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5 Best Giano Vacca BMX Videos (2024)

giano vacca

Are you searching for the ultimate collection of Giano Vacca BMX videos because you like steeze and jibbing?

I was in the same shoes as you are right now, so I decided to create this list.

Yup, I’m a big fan of Giano’s riding.

And there are 1,000s more who are as well.

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Giano is a young gun from Germany who rides for WeThePeople through Cologne’s very own People’s Store.

When I first saw Giano sometime ago, I immediately connected it with Simone Barraco.

But the more you watch him, the more you see his originality and a style unlike any other’s.

At the time of writing this, Vacca rides the WTP Magnum frame, which I also highly recommend.

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Do not forget to follow Giano on Instagram for a ton of epic (and regular) jibbing.


Featured photo by: @lennartsworld.

Best Giano Vacca BMX Videos

1. Still Jibbing

The creative level of BMX riding goes over and beyond when it comes to Giano. Plus, this dude has a really good eye for spots.

While a lot of stuff he does look “simple,” they’re far from it. It just shows how much bike control Giano has.

And he sure is still jibbing – which I’m sure you already know if you follow him on social media. (He posts new clips very frequently!)

Enjoy the four and a half minutes long masterpiece that I’m sure will hype you up to go ride that local curb, stairs, flat ledge or rail. Have fun!

2. People’s Store X WeThePeople

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Giano is getting so go with his balancing tricks that I don’t even know how to describe half of the stuff.

Plus, his style is getting better and better with each new video.

Everything is put together very well as well, so you barely notice the video is four minutes long. Feels like seconds!

But the x-up line at 3:10 was definitely very unexpected. But I could say that about all the rest.

3. Always Jibbing 3

Even though Giano Vacca likes to use simple street spots, his riding and tricks are far from simple.

The king of steeze never disappoints with his web projects; this one is no different.

I’m not really sure what’s my favorite (so much good stuff) but I really like how Giano does peg chinks and tire bonks.

At this point, I’d also like to mention my collections of the best BMX pegs and BMX tires in case you need new.

Style of miles!

4. Always Jibbing 2

I’m literally rewatching Giano’s videos and I don’t know which is better: the new or the old stuff.

Everything Giano puts out is evergreen material that will be hot forever.

Watch his Always Jibbing 2 project if you need more proof.

I like how Giano will go extremely technical most of the time and then pull a truck driver or a street flair like it’s nothing.

This dude is on a different level.

5. Always Jibbing 1

But the Always Jibbing 1 is still my favorite Giano Vacca BMX video.

I also enjoy that he put a lot of black and what and low saturation stuff in it, making the whole video dope-looking.

Six minutes of straight-up fire with a few crashes here and there, so it’s impossible to get bored watching it.

I think I’ll rewatch it one more time just because it’s that good.

And thanks, Giano, you definitely inspire me to approach every spot with an open mind – because everything can be a spot!

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