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Chad Kerley Bike Check [Haro] 2024

chad kerley bike check

Are you ready to check the latest Chad Kerley bike check?

After all, he may be riding something you have never thought about trying, which could improve your BMX riding drastically.

Chad’s bike consists of Haro, Cinema and Premium parts exclusively.

CK also has multiple signature parts or colorways, which he is proudly rocking.

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From signature Haro frame and Premium CK bars to Cinema plastic pedals and more, you build your bike just like Chad’s.

Chad Kerley Haro, Premium & Cinema Bike Check

Chad’s height: 5’6″ (167 cm)
Frame: Haro CK V3 frame (with custom painting), 20.5″
Bar: Premium CK V3 bar
Stem: Premium CK V3 top load stem
Fork: Premium CK V3 BMX forks
Headset: Cinema BMX headset
Grips: Premium CK BMX grips
Seat: Cinema Ceek 2 stealth BMX seat
Seat Post: Cinema stealth seat post
Cranks: Premium Trestle cranks (Mike Gray‘s signature)
Pedals: Cinema CK plastic pedals
Sprocket: Cinema Beta BMX sprocket
Chain: Cinema Sync half link chain
Front Wheel: Cinema Reynolds freecoaster wheel
Rear Wheel: Cinema Reynolds BMX front wheel
Pegs: Premium plastic pegs
Tires: Premium CK BMX tires

Chad’s entire sponsors list includes Rockstar Energy, Haro, Swatch, Cinema and Premium.


As part of these brands, he is enjoying the BMX life with teammates, like Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Dakota Roche, Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams, to name a few.

Chad mentions that switching to a shorter back-end was a game-changer in one of his video bike checks.

However, he needed quite some time to get used to it – especially regarding park riding. He sure got used to it and his riding is seamless, whether it’s tech or big.

If you aren’t already, go and give Chad a follow on Instagram, as there’s where the magic happens – regularly.

Below, I added a few older bike checks with Chad to see how his setup progressed or did it?

Featured photo by: Kyle Lieberman.

Old Chad Kerley bike checks

Chad’s Early 2024 Bike Check

Chad’s Late 2023 Bike Check

Chad’s Early 2023 Bike Check

CK 2022 Bike Check

Chad Kerley 2021 Bike Check

2019 Bike check for Haro

Here we have Chad Kerley’s bike check after his Haro frame colorway from 2019 was released.

Chad talks about some inspiration for different aspects of the frame, from the graphics to the paint.

There is also some riding in this one as well, with Chad shredding on his fresh build with this frame.

A basketball jersey was also released to go with the frame and although we don’t hear about the rest of his bike, this is a cool look at something Chad was clearly very excited about!

2018 bike check for Ride BMX

In this “What I Ride” video from the late Ride BMX, we have a video bike check with CK.

This one came out in early 2018 when Chad was riding an awesome-looking bike with all-white main components.

Chad runs through all of the parts on his bike and explains why he rides them while we see some great b-roll detail shots.

There’s also some riding in here where Chad really shows off the bike while shredding on it and the white looks great as the sun goes down in the clips.

2012 CK bike check for AlliSports

Let’s throw it all the way back to 2012 on the AlliSports YouTube channel, where we get a look at Chad Kerley’s 2012 BMX bike in this video bike check.

The video starts with a huge 360 table over a big box jump before we start to learn about what parts he was riding at the time.

It’s interesting to see what components he was riding all the way back in 2012 and even funny to hear him call a 2.25 tire a fat tire compared to the 2.4 regularly seen today.

After the bike check, there is a bunch of dialed riding, as you would expect from Chad.

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