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Joe Jarvis Profile (2024)

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When I was watching Joe Jarvis BMX videos (again!) I knew I needed to throw them into a post ASAP.

If you’re not familiar with Joe (VERY unlikely), prepare for madness.

This dude is on an entirely different level with his insane street riding.

The pegs hard 3 king!

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Joe began in extreme sports as a skateboarder but as soon as got the opportunity to sit on a BMX bike he got hooked.

It all began when he was 13, getting a Mongoose.

This post covers:

Joe Jarvis Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: April 10, 1996
Place of birth: Northwich, UK
Height: 6’2″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @joeejarvis

2. Sponsors

Federal, Skate Pro, Eclat and Substance.

3. Bike Check

Note: You should also not miss the latest Joe Jarvis bike check.

Featured photo by: Joe’s IG.

4. Best Joe Jarvis Videos

Two Dudes, One Day

Check out this wild new piece from Joe and AK. It’s absolutely nuts, especially when you realize they shot everything in a single day.

Indeed, it all went down in just ONE DAY around Frankfurt!

The scary intro and the mad outro by AK is a must-see.

However, there is so much other stuff both of the dudes pulled that I just watched it four times, and I’ll give the video one more go.

When you’re that good and the spots suit you, well, it is possible to film a solid web video in a single day.

Joe truly unleashed some crazy skills, and Joe Alex was right there, matching the intensity.

Guest appearance from Bruno Hoffmann.

Federal 2023

I know everything new that comes from Joe will immediately be bananas – but will it beat his previous video project(s)?

Okay, I shouldn’t be comparing videos because it doesn’t make sense, but still.

And the answer? Yes! But only because it’s fresh material.

Anyway, while being busy traveling, Joe still managed to stack a crazy amount of ridiculous street clips with Kieran Cooper behind the lens.

This is the result! A MUST-WATCH at least five times!

The multi-predator grind to hard 360 out was insane. But you should see all the other madness – it’ll keep you in the WOW mode from the first to the last second.


I’m always down for new Joe footage. I was just watching Colin’s Barcelona video when YT recommended this one that was just published.

I couldn’t be happier because I immediately knew I was in for more crazy street riding. Joe’s rail and ledge moves and 360 drops always shine the brightest.

And hard 360 out of grinds, regular or opposite, are too smooth.

But the last one is definitely one of the best front wheel combos I’ve seen in a while. HOW?

Joe Jarvis Welcome to Federal Pro

This one is so insane it’s unbelievable. I’m speechless even to this day.

Joe so deserved the bump to Federal pro and this is his welcome to the team video.

First of all, this is 7+ minutes long, and even if it’s not all riding, it’s still wild.

And second, there are SO MANY crazy moves throughout the video that will give you goosebumps.

While I highly recommend you watch the entire thing, you can also jump straight to riding at 2:40.

Joe delivers a mixture of burly and technical riding. And for a tall rider that he is, everything is done smoothly.


Joe & Alex In Barcelona

At nearly four minutes long, Joe and Alex Kennedy came back from a Barcelona weekend with a heavy-hitting web video project for Eclat called “Ambas.”

You know these two dudes are street assassins that both have their own original approach to murdering spots. From the more burly riding of Joe to the unique and tech approach from Alex – you get it all and then some.

I really don’t get how can Joe pull double peg grind to hard 360 so easily on such a low ledge. Every time I see him do it, I hit my local park ledge to try it – well, I don’t come anywhere close.

And that last 360 over the double set from Joe was bananas.

Substance X DIG

I CAN’T believe that Joe filmed this entire web video in just a week. This dude is on absolute fire.

And you get a really good dose of serious riding, including some tech wizardry and big rails.

Too much good stuff in here to name it, so I won’t. But I will say that the combo at 1:53 is probably my favorite.

Although the last double peg to nose manual is really mental.


Federal Bikes “FTS” part

Extreme rail game that keeps you going WOW over and over again. (And big 360s & barspin drops!)

Note: The first half of the video is black and white and when you think it’s over, the colors turn up and it gets even more serious.

Just like any other Federal FTS part is mad, this one is no different.

And even though Joe broke his ankle halfway into filming for his part, this still came out SO GOOD.

The dude’s on a different level.

Joe Jarvis at Unit 23

Even though I enjoy watching Joe ride street the most, his skatepark stuff is awesome as well.

This one is a bit on the old side already (from 2016), but all the riding in it is timeless.

Two stand-out tricks are the x-up double peg to tailwhip out and the extremely long crank arm slide on Unite 23’s kinked rail.

Also, I think Joe can pegs hard 3 EVERY rail!

DUB “Graft 2” part

Of course, Joe had a part in DUB’s Graft 2 mixtape and it continues to impress us with how on fire he always was and is.

Front wheel stuff, pegs stuff, spins, you name it, Joe delivers it.

But really, I’m still amazed how easy Joe Jarvis’ double peg hard 360s are. (And you get a bonkers one at the end!)

Another one that’s a MUST-WATCH. (But this applies to every video Joe drops.)


This one may be short according to Joe’s standards but is packed with mental riding clips that need a second watching.

I’m not really familiar with the Ice-Cream thing, but I am well aware that Jarvis is crazy on the bike.

Plus, I really enjoyed the all B&W video.

DUB (2014)

For some an “ancient” video, but it still lives up to today’s street riding standards.

Joe had hard 1s and hard 3s on lock even back in 2014. (And I believe some of the clips in here are even older – you can see it because Joe’s style changes slightly.)


I will only say one more thing: Every Joe Jarvis video is a mental fVck!


5. Joe Jarvis Interview

1. What’s your height? 191cm (6.2′).
2. What’s your weight? 89kg (196.2lbs).
3. When did you start riding BMX? 13 years old.
4. Who are your three biggest inspirations? Kriss Kyle when I was young, Alex Kennedy and Bruno Hoffmann to this day.
5. What PSI do you ride? 80 PSI for Tom Russel.
6. What’s your favorite full-length BMX video or web video? Jordan Okane’s Doomed C1 section or Anthony Perrin‘s Vans video from way back.
7. What BMX part do you go through most quickly? Bars.
8. What’s always in your backpack or pocket? 20 Players, a passport, phone, headphones and a lucky penny.
9. What’s your favorite skatepark/street spot? My local park Roka. Best flat rail ever (ask Vangeli). Street spot, any flat rail spot.
10. Do you do any activities outside BMX? I squeeze the gym in with little Henry L a couple of days a week. I play golf sometimes too and recently run a little.
11. What’s your favorite music genre? Emo rap, RIP Gus.
12. What’s your favorite food? Mexican or Italian, but Okane tells everyone I don’t eat, lol.
13. What are your favorite pants/jeans? SKINNY JEANS FOREVER.

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