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Lahsaan Kobza Profile (2024)

lahsaan kobza

Let’s enjoy some of the best Lahsaan Kobza BMX videos together and get hyped to ride some street or skateparks.

Whatever Lahsaan touches, it turns into a smooth and stylish riding clip, whether it’s something big or small.

It does not matter; Lahsaan’s style is unbeatable.

However, before taking the freestyle path, Lahsaan did a ton of BMX racing.

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As a matter of fact, he is a six-time ABA World Champion, so props to him.

Moreover, when it comes to freestyle, everything changed for Lahsaan when he saw Shaun Butler’s poster at his local bike shop.

From then on, it was go-time on his 16-inch GT Performer.

Lahsaan was later killing it for Subrosa, The Shadow Conspiracy, Vans Shoes and Goldendays.

I still remember how obsessed I was with many of his videos. And the hype did not go away even to this day.

This post covers:

Lahsaan Kobza Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: October 7, 1991
Place of birth: Lincoln, Nebraska
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @lahsaankobza

Featured photo by: Spenser Loofa Lee.

2. Best Lahsaan Kobza BMX Videos

Shadow Conspiracy “What Could Go Wrong” part

The Shadow Conspiracy released their infamous What Could Go Wrong DVD in mid-2015.

The video had quite the lineup of riders, one being Lahzaan Kobza.

You can find his part live on Shadow’s YouTube page, where the description lets us know a few cool facts.

For example, it says Lahsaan “knew exactly what and where he wanted to film – with clips from all over the world.” Now that’s pretty awesome!

Lahsaan goes big with gnarly gaps and grinds while getting tech with difficult grind combos.

The ice pick grind down a rail to hop over a skate stopper to finish the ice grind was really awesome and that’s just one clip in a 6:47 part.

Game of BIKE – Lahsaan vs Nate

Games of BIKE between well-known riders are always so entertaining.

Here we have a game between Lahsaan Kobza and Nate Richter at Volcom Park in California.

The two go back and forth and even though both are known for grinds or street riding, a few of their letters came from quarterpipe lip tricks.

The steep quarter they both set a bunch of tricks on here is awesome to see these guys ride and towards the end, the grinds start to happen.

This was a neck-to-neck game all the way to the end that is definitely entertaining to watch.

Subrosa Code frame promo

Here we have a promo video from Subrosa for their Code Frame, which was Lahsaan Kobza’s signature BMX street frame.

The video starts with a massive 360 down a stairset and everything to follow was super impressive.

In addition to the burly riding, Lahsaan’s technical skills shine through with grind combos on ledges, rails, and even the occasional electrical box.

The Code frame might not be made anymore, but this video is still a great watch, and Lahsaan is always a shredder.

Blunted Athletics “Forever Rolling” part

One of the must-see Lahsaan video parts is his section from the Blunted Athletics “Forever Rolling” DVD.

It’s pretty safe to say that a video that starts with a huge handrail done only in his underwear will be a good one.

There are many technically impressive tricks in here like a manual to curved wallride and a nose bonk to pegs to crooked grind on a rail.

Lahsaan’s riding is a great mix of that technical riding with burly riding that is always enjoyable to watch.

Subrosa “Get Used To It” part

The section from the Subrosa Get Used To It DVD hit the internet late in 2013 and is another awesome video part of Lahsaan’s extensive lineup.

To have as many quality video parts in full-length videos as Lahsaan does is an accomplishment in itself and he absolutely killed it here.

Another awesome aspect is seeing how a rider’s riding evolved through the years.

This video opens with a line ending with a huge 360 as Lahsaan is known for.

From there, the burly and technical riding we know him for continues throughout. This is definitely a solid watch all the way through.

Welcome to The Shadow Conspiracy Pro

The Shadow Conspiracy welcomed Lahsaan Kobza to their pro team in 2011 with this welcome to the pro team edit.

The video opens with an unfortunate spill at the race track, which also serves as a pretty cool reminder that Lahsaan was an awesome BMX racer.

From big gaps to technical grind combos, this one has it all. One particularly awesome clip was the high-speed feeble grind to turndown.

Lahsaan definitely has a style of his own and this welcome video shows exactly why he deserved to be put on the team.

Subrosa “Keep It Code” video

This video from Subrosa called Keep It Code featuring Lahsaan Kobza came out at the end of 2014.

It was filmed in the middle of Lahsaan filming for two DVD parts at the same time.

Definitely a productive time for Lahsaan and this video does not lack even though filmed in conjunction with other projects.

Opening with a huge barspin, a huge 360, a huge 180 toboggan, and not letting up through the rest of the video, this is a solid video.

The last clip is a wild one that has to be seen as well; hit play and check it out.

No Jumpre interview

Before No Jumper blew up in popularity, Adam22 (The Come Up creator), regularly brought BMX rider’s onto the podcast.

This interview with Lahsaan Kobza was one of them in late 2016.

Podcasts like this one where we get an insight into riders’ thoughts and lives that we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten that insight from are always so great to listen to.

This one has Lahsaan, Adam22, Catfish, Trevor Sigloch, and Reed Stark all hanging out from some great conversation about BMX and things outside of BMX.

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