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Stephan Atencio Bike Check [WTP] 2024

stephan atencio bike check

Do you want to see the current Stephan Atencio bike check?

The Costa Rican that lives in Barcelona, Spain, is always on my radar.

Whether he goes super tech or big, I dig his riding style.


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Stephan does it for WeThePeople but also has a few Eclat parts on his bike.

From what I saw over the year, he tends to change his whip approximately once a year.

But he says that he’s really hard on the rims (hey, big 360s!), which is why he may change them more frequently.

Stephan Atencio WeThePeople Bike Check

Frame: WTP Trigger frame
Bar: WTP Patron bar
Stem: Eclat Metra top load BMX stem
Fork: WTP Battleship BMX forks
Grips: WTP Perfect BMX grips
Chain: WTP Demand chain
Seat: WTP Team pivotal BMX seat
Seat Post: Eclat Torch pivotal BMX seatpost
Cranks: WTP Logic BMX 3-pc cranks
Pedals: Eclat Contra plastic BMX pedals
Sprocket: WTP Paragon Guard BMX sprocket
Front Wheel: Eclat Bondi rim, WTP Supreme front BMX hub
Rear Wheel: Eclat Bondi rim, WTP Helix freecoaster BMX hub
Tires: Eclat Fireball rear tire, WTP Activate front tire
Pegs: WTP Dill Pickle plastic BMX pegs

I think I just became a purple guy. This one looks RAD, Stephan!


Note: I also have a complete collection of the best Stephan Atencio BMX videos for your viewing pleasure.

Follow Stephan on Instagram for his amazing style and insane bike stunts.

Featured photo by: Frasier Hill.

Old Stephan Atencio Bike Checks

WeThePeople Bike Check (2022)

stephan atencio wtp 2022 bike check

WeThePeople Bike Check (2021)

I need to say that the Just Grey color of the WTP Paradox frame Stephan rode in 2021 looks TOO GOOD.

Moreover, Stephan is also riding Jordan Godwin‘s signature Eclat Storm forks and Felix Prangenberg‘s signature 4-pc Pathfinder bars.

He is rocking the OS stem and bar clamping system to prevent slippage, which we all know Stephan needs for pulling those MAD 360s.

Full bike check on WeThePeople.

DIG Setups (2020)


A black bike is still my favorite. Which is exactly what Stephan Atencio opted for in 2020, except for the brown pivotal seat.

He was rocking the the WTP Battleship frame in 20.75″ (Stephan is 1.72cm tall) with Eclat’s Storm forks and WTP’s Pathfinder bars, Hydra stem and Helix freecoaster hub.

Stephan also mentions that he likes to ride in Vans Shoes.

Additionally, he talks about Barcelona living, bike modifications, favorite music and his fav meal.

Full bike check, pics and interview on DIG.

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