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Jake Seeley Profile (2024)

jake seeley

Are you ready to enjoy the best Jake Seeley profile and collection of BMX videos and treat yourself to some sweet street shredding?

Not just any street riding, Jake is known for his technical capabilities, especially when it comes to using his pegs.

And because of curating this best-of and rewatching Jakes’s how-to predator grind video, I just learned the combo.

Thanks, Seeley!

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Anyway, Jake was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

But before he did the freestyle bike stuff, Jake was heavily into snowboarding and played hockey.

When it comes to bike stuff, he raced first, then progressed to trails, park and eventually transitioned to becoming a street technician.

Why switch from racing to freestyle?

When Jake won the Thunder video at a contest, everything changed for Jake. He thought to himself, “Holly shit, my bike can be doing this?”


At the time of writing this, Jake is doing it for Sunday Bikes, The Garden and ONSOMESHIT. Plus, he keeps himself busy with the epic Unabinner project aka the nostalgic finds by Jake.

Moreover, Jake has a bunch of signature products, like signature Sunday frame, Street Sweeper, signature tire, 4 piece bar and complete BMX street bike.

Jake is in his thirties, but there’s no sign of him stopping any time soon.

In fact, he keeps killing it and coming up with insane technical combos, what it seems, daily.

This post covers:

Jake Seeley Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: 12 January, 1989
Place of birth: Williamstown, Massachusetts
Height: 5’9″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @thejakeseeley

2. Sponsors

Sunday Bikes, The Garden and ONSOMESHIT.

3. Bike Check

Don’t forget to check Jake Seeley’s bike check.

4. Parts Jake Rides

Featured photo by: James Christenson.

5. Best Jake Seeley BMX Videos


I think I don’t really need to say much because the title tells you everything. Yup, this one is all about the ledges.

I like grinding ledges. Do you like grinding ledges?

Well, Jake DEFINITELY likes to grind ledges.

This one couldn’t be any better. So much good stuff in here that I already watched it five times, and I think I’ll continue rewatching it some more.

And because it gets pretty tech, I won’t even dare to start writing the tricks down. First, because it’d take an entire page, and 2) because I’d ruin your experience watching it.


I still remember this one as if I’d watched it yesterday.

Some of the stuff Jake Seeley does in here, well, I just don’t get it. But he makes it look too smooth.

One of my favorites is the feeble grind to hard 180 to double peg grind and then a 90 into a feeble again over to double peg and then 180 out.

I told you, it gets very complicated!

Plus, I really like the slight heaviness of the music, and with Mike Mastroni behind the lens, yes, you know this is a solid one and a half minutes long watch.

Sunday Street Sweeper V2 Tire Promo

If you aren’t familiar with Jake’s signature Street Sweeper tire by Sunday yet, you absolutely need to watch this promo.

This is a solid, heavily street-oriented BMX tire with a 2.4″ width and support for up to 100 PSI. (Ever wondered what’s the best BMX tire pressure? I’ve got you covered.)

Let’s get back to the video.

This one is a fast one! But many “classic” JS tech stunts still make you say, “Give. Me. More!”

And having Lich King playing in the background – can it even get any better than that?!

Street Smarts

Super fine street riding for the “Street Smarts” web video, filmed and edited by Grant Castelluzo.

Jake’s uniqueness never stops. This makes his videos very unpredictable. The only thing you can guess (and you’ll be right about it!) is that there will be LOADS of technical wizardry that’s too good to miss.

The wallride to railride to barspin was sooo rad.

But there’s even a one-footed topside toothpick in this one! Totally. Unexpected.

By the way, I think Jake has one of the best street lookbacks in the game.

“Headlights” Video Part

It’s likely impossible that you haven’t seen Jake Seeley’s “Headlights” part.

This thing’s been around for a good minute, but it’ll stay around forever – and even be relevant regardless of how heavily BMX progresses in the coming years.

You’ll rarely see something “traditional” in a JS video, and this one is no different.

Full of epic stuff and original spot usages that will hype you up to go out on the streets and get your pegs to use.

That setup with a ledge and a rail was so rad – double peg to rail ride and then a 180 to smith. I rewatched it a few times, trying to imagine how good it must have felt.


Sunday – Grow Up

This one goes hard. Probably one that goes the hardest.

According to Walter Pieringer, there are some tricks in his Grow Up part for Sunday that needed 100s of tries. And within those 100s of tries, there were multiple pulled ones.

But! Jake’s a perfectionist who wanted each clip to be pulled, well, perfectly. And sometimes, the squad just needed to convince him to use the clip – because it was pulled too smoothly (but not in the mind of Jake).

All the effort in front and behind the camera paid off, resulting in this MASTERPIECE.

If you ever need inspiration, just watch a Seeley video!

Welcome To Lotek

Who remembers Lotek? I do, and my Edwin’s, my Jason’s and my Eddie’s. (I might even had the Nightwolf’s, but I can’t fully recall.)

Even though Jake’s welcome to Lotek video is short and “old,” you can see loads of amazingness in it.

And yes, his creativity was already present back then, just as it is now.

The pegs to wall is nuts. But I also really like the smith grind to x-up pegs grind, to quick x-up ride to 180 – what a combo!

Broadcasting Live From The Berkshires

Even though this one was published in 2014, the riding level is up to today’s standards.

Jake always had a special eye for spot usage, and it goes all the way back to 2014 and beyond.

But it’s also great to see Jake Seeley’s evolution through this videography. His style definitely changed, but his creative mind hasn’t.

Are you ready to watch some history? Too good to pass it!

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