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Corey Walsh Bike Check [Cult] 2024

corey walsh bike check

Do you want to take a peek at the latest Corey Walsh bike check?

I’ve received a lot of requests to get this one done, so here you go.

Corey’s bike always looks fresh, even if it’s rusty.

Does that make sense? Of course, it does!

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Corey rides his signature Cult frame with Odyssey (and Cult) parts.

He’s also in Vans Shoes, which are grippy enough for Corey’s insanely fast and wild riding style.

Note: Corey also has a signature top load stem from Odyssey and BMX tires that are a collaboration between Cult and his clothing brand, Fast & Loose.

Even though I’m into more technical street riding, I never get bored watching Corey do mad stuff on his bike.

Corey Walsh Cult & Odyssey Bike Check

Frame: Cult Walsh frame
Bar: Cult Crew bars
Stem: Odyssey Walsh top load stem
Fork: Odyssey R32 BMX forks
Headset: Cult BMX headset
Grips: Cult Heavens Gate BMX grips
Seat: Railed Slim BMX seat
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt BMX cranks
Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix metal pedals
Sprocket: Odyssey Boyd BMX sprocket
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird half link chain
Front Wheel: Odyssey Litehouse rim, Odyssey Vandero Pro cassette hub
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite rim, Odyssey Vandero Pro front hub
Tires: Cult X Fast & Loose Walsh tires, 2.4″


Do not forget to follow Corey on Instagram for a ton of fast speed riding stunts.

Featured photo by: Colin Mackay.

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Old Corey Walsh Bike Checks

Our BMX 2023 Bike Check

If you’ve been binging on bike checks lately, I’m sure all these Corey Walsh checks will excite you. Hey, he’s a funny dude and knows a thing or two about the parts he rides.

Here’s Our BMX’s 2023 edition, where Corey runs you through his fresh, no frame paint (so it rusts), Cult and Odyssey setup.

Fun fact: Corey rides anywhere from 60 – 120 PSI, depending on the situation. Corey says 120 PSI works well for bowls when you can’t get enough speed. (You may also be interested in reading my article about the best BMX tire pressure.)

Besides checking at his bike, you’ll also get a few fun riding clips that go along nicely.

Source BMX 2023 Bike Check

This is a more in-depth video bike check with Corey, where Van Homan asks all the necessary questions to find out why he rides particular parts.

Corey’s bike is meant to go fast, so he has a mellower front end and longer rear end to get that stability he needs when flying high and going fast and loose.

Interestingly, Corey also adopted Trey Jones‘ rusty frame look, which looks really rad. Moreover, Walsh also enjoys a slim railed seat, but only because it looks good. See more above.

Late 2022 Bike Check

Early 2022 Bike Check

The raw frame with all-black parts looks so good.

2017 Ride UK bike check

Robin Pearson published an awesome bike check/interview with Corey in 2017 that you absolutely need to check.

Although all-black bikes are my favorite, Walsh’s rusty setup looks amazing.

They also chat about the Props sticker, tight spokes and Demolition Hammerhead tires.

Check full specs, more photos and an interview on Ride UK.

By the way, if you need more great content, you should miss this epic BMX blogs collection.

Okay, and finally, if, for whatever reason (I highly doubt it!), you haven’t seen Corey’s END OF THE WORLD video, you better watch it now.

This thing is INSANE!


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