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8 Best Stranger BMX Frames (In 2024)

stranger bmx frames

Are you looking for the best Stranger BMX frames?

These are for everyone who enjoys something not too traditional yet still modern.

The brand has a massive frame line collection that all focus on street riding first and foremost.

Can you use them for other styles of riding? You bet!

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Tall riders, small riders, nose trick fans, spinning kinds, it does not matter – Stranger has something for everyone.

Note: Stranger is a BMX brand founded by Rich Hirsch in 2009.

It’s a brand that’s out there, on a somewhat different line than the rest of the industry, which is something I really like. Yo!

Do you want something different? Go, Stranger!

Best Stranger BMX Frames

Note: Frames are listed in no particular order. (The 1st one is not necessarily better than the 8th one – they’re all bomb!)

1. Royale

stranger royale frame
The Royale frame from Stranger is Eric Lichtenberger’s signature frame and has a low geometry for stability as well as longer top tube options.

The frame is constructed of straight gauge Japanese chromoly tubing and has a low bottom bracket height which definitely adds to the stability of the frame.

There is an integrated seat post clamp built-in as well as integrated chain tensioners in the 6mm dropouts.

This is a fully brakeless frame meaning that there is no option whatsoever to install brake mounts.

Royale specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.8” – 21” – 21.4”
  • Head Tube – 75° / 5”
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.25”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Price: $384.99 (may vary)

2. Honest

stranger honest frame
Here is the Honest frame from Stranger. This is the Stephan August signature frame and it has a 10” standover height to “keep it OG.”

This is a longer frame with both a 13.6” chainstay and the only top tube options being 21.1” and 21.69”. The frame is completely brakeless with no mounts or options for them and has an integrated seat post clamp.

At just $315, this is definitely an option for the budget-conscious who are looking for a taller and longer frame.

Honest specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 21.1” – 21.69”
  • Head Tube – 75° / 5”
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.6”
  • Standover – 10”
  • BB Height – 11.6”
  • Price: $314.99 (may vary)

3. Piston

stranger piston frame
The Piston V2 frame from Stranger is the second version of Connor Keating’s signature frame with the company.

This frame has an interesting geometry with a very short rear end at just 12.8” combined with a low bottom bracket height of 11.5”. According to the Stranger site, this combination is done “for the perfect pop.”

With an aggressive street geometry all the way around except for this lower bottom bracket height, this is definitely a unique option in the category.

The Piston V2 has top and bottom tube external gussets, built-in chain tensioners, and is completely brakeless.

Piston specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.75”
  • Head Tube – 75.5°
  • Seat Tube Angle – 70°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.8”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Weight – 5 lbs 2 oz
  • Price: $284.95 (may vary)

4. ISM V2

stranger ism v2 frame
The ISM V2 frame from Stranger is their offering for the modern street geometry category featuring a 75.5° head tube, 11.6” bottom bracket height, and 13.01” chainstay length.

Where this frame differs from other frames in this category is in the standover. The ISM V2 has a 9.5” standover which is taller than most other modern street frames.

The frame is fully made from straight gauge chromoly and Stranger worked with ISM Cycling on the design.

This is a brakeless frame and at just $285 it is an extremely affordable entry into this category.

ISM V2 specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.75” – 21” – 21.25”
  • Head Tube – 75.5° / 5”
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.01”
  • Standover – 9.5”
  • BB Height – 11.6”
  • Weight – 4.72 lbs
  • Price: $284.95 (may vary)

5. Churchill

stranger churchill frame
The Churchill frame from Stranger is the signature frame of legendary BMX rider Stevie Churchill. This frame has some specific geometry with a 75.3-degree headtube angle which isn’t generally a common headtube angle seen on BMX frames.

The frame has a higher bottom bracket height at 11.7” which combined with the other specs such as the 13.25” chainstay definitely add to the originality of the geometry on this one.

Other features of this one include top/bottom tube external gussets, an integrated seat post clamp, and built-in chain tensioners.

This frame is another completely brakeless frame from Stranger and comes in at an affordable $308.

Churchill specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.6” – 21”
  • Head Tube – 75.3° / 5”
  • ChainStay Length – 13.25”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Price: $362 (may vary)

6. Alley Cat

stranger alley cat frame
The Alley Cat V2 frame from Stranger was designed with Eric Lichtenberger and is a limited edition version that utilizes a new wishbone as well as features removable brake mounts.

The frame is also drilled for gyro tabs and has top/bottom tube external gussets.

The description for this one leans heavily on the fact that this frame is built for the streets with its steep head tube angle, short-ish rear end length, but there is no mention of the bottom bracket height.

In addition to all of this, the frame also has built-in chain tensioners and an integrated seat post clamp.

Alley Cat specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 21” – 21.4”
  • Head Tube – 75.5° / 5”
  • Seat Tube Angle – 70°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.25”
  • Standover – 9”
  • Weight – 5 lbs 3 oz
  • Price: $378 (may vary)

7. Ballast EVO

stranger ballast evo frameset
The Ballast EVO frame and fork set from Stranger is a very unique option in the BMX world. The frame utilizes a tapered head tube for use with a 1.5” bottom headset bearing.

This means the fork is much much larger at the steer tube junction and all of this is done with increased strength/stiffness in mind.

The geometry of this frame keeps progressive street riding in mind with the steep 75.5-degree head tube angle and short 12.8” rear end length but also features a lower 11.5” bottom bracket height.

This is a common theme in Stranger frames and on other frame listings it says this combination gives the “perfect pop”. Ultimately, this is an extremely unique frame and fork set built for strength.

Ballast EVO specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.5” – 20.75” – 21”
  • Head Tube – 75.5°
  • Seat Tube Angle – 70°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.8” – 13.1”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Price: $585 (may vary)

8. RPG

stranger rpg frame
The RPG frame from Stranger is a higher-end frame from the company that utilizes different frame building tech such as a hydroformed downtube and investment cast dropouts (similar to some WeThePeople BMX frames).

While both of these things add to the look of a frame, they primarily add to the strength/stiffness as well.

The hydroformed downtube eliminates the need for an external downtube gusset but there is still one present on the top tube. The frame also has an integrated seat post clamp and built-in chain tensioners.

One awesome part of the frame that cannot go without mention is the downtube decal which spells Stranger using some very recognizable video game letters.

RPG specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.8” – 21”
  • Head Tube – 75.5°
  • Seat Tube Angle – 70°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.8”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Weight – 5 lbs 4.1 oz
  • Price: $426 (may vary)

How Do I Choose The Right BMX Frame?

First, understand you riding style. If you’re into street, then a more responsive frame will be your best bet. Meaning, pick something with a shorter chainstay length and steeper head tube angle.

On the contrary, for someone who prefers riding transitions, stability matters. Finally, park riders prefer lighter frames that offer responsiveness but it depends on the type of park riders are – do you do a ton of tricks or your prefer flowing?

Second, refer to this BMX frame size chart to find the right fit for your height.

Further reading:

FAQs About Stranger BMX Frames

Are Stranger BMX bikes good

Yes, Stranger BMX is high on the list of quality BMX brands, but I haven’t tried all their products.

Who owns Stranger BMX

Rich Hirsch owns Stranger BMX (also founder of Primo and ex. Lotek).

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