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Hobie Doan Bike Check [Kink] 2022

hobie doan bike check

Do you want to check the latest and greatest Hobie Doan bike check?

Hobie is a Kink and Primo rider with a bunch of signature parts that you don’t want to miss.

But the most attention deserves his Kink Roll Up frame (link guides you to the frame) that’s perfect for murdering street spots.

Going big and technical is easy with it! (Or maybe it’s just Hobie that makes everything look so simple?)

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Roll up, bro!

Note: Once done, go and check my collection of the best Hobie Doan BMX videos.

Hobie Doan 2022 Kink Bike Check

Frame: Kink Roll Up street frame
Bar: Kink Williams bar
Stem: Kink prototype top load stem
Headset: Kink ceramic headset
Grips: Primo Dehart grips
Bar ends: Kink Ideal bar ends
Fork: Kink Vogue forks
Seat: Primo HD seat
Seat Post: Primo seat post
Cranks: Primo Churchill cranks
Pedals: Kink Hemlock plastic pedals
Sprocket: Primo Griffin sprocket
Chain: Primo 121 half link chain
Front Wheel: Primo VS Balance front wheel
Rear Wheel: Primo VS Balance cassette wheel
Pegs: Primo HD plastic pegs
Tires: Primo V Monster HD tires


Featured photo by: Hobie’s IG.

Old Hobie Doan Bike Bike Checks

1. 2022 Bike Check

With the fresh Kink Roll Up frame came a fresh Hobie bike check that legends at Our BMX put together.

Hobie runs you through the ins and outs of his signature frame and shows the three available color options first.

But he then goes in-depth, revealing all the parts that he runs. That thing looks amazing!

Two unique features are definitely the Kink ceramic headset (!) and the seat post length.

Yup, HD likes to run his seat high, so he can wheely any time he wants.

But everything starts with a few riding clips that are always a pleasure to watch from Hobie.

2. 2020 Bike Check

Hobie was riding the Nathan Williams signature Kink frame before he started testing his Roll Up frame.

You can head over to DIG to take a closer peek at the parts Hobie was riding in 2020.

Also, in true DIG fashion, there’s also a short interview with Hobie that speaks about the bike, his plans and more.

Note: Hobie is a cassette guy and doesn’t really like a freecoaster hub.

Cassette FTW! 🙂

3. 2018 Bike Check

Another Hobie Doan bike check from DIG, just that this one is two years older.

But a completely different setup!

This was the time when Hobie was on S&M and Animal Bikes, so that’s what his bike is all about.

What’s cool to hear is that Hobie doesn’t really modify his bike much, except cutting his bar. All the rest is out-of-the-box. (But he does like to paint his bike.)

Two other things:

  • Hobie is picky about the handlebar angle.
  • And he can’t ride with two different tires (me neither!).

Check more on DIG.

4. 2017 Bike Check

This one has a bunch of riding clips in it that makes the whole experience of watching it even better!

It’s from the S&M and Animal days so you kinda know what to expect. Yes, a dope bike!

Guest appearance by Kareem Williams, Mike Hoder, etc. Filmed and edited by Charlie Crumlish.

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