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Anthony Perrin Bike Check [Kink] 2023

anthony perrin bike check

Are you ready to check the latest Anthony Perrin bike check?

As a new addition to the Kink Pro team, Anto already built himself the second whip, AND it looks too good.

He decided to go with Hobie Doan‘s Kink Roll Up frame, Kink’s Eagle 4 piece BMX bar and Kink Stoic BMX forks.

Note: Roll Up is an epic BMX street frame that’s great both for technical and burly riding. (But you can also check my complete Kink BMX frames collection for more options.)

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Anthony Perrin Kink & Primo Bike Check

Frame: Kink Cloud frame
Bar: Kink Williams 4pc bar
Stem: Primo Zia stem
Fork: Kink Foundation forks
Headset: Kink Integrated 2 headset
Grips: Kink Samurai grips
Seat: Primo Yumi seat
Seat Post: Primo seat post
Cranks: Primo Superbite cranks
Pedals: Primo Turbo pedals
Sprocket: Primo Zia guard sprocket
Chain: Kink Mission half link chain
Front Wheel: Primo VS Balance front wheel
Rear Wheel: Primo VS Balance FC rear wheel
Pegs: Primo HD pegs
Tires: Primo Zia tires

Honestly, this is one of the freshest-looking BMX setups I’ve seen in a WHILE.

Yup, I’m really picky when it comes to bikes.

But it instantly grabs my attention if it’s black.

(Not that I don’t like other colors, it’s just that black makes everything look prettier.)


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Want to see Anthony in action? I have a full list of Anthony Perrin’s best videos for your viewing pleasure.

Featured photo by: Anto’s IG.

Old Anthony Perrin Bike Checks

Anthony Perrin Kink & Primo Bike Check (2023)

Frame: Kink Roll Up frame

Anthony Perrin Kink Bike Check (2022)

anthony perrin kink bike check 2022

While his entire current bike is black, he still has a chrome BMX seat post for detailing.

Frame: Kink Roll Up frame
Bar: Kink Eagle bar
Stem: Kink Highrise top load stem
Fork: Kink Stoic BMX forks
Headset: Kink Integrated 2 BMX headset
Grips: Kink Samurai BMX grips
Seat: Kink Splendor BMX seat
Seat Post: Kink Pivotal BMX seat post
Cranks: Kink Brace BMX cranks
Pedals: Kink Hemlock plastic BMX pedals
Sprocket: Kink Eastman guard BMX sprocket
Chain: Kink Mission half link chain
Front Wheel: TBA
Rear Wheel: TBA
Pegs: Kink Drift plastic BMX pegs
Tires: Kink Severe BMX tires

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