23 Best Cult Crew BMX Videos (2024)

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After following everything that Cult Crew does for the BMX community since its establishment, I created the ultimate team video collection.

You know, to have them all in ONE LOCATION. So you don’t need to search on YouTube over and over again.

You’re welcome.

Robbie Morales as the owner of Cult, knows how things need to be done.

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No wonder why such EXTREME achievements.

Also, all the Vans X Cult (and other brand collabs) releases are nothing but new successes on new successes.

Cult Crew team consists of some of the best BMX riders in the world, male and female!

Treat yourself well.

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Best Cult Crew BMX Videos

1. Cult Crew – Flashback 2023

If, by any chance (highly unlikely), you missed any of the Cult content from 2023, you’re in luck!

Here’s more than twenty minutes of flashback material just to remind you what a stacked team Cult has. Plenty of epic riding from start to finish from the whole crew for your viewing pleasure.

From streets, parks, trails and even some skateboarding, you get it all and heaps more.

So what are you waiting for? Relax, grab your favorite beverage, and get hit with a solid dose of shredding.

2. Cult Crew In Barcelona

Ten epic days of Barcelona for the heavy Cult Crew straight to you.

From Chase D and Jaume Sintes to Devon Smillie, Brandon Begin, AK and many more in between, you’re in for a treat.

From amazing street spots to even better riding from the entire crew. I must say I’m really stoked to see so much footage from Chase D – the dude’s unstoppable.

But the rest of the crew killed it, too.

This one actually brought my memories back to the Fit BCN video from 2003. I probably watched that one 100+ times – so epic.

3. Greetings from BCN

Say what you want, but there’s never enough Barcelona footage. Period.

What’s surprising to me that we’ve seen SOOO many stuff already, but there are still new spots the dudes discover.

This is an epic piece from Jaume Sintes and Marcel Andersen doing their creative things that’s an absolute must-see.

While Jaume and Marcel have different riding styles, they nicely complement each other. So. Fire.

That gap to manual on the second part of a kinked rail by Marcel was mad.

4. Initiation

Ten minutes of really insane street riding from the Cult crew to start 2023 off right! It starts kinda mellow (not really), but things quickly get very serious.

Enjoy riding clips from Eddie Cuellar, Jaume Sintes, Brandon Begin, Mike Garcia, Mikey Tyra, Max Vu, and many others.

I don’t really have anything else to say other than – JUST. WATCH. THE. DAMN. THING.

I’ll do it one more time.

5. BCN 2016 Raw Footy

If there are Barcelona clips, I’ll watch it even more excitingly. I don’t know dude, but Barca is just amazing, the people, the lifestyle and – OF COURSE! – the street spots.

Cult dropped eight minutes of fire riding from the crew, all in raw, which makes the experience of watching it even better. Like you’d be there!

Stoked to see a lot of AK material, as well as Dak, Sean, and others. Sit back, relax and enjoy this one – because you will.

6. Cult in Puerto Rico

Cult comes out with another must-see team web video from their trip to beautiful Puerto Rico. From street riding to concrete parks and some DIY spots, you get it all in here.


While everyone killed it, this video is the Dan Foley show. Well deserved! Dan’s style and flow are unbelievable, real eye candy, if you will.

And you get a ton of clips from Mr. Foley that will make you hyped to go out for a session. (And even if you’re a street rider!)

7. San Diego

Cult gathered Hawk, DeHart, Roche, Ricany, Begin, Panza, Marino, and many other team riders in San Diego to enjoy the spots and have some fun.

Here’s a 16 minutes long web video that you’ll enjoy just as much as I did. You get it all here and then some from street to skatepark and even some DIY stuff.

Cult has a stacked crew that kills it on all-terrain. Such a pleasurable watch!

8. North East

Here we have a video that came out in mid-2021 where Brandon Begin brings Chase Dehart and Trev Mags around some of his home turf in the North East.

You can tell immediately that they are not in the land of perfect spots with Begin’s opening section to this video and it is glorious! Brandon kills everything he touches with a creative eye for spot usage.

All of this is captured and edited together extremely well as Veesh always does. After Brandon’s section, we move to Trev Mags and Dehart, with completely different vibes and riding styles than Begin.

This one is over 10 minutes of awesome worth checking out!

9. Florida

In early 2021 a few members of the Cult team traveled to Florida for a trip and this video was the result. Things get very Florida very quick with the opening b-roll here before getting into the riding.

The video starts out with Sean Ricany, Chase Hawk absolutely shredding a concrete skatepark before some classic Dak street clips.

The contrast between Dak killing it in the streets and Chase flowing around an amazing concrete skatepark directly after is just perfect.

Chase’s ice pick grinds on quarters to manual are also perfect and always a treat. Being in Florida, they also took the mandatory stop to ride Big Boy’s backyard.

These guys killed everything they touched and it made for a fantastic video at just under 10 minutes.

10. BIG MOOD (UK Crew)

This video titled “BIG MOOD” from Cult dropped toward the end of 2020, featuring the UK crew.

Jordan Aleppo, Ollie Shields, Dom The Pom, and Tom Russell are all present for this one; making for a great video with a great vibe.

The guys rode everything from the streets to concrete skateparks and bowls to an amazing street transition.

This one gives off an adventure vibe with a b-roll of everyone walking bikes through weeds to get to the street transition, which is worth watching the video for alone. These guys all killed it and there’s something in here for just about everyone.

11. It’s Later Than You Think

In late 2019, Cult’s full-length DVD It’s Later Than You Think was released on YouTube. This video is almost 40 minutes from some of the best riders in BMX shredding in front of one of the best filmers in the business!

When you break down how much actually goes into filming and editing a full-length BMX video, it seems like an overwhelmingly daunting task.

But Veesh does a fantastic job bringing everything together in an entertaining way that makes the riding look good and keeps a viewer engaged throughout!

All of this being said, the rider list on this one alone is enough to be worth checking out.

We have Dakota Roche, Chase Hawk, Chase DeHart, Andrew Castaneda, Sean Ricany, Alex Kennedy, Corey Walsh, and Dan Foley all with their own parts in here. Then riding from a whole lot more throughout in different friend sections of the video.

There is so much that can be said about a video like this, but only one way to appreciate it and that’s by watching it.

12. Cult Does New York City

Cult has been on a tear for over 10 years now absolutely killing it in BMX. It is one of the companies in the game that does things right and is constantly sending riders all across the world to shred and film videos.

Here we have a video that came out in late 2019 called CULT DOES NYC. It starts right out of the gate with Brandon Begin doing a wild ledge combo to be immediately backed up by Sean Ricany under the eye of the man himself, Robbie Morales.

The fact that Robbie goes on trips and is actually out with the guys while riding is another awesome part of the Cult brand and shows how much he loves BMX.

This one features Dakota Roche, Chase DeHart, Brandon Begin, Sean Ricany, and Anthony Panza all shredding the streets of New York City.

It is worth every minute of the 15 and a half minute playtime!

13. Cult Does London

Cult is a company that makes and has made some of the best BMX trip videos since its creation.

This video from late 2019 featuring Ollie Shields, Alex Kennedy, Jordan Aleppo, Chase DeHart, and Anthony Panza all in front of the camera of Veesh.

A huge aspect of Cult’s video success has been the style that Veesh has landed on for Cult’s videos. Veesh does a fantastic job piecing together the story of trips like this with the amazing riding that goes down.

The intro alone has wild riding from all of these guys and an awesome vibe that continues throughout.

This one is just under 12 minutes long and all street riding. If you’re a fan of any of these riders or street riding in general, you will definitely enjoy it!

14. Cult Does Germany

The Cult Crew was on a tear in 2019 with a ton of different videos all over. This one features Kilian Roth, Chase Dehart, Sean Ricany, and Dakota Roche all riding in Frankfurt, Germany.

The build-up through the intro comes to a crescendo with a massive download to 180, followed by everyone absolutely shredding.

This lineup is very well rounded in their riding but also complementary to each other, which makes for an entertaining video that is right at 10 and a half minutes.

The filming and editing are all top-notch here as expected from a Cult video. So check it out!

15. Cult Does 2019 Swampfest

Swampfest is by far one of the most iconic events of the 2010s-2020s, being chocked full of absolute insanity and literally more BMX riders/fans than you can count.

Here we have a video from the 2019 Swampfest event from Cult, a focused look at the Cult team’s experience.

This one is so well put together from start to finish. You will find appearances from so many of the Cult team and family; from Corey Walsh, to Sean Ricany.

We even get to see Dakota Roche shredding the dirt jumps!

There is some really great documentation of the event aside from the Cult team as well. This one definitely feels like an accurate representation of what Swampfest is.

16. Down Under (or Jason Watts welcome video)

Jason Watts was welcomed to the Cult team back in early 2019 with this trip video called DOWN UNDER. It opens with a wild montage of some of the insane moments on the trip.

At just over 17 and a half minutes featuring Corey Walsh, Dan Foley, Been Pigot, and of course, Jason Watts. This is so much more than your average welcome video.

These guys shred skateparks, massive concrete bowls, an even more massive brick street quarterpipe, and more.

The brick quarter is most definitely a highlight with everyone getting crazy clips on it and Corey Walsh’s boost going to the moon.

There is nothing but good vibes all around with this one and Jason definitely cemented his place on the team here!

17. 2019 Swampfest

Swampfest videos from companies are always awesome and this one from Cult in 2018 definitely was no exception!

Dan Foley, Alex Duleba, Anthony Panza, Big Boy, Ollie Shields, Vic Behm, and Max Vu were all on-site for this one and this 4-minute video focuses on their riding at the event.

The video begings with the swamp rail, then goes right into Dan Foley flawlessly flowing through the dirt jumps before we visit the ramp courses and open loop.

Swampfest never fails to get insane and this video documents the Cult Crew’s adventure perfectly!

18. Florida Style

2017 was the first year of the Florida Swampfest event held by Trey Jones in Florida.

At the time, Trey was still riding for Cult, so a few other members of the Cult team went on a trip to Florida, where Trey showed them what the Sunshine State had to offer.

This one starts at Swampfest 2017 with the swamp rail, which got insane by itself. Then follows with the rest of the event very well before the crew hit the Maitland Banks.

This one is pretty much an awesome adventure around Florida skateparks and trails with Trey, Dan Foley, Corey Walsh, Russ Barone, and Alex Duleba that is definitely worth the 8 minute playtime!

19. Cult X Vans Warehouse Session

In celebration of the VANS X CULT Old School Pro shoe colorway, Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, and Andrew Castaneda rode the Vans Headquarters to make this video.

The video starts with an interesting picnic table flat rail setup that all three of the dudes kill it on. Dak definitely had a wild one on this setup with an insane nose manual on the table to drop crook 180.

The rest of the video has similar creative setups in the warehouse using what was available. Even though there was a chill vibe throughout, the dudes killed it!

20. 2016 Peace Out!

At the end of 2016, resident cinematographer for Cult put together a video over 15 and a half minutes long featuring some of the best footage from the year.

This one kicks things off with a Trey Jones section with him riding everything possible absolutely killing it. From there, we see appearances from most of the rest of the 2016 squad riding everything from different skateparks, trails, and streets.

This one is predominantly street heavy, but there is most certainly no shortage of awesome riding throughout.

With so many heavy hitters on the team and an entire year’s worth of footage to use, you know this video is stacked. Go ahead and hit play now!

21. Barcelona Team Trip

Back in 2016, the Cult team took a week-long trip to the home of Alex Kennedy, who also just so happens to be the opener of the video.

This video is 8 and a half minutes of awesome, but just to give you an example of the kind of awesome you can expect, Alex does a 180 tire slide on an outledge down stairs in the first 30 seconds of the video.

From there the team goes to work on the BMX playground that is Barcelona.

A few standout clips are Sean Ricany’s line starting with a big rail hop to even bigger nollie 360 drop as well as Dakota Roche’s tires up a ledge to barspin then nollie to wallride at the same spot.

This one goes hard and is definitely worth the watch!

22. #Crewsin Coachella

In 2015, Dakota Roche, Grant Germain, Mikey Tyra, and Andrew Castaneda took a trip to Palm Springs.

This video is a bit of a behind-the-scenes of the trip featuring some riding and lifestyle footage. The riding is solid and the BTS footage is entertaining throughout.

This one is definitely different from the usual Cult video, but that doesn’t make it bad by any means! There are many clips of Dak going huge and doing Dak tricks with everyone else sprinkled throughout.

At one point, Dak pretty much puts on an entire clinic on a kinked handrail.

23. Eyeland Hawaii

Cult has been on a tear with their videos for years now, with Veesh behind the lens and computer.

This video is from back in 2015 and a 10 day trip to the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. Chase Hawk, Chase Dehart, Dakota Roche, Trey Jones, Russ Barone, Bas Keep, Alex Kennedy, and Andrew Castaneda were all in attendance for this one and absolutely murdered it!

The video shows their adventures riding skateparks and the streets as well as hitting the beach and checking out the island itself.

The trip looked like a blast and it is really awesome to take a look back and see riders like Dakota Roche and Chase Dehart killing it at concrete skateparks in addition to the streets!

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