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Dennis Enarson Bike Check [Haro] 2022

dennis enarson bike check

I’m excited to bring you the latest Dennis Enarson bike check because it’s dope.

Dennis is a beast on his bike, riding streets, parks, trails and bowls like it’s nothing.

Of course, he needs an ALL-AROUND bike that can handle all the beating from him.

And Dennis’s bike build may be a good inspiration if you like riding everything.

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Dennis Enarson Haro Bike Check

Frame: Haro SD 21″
Bar: Dennis Enarson Demolition X Markit bar
Stem: Demolition X Markit top load stem
Fork: Haro SD
Chain: Shadow Supreme chain
Seat: Demolition X Markit
Cranks: Demolition X Markit cranks
Pedals: Haro SD plastic pedals
Sprocket: Demolition X Markit
Front Wheel Set: Demolition
Rear Wheel Set: Demoliton
Tires: Demolition Mike “Hucker” Clark Hammerhead
Pegs: Cult Butter plastic pegs

Dennis rides for Haro, Demolition, Vans, Rockstar and Oakley.

Do not forget to follow Dennis on Instagram and treat yourself to some of the best riding clips.

Speaking of clips, don’t miss our collection of the best Dennis Enarson videos.

Featured photo by: Dennis’s IG.

Old Dennis Enarson Bike Checks

Ride UK (2019)

Ride UK dropped an awesome bike check and an interview in 2019 that gives you an in-depth look at Dennis’ signature Haro SD and Demolition build.

He chats about frame graphics, seeing an idea come to reality, all-black (how I like it best!) bike, and more.

Of course, there are also multiple close-up shots of the setup and a wild riding (rail hop) one for your viewing pleasure.

Our BMX “How I Travel” (2019)

Here’s a cool bike check that’s not a traditional video bike check that you’re used to seeing.

When arriving in Seattle to work on a Vans project, Our BMX caught up with Dennis to see how he travels with a bike bag.

While unpacking the bag and building his solid, all-around Haro build, Dennis Enarson runs you through all the parts he rides.

If you’ve never traveled with a bike, well, you get some tips on how to do it from the man himself, Dennis.

X Games (2014)

Do you want to see what Dennis’ bike looked like back in 2014? Purple, anyone?

He’s been on Haro and Demolition for a very long time, so that’s pretty much what you can expect from his bike parts. Just that in 2014 he had a lot fewer signature parts.

The bike is pretty modern even to today’s standards, having a freecoaster, three pegs and no brakes.

Note: The bike has two parts that aren’t from Haro or Demolition – Kink bar ends and ODI Longneck grips.

Check out the gallery on X Games.

X Games (2013)

A year older one from X Games, bringing you Dennis Enarson bike check from 2013. This time a red beast.

This is the second version of his signature Haro SD frame.

Fun fact: Dennis is 6’2″ and rides a 21″ frame. (Now you know how tall is Dennis.) He says it’s the perfect mid-size frame for his all-around riding style.

Find more on X Games.

AlliSports (2011)

I always like checking dudes’ bikes, even if they are very old. A little history here from 2011.

At the time, Dennis was already riding for Haro and Demolition and he’s being dedicated to both brands to this very day. Respect!

Everything was smaller in 2011, with steel pegs, but the bike still looks really awesome.

And AlliSports ends the bike check with Dennis’ line from Dew Tour that is just INSANE.

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