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Charlie Crumlish Bike Check [S&M] 2024

charlie crumlish bike check

Are you searching for the latest Charlie Crumlish bike check?

A perfect BMX setup for a tall person.

It’s no secret that most BMX riders are of average or below-average height. However, that does not mean that tall riders cannot kill it on a BMX bike!

Charlie is a great example and has been doing it for a long time.

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Note: Charlie is 6’4″ tall.

He even has a signature Tall Boy frame from S&M, which you can get your hands on as well. It comes in 21.25″ and 21.5″ top tube lengths.

You can also get his 4-piece BMX handlebar, FU-bar, from S&M.

Charlie Crumlish 2023 Bike Check

charlie crumlish 2023 sm bike check

What you will notice when it comes to Charlie’s bike is how forward his handlebar is (similar to Dan Kruk). That’s what feels right to him due to his height.

Another specialty worth noting is that Charlie often paints his bike. In other words, he will rarely spend any considerable time riding his bike setup with the original paint job.


Also, don’t miss some of Charlie Crumlish’s best videos in our best of videography.

Do not forget to follow Charlie on Instagram for all the unique BMX bike riding and other creative stuff that he does.

Two other taller BMX riders that we already covered their bike checks are Mike Hoder and Broc Raiford.

Featured photo by: Charlie’s Instagram.

Old Charlie Crumlish Bike Checks

1. S&M Tallboy V3 Video Bike Check

Charlie and his unique video bike checks never disappoint. He recently built a fresh white S&M Tallboy V3 bike, which you can see above.

Besides all his technically advanced riding at this fun-looking DIY indoor sport, Crum also runs you through the parts he rides.

Fun fact: Charlie also switched to thinner tires because they help him with his technical riding.

Hit the play button above and treat yourself right today if you want to see the new ride, the riding and get a good laugh along the way.

2. “The Best Bike I’ve Ever Had” (2022)

The king of originality is back with a fresh bike check. Charlie shot this one in a way unlike any other video bike check was every shot to this day.

He invited his bike into the studio for an interview. And yes, the bike SPEAKS! (You’ll see what I mean.)

Also, Charlie edited it with a bunch of really nice and original street and skatepark moves that you’ll enjoy watching.

Meet the S&M Tallboy V3 setup that Charlie says is the best bike ever.

3. What I Ride 2018

Here we’ve got a video bike check with Charlie from late 2018 up on the late Ride BMX’s YouTube channel.

Charlie gives us the rundown on the bike he was riding back in 2018 with a few jokes thrown in throughout.

We learn about the BMXFU headtube badge and his signature Tall Boy V2 frame from S&M. He gives some insight on the frame’s geometry and why certain measurements were chosen.

If you’ve ever wondered why Charlie runs his bars forward the way he does, that explanation is also in here.

4. S&M bike check 2017

In this video bike check from midway through 2017 with Charlie Crumlish from S&M, we start with a few skatepark clips that are perfect examples of why his bike is set up the way it is.

Charlie runs through the different parts on his bike, including his signature Tall Boy frame from S&M.

Charlie shares some thoughts on his fork offset and how he feels a 32mm offset helps the different fakie tricks he likes to do.

There are riding clips mixed throughout as well that are all at a prefab skatepark which is a rare sight from Charlie.

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