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Colin Varanyak Bike Check [Fiend] 2022

colin varanyak bike check

I bring you the current Colin Varanyak bike check and will keep updating it so you never miss his fresh setup again.

Colin is a beast, pulling burly stuff but at the same time isn’t a stranger to technical stunts.

His bike is all about Fiend and Premium with a bunch of signature parts on it, like frame, seat and rim.

I also like it very much that Colin usually goes with darker colors. (Yes, just because I like it all-black 🙂 )

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Let’s get right into it.

By the way: Colin is 5’10” and approx. 155lbs.

Colin Varanyak 2022 Fiend Bike Check

Frame: Fiend Varanyak frame
Bar: Fiend Reynolds bars
Stem: Fiend Reynolds front load BMX stem
Fork: Fiend Process BMX forks
Grips: Premium CK BMX grips
Chain: Shadow Interlock half link chain
Seat: Fiend Varanyak seat
Seat Post: Fiend pivotal BMX seat post
Cranks: Fiend Team BMX cranks
Pedals: Premium Slim plastic pedals
Sprocket: Fiend Reynolds sprocket with guard
Front Wheel: Premium Curb Cutter front wheel
Rear Wheel: Premium Curb Cutter planetary wheel
Tires: Premium CK BMX tires
Pegs: Fiend Belmont plastic pegs

Colin’s current BMX setup is definitely my favorite to date! This thing looks MAD.


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Featured photo by: Colin’s IG.

Old Colin Varanyak Bike Checks

What I Ride (2018)

The once traditional “What I Ride” series from Ride BMX is no more, but it’s still live on YouTube, which is awesome.

Here’s Colin’s setup from 2018, which is built of Fiend and Animal parts.

He’s riding his signature Fiend Varanyak frame, which, according to Colin, is a user-friendly frame with a short chainstay and a steeper headtube.

Why does this make his BMX street frame more user-friendly? Because it allows beginners to learn bunnyhops and manuals easier and play with the front-end stuff more comfortably.

But at the same time, Colin’s Fiend frame is perfect for the most advanced riders.

You’ll also find his signature Animal bars, Fiend BMX seat and (then) Animal prototype BMX front wheels.

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