Pedal fast with Corey Walsh

Who does a casual turndown over the car with a big gap in the street? OK, there was a ramp and a landing, but would you do it like that? No way, I would not even try to attempt it.

Corey does this like nothing. For me, the outstanding clip was the curved wallride to manual to a curved wallride again.

Moreover, Corey also knows how to ride the streets in his own unique fashion. He will ADAPT TO ANYTHING and it doesn’t scare him.

He is 110% committed to doing crazy gaps with full speed and he will not stop until he pulls it clean.

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