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12 Best BMX Cassette Wheels (In 2024)

bmx cassette wheels

Are you looking for the best BMX cassette wheels?

I’ve been riding a cassette for the past 20+ years, and I don’t think I’ll ever make a switch to a freecoaster.

Thus, I’m the right dude to bring you this collection of the ultimate solutions.

I wanted to create a list of cassette wheelsets that cover every rider.

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That’s why you’ll find both higher- and lower-priced wheels.

Note: I don’t recommend the cheaper solutions if you’re already pulling a lot of gaps and spins because they may not handle your abuse. (But they’re excellent if you’re a beginner.)

However, the pricer options are great for everyone – even pros ride them!

This post covers:

You’re now ready to upgrade your bike with the ultimate wheelset that will keep you rolling for a long time!

Best BMX Cassette Wheels

1. Cinema 888 X VX3 Cassette Wheel

cinema 888 x vx3 rear cassette wheel
Many riders also prefer the Cinema 888 X VX3 cassette wheelset.

The 888 rim is 36mm wide, spreading the BMX tire some more to give it an additional contact area. This is also great for rail rides.

Cinema uses strong 14 gauge BMX spokes and the traditional three-cross lacing system.

Another key feature of this wheelset is the VX3 SDS cassette hub.

Why? You can easily use it for RHD or LHD by switching the cog. Clever!

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Cinema VX3 SDS Cassette
  • Rim: Cinema 888 rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1219.g
  • Price: $299.99 (may vary)

2. Shadow Symbol Cassette Wheel

shadow symbol rear cassette wheel
This is the wheelset that Simone Barraco rides for his insanely original and technical riding style.

It’s a tested and proven rear cassette wheelset, guaranteeing 100% reliability.

The Truss rim is slightly wider at 38mm wide, which is perfect if you like fatter tires.

This wheel also features The Shadow Conspiracy’s proven Symbol cassette hub and uses straight gauge spokes with three-cross lacing.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Shadow Symbol cassette hub
  • Rim: Shadow Truss rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1256g
  • Price: $244.99 (may vary)

3. Rant Party On V2 Cassette Wheel

rant party on v2 cassette rear wheel
The Rant Pary On wheel is an affordable option if you’re on a budget.

This is a great replacement for your current complete bike’s wheelset.

What I really like is that the wheelset comes in various colors, from red and blue to teal and mate gold, etc.

You get Rant’s Party On V2 cassette hub, Squad rim (32mm wide), 14 gauge spokes and rim tape.

It’s always party time with the Party On wheel!

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Rant Party On V2 cassette hub
  • Rim: Rant Squad rim
  • Hub Guards: No
  • Weight: 1292g
  • Price: $149.99 (may vary)

4. Odyssey Stage 2 Cassette Wheel

odyssey stage 2 cassette wheel
Odyssey’s Stage 2 is a lower-range option that’s great for upgrading a beginner’s bike.

The rim has a 36mm width, unlike the Hazard Lite, which is only 32mm wide.

Fat tires approved!

While the wheel is cheaper than most, it still includes drive and non-drive side nylon guards.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Sealed bearing cassette hub
  • Rim: Stage 2 rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Price: $169.99 (may vary)

5. Odyssey Quadrant Cassette Wheel

odyssey quadrant cassette wheel
The Odyssey Quadrant BMX cassette wheel is a solid solution for everyone.

The package includes the C5 cassette with the Quadrant rim (34mm wide), making a perfect combo for all riding styles.

Also, the driver is 100% compatible with left- and right-hand drives. This unlocks the luxury of trying both sides and seeing what suits you best.

Note: You usually want to have it opposite your dominant grind side (so you don’t keep hitting the BMX chain and the BMX sprocket).

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Odyssey C5 cassette hub
  • Rim: Odyssey Quadrant rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1202g
  • Price: $229.99 (may vary)

6. Eclat E440 Cortex Cassette Wheel

eclat e440 cortex cassette wheel
If you don’t want a wheelset with a wide rim, then Eclat’s E440 Cortext BMX cassette wheelset may be the perfect solution.

The rim is 33mm wide but fully supports wider 2.4″ tires. It also features a pretty low profile, great for grinding but still compatible with brakes.

And the Cortex cassette hub – I think I don’t need to say much about this one because we all know how amazingly reliable and strong it is!

Yup, you also get hub guards!

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Eclat Cortex cassette hub
  • Rim: Eclat E440 rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1150g
  • Price: $247.99 (may vary)

7. Cult Cassette V2 Wheel

cult crew cassette v2 rear wheel
Every Cult BMX fan I talked to said their Cassette V2 wheel is absolutely fantastic.

Peter and Michael, who are more into technical riding, said that it took months before the first truing.

However, Jacob, who likes to ride gaps and pulls regular 180s and 360s over stairs, said he needed to true it after four or five weeks.

Cult’s SDS hub is another smart one that you can convert either into an RHD or an LHD.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Cult Crew SDS cassette hub
  • Rim: Cult Match rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1301g
  • Price: $259.99 (may vary)

8. Salt Plus Summit Cassette Wheel

salt plus summit cassette wheel
Here’s another, more affordable option that meets modern street riding standards.

Salt Plus Summit cassette wheel has a 36mm wide double-wall Summit rim with Pro cassette hub.

The package also includes two Pro nylon hub guards, ready to get you going out of the box.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Salt Pro cassette hub
  • Rim: Salt Plus Summit rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1042g
  • Price: $189.94 (may vary)

9. BSD Swerve X Aero Pro Cassette Wheel

bsd swerve x aero pro cassette wheel
If you’re searching for a great rear wheel that can handle any terrain, then the BSD Swerve and Aero pro rear wheel is the way to go. Street, park and trails – it works for anything!

The Aero Pro rim is 36mm wide, which makes it mid-wide to today’s standards. It has a thick sidewall and spoke seats with a curved inner strut to make it strong AF.

Many of my friends reported that they didn’t need to true the wheel for some time. (Yup, that’s also because of the four-cross lacing.)

Note: The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have BMX hub guards.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: BSD Swerve hub
  • Rim: BSD Aero rim
  • Hub Guards: No
  • Weight: 984g
  • Price: $299.99 (may vary)

10. G-Sport Elite Cassette Wheel

g-sport elite cassette wheel
The G-Sport Elite BMX cassette wheel is my favorite because it looks good and is extra STRONG.

This is why it’s the most expensive wheel that I have here, but it is SO worth it.

The G-Sport Roloway cassette hub is RHD and LHD compatible with a modern look and female axle. It has a 17mm female axle with 14mm axle bolts, which means it’s ready for serious business.

Also, the strength-to-weight ratio of the G-Sport Ribcage rim is unbeatable. It also has improved spoke holes with cross-over lacing that adds lateral strength.

I highly recommend G-Sports Elite if you’re not on a budget and need the best cassette wheelset.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: G-Sport Roloway cassette hub
  • Rim: G-Sport Ribcage rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1210g
  • Price: $354.99 (may vary)

11. Primo VS Balance Cassette Wheel

primo vs balance cassette wheel
Primo’s VS Balance BMX cassette wheel is a super-strong solution for real street assassins. However, you’re welcome to use it for park and trail riding, too.

No. Limits.

The wheelset features Primo’s Balance cassette hub with VS rim (35mm wide), forged spokes and nylon hub guards.

The VS rim has a V-shaped I-beam that adds much-needed additional strength.

You’re always ready with this one!

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Primo Balance cassette hub
  • Rim: Primo VS rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1335g
  • Price: $194.99 (may vary)

12. Stranger Crux V2 XL Cassette Wheel

stranger crux v2 xl cassette wheel
The one thing that the Stranger Crux V2 XL wheel sets apart from others is the extra wide rim – 42mm.

It’s one of the widest rims available on the market today, and it’s a fantastic option for everyone who likes riding fatter tires and low PSI.

Moreover, it has a sealed cassette hub, straight gauge spokes and plastic hub guards.

If you need something that’s not too traditional, you better pick up the Stranger Crux V2 XL wheelset.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Sealed Cassette 9t hub
  • Rim: Stranger Crux XL rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1471g
  • Price: $187.00 (may vary)

How To Pick The Ideal BMX Cassette Wheel


Budget is probably the first thing that you want to think about.

Luckily, I have some really budget-friendly options here that are a great upgrade if you’re riding a complete bike.

Not only that, but if you are more into technical riding or transition and don’t do too many gaps and spins, then the cheaper options are excellent.

However, I recommend a higher-priced wheel for everyone putting his bike through serious abuse.

Rim Width

Another feature worth mentioning is the rim’s width.

If you like going fast and riding slimmer tires and high PSI, you’ll be better off with a narrower rim (32mm, 34mm).

However, if speed isn’t that important to you, ride fatter tires and low PSI, then definitely pick a cassette wheel with a 36mm+ rim.

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