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Courage Adams Bike Check [Fly] 2022

courage adams bike check

Here’s the latest Courage Adams bike check, revealing all the parts that he’s riding at the moment.

Since Courage is a Fly and Animal rider, his setup is a mix of the two.

What surprises me is that Adams still rides 175mm cranks.

And of course, it seems nothing is convincing him to go with a freecoaster. Cassette FTW!

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(Probably because I ride a cassette, too.)

Do you want to have a Courage-inspired bike?


Courage Adams 2022 Fly Bike Check

Frame: Flybikes Savanna 21″
Bar: Flybikes Savanna 9.5″
Stem: Animal Inverse (Need more top load stems?)
Headset: Fly Volcano
Grips: Fly Devon grips
Fork: Flybikes Volcano
Seat: Flybikes Savanna
Seat Post: Fly Tripod
Cranks: Animal Akimbo 175mm
Pedals: Flybikes Ruben Graphite (Check other plastic pedals)
Sprocket: Flybikes Tractor XL 28t
Chain: Flybikes Tractor
Front Wheel: Animal Javelin hub, Flybikes Piramide II rim
Rear Wheel: Animal Javelin hub, Flybikes Piramide II rim
Pegs : Animal Benny L plastic pegs
Tires: Flybikes Fuego

Note: The all-black bike looks SO SICK!

Featured photo by: Courage’s IG.

Note: Don’t forget to check my collection of the best Courage Adam videos.

Old Courage Adams Bike Checks

1. 2020 Bike Check

Que tal! Unfortunately, this one is entirely Spanish, but it’s still cool watching Courage put together a new bike. That raw street frame looks really dope!

If you aren’t subscribed to Courage’s YouTube channel, you better do it because he’s releasing interesting content quite regularly.

And you may even learn some Spanish, if you’re like me, not understanding a word.


2. 2019 Bike Check

If you’d like to check some beautiful close-up shot of Courage Adams’ bike setup from 2019, Our BMX has you sorted.

What’s cool, there’s also a quick bike-related interview that talks about bars position, his signature Fly frame, signature seat, and more.

Courage also says he doesn’t like building a completely fresh bike from scratch because it “feels weird.”

I’m the same! It takes too long to get used to a brand new setup.

3. 2017 Bike Check

A crisp-looking bike check from 2017 that you can check in full over on DIG.

Along with the complete list of parts, DIG also asked Courage some questions that aren’t bike-related, rather riding, Spain and Visa.

4. 2015 Bike Check

I always enjoy going back in time, seeing a younger version of a rider. In this case, here’s Courage from 2015 introducing you to his then bike setup.

2015 was when Courage wasn’t yet on Animal and didn’t have signature Fly parts.

But the bike still looks dope, and we even get to see a few park and street riding clips.

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